Exchange students Safe man policy


Someone sendt me this  safe man policy


To protect me during my  stay in college/university.

As a man I am suspected of being a violent rapist by nature on campus, there is no reason for this, but just like it was all along in school, being male is seen as wrong, and all the years of being told so, the shaming and scorn against my masculinity has made me very good at hiding it.   Here in college they have greatly intensified this suspicion and persecution, im subject to this abuse simply for being male.

Policy now removes all ordinary legal rights for me and my fellow male student, men can have their life ruined based on nothing but a false, baseless accusation.

Therefor its critical that i take steps to protect myself. Men are considered guilty until proven innocent, following this policy therefor preempts this issue and makes me prepared to at any time dis-prove falce accusations leveled against me and my innocence.

This policy is extended to any female associated with the institution. this includes all female students, faculty and members of staff. for my own safety. My only choice, my only option is to assume all women are false rape or sexual harassment accusers.

During my entire stay I will use a tracking application on my phone like followme or similar that will document where I am at all times. I will also record all interactions with women. This will be kept for counterevidence when I am falsely accused.

I will not compliment women.

I will not look at women.

I will not smile at women.

I will not volntarily talk to women.

I will not associate with women.

I will not attend social events with women participants.

If a woman approaches me with a question or tries to talk to me, I will try to end the conversation as soon as possible by answering “I don’t know” or “I am not interested in that” Or “I don’t have to explain myself to you” or something similar and leave as soon as possible.

If i find myself in a study hall alone with a women I will leave immediately.

If I am at a social event with my friends,  watching sports or something similar, and a woman shows up. We will end the event and disperse as soon as she arrives.

I will not help a lonely woman home at night.

I will try to avoid any and all interaction with women during my stay. The only exception is if I come across a woman in a helpless state. If a woman is drunk, high on drugs or injured to an extent where they are unable to take care of themselves. I will Call emergency services, wait for them, and leave as soon as they arrive.


Sign mr safe guy.


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