Glad more and more people see the insanity of religious belief.

Its not often i am back to this blog, its got a life of its own now.
Still JTD made a post in the comments that was so good in re posting it here as a post so that its indexed and maybe it will help some lost religious looser find his way back to sanity one day.
Here is JTD’s comment.
JTD says:

All Religion Is Bullshit…but there are differing degrees of the insanity. On a 0 to 10 scale (with 0 being secular realists to 10 being “I kill for my God”) Islam is a 10 while Christianity is somewhere around 5, with the lesser nuts like Hinduism and Scientology hanging around the 1 thru 4 mark (basically because they don’t carry out jihads or kill people, at least not intentionally!).

The things I’ve read about Islam suggests that they believe in billions of invisible angels and genies who require constant prayer, talking animals and trees (and utensils and body parts and…), barbaric medicine (cauterizing and blood-letting), and totally idiotic Stone Age concepts (like the transformation of humans into animals). And Allah-is-Everything (A million prayers to Allah! May peace be upon him!); Muhammad’s piss, shit, spit, and sweat heals All (A million prayers to Allah! Peace be with him!)–but Satan is everywhere! Prayer and ritual cleansing at least 5 times each day (because Satan sleeps in your nostrils and pisses in your ears at night), strict OCD-like rules for everything from eating to sleeping to screwing…and the Fear of being damned for not performing to specifications. Allah puts the fruit on the trees. Allah holds the sky up. Muhammed says the sun sets in a muddy pond. A bird in flight is held in the sky by Allah. The stars are held up by Allah.
Drinking camel piss is medicine. This childish shit is so funny! (Hey, Lyndon, you Know you shouldn’t make fun of other peoples’ beliefs! Yeah, but everyone makes fun of my Lack of beliefs and they’re Not joking! I guess I’m supposed to Respect STUPIDITY! What I’ve typed here comes straight from the Qur’an and/or Mohammad–I make nothing up. It’s what they Really believe!). All of which would make Christianity seem rational in comparison (or virtually any other religion, including UFO nutcase cults!). Undoubtedly their greatest contribution to movie infamy is “The Man Who Saved The World” better known as “The Turkish Star Wars” which tends to leave me speechless… Imagine Stone Age desert-dwellers given access to a movie camera and some old footage from Star Wars… Fans of Classic Star Trek should note that the episode titled “The Apple” features a play on Islam with the Feeders of Vaal (“Vaal put the fruit on the trees”); Vaal = Allah. Anyhow, entertainment aside, some 18,000 deadly terrorist attacks committed explicitly in the name of Islam within a 10-year span speaks for itself. Ah, but Islam is the religion of peace! Burn a Qur’an (not necessarily an “original” edition, any cheap dime store copy will do!) and watch these guys turn into raving savages. Kill-Kill-Kill!!!
These brainwashed, simpleton children should just GROW THE HELL UP!, for this is the 21st Century and, for that matter, Reality. Islam is the religion of restricted intellectual growth which stagnated the Arabs since the 7th Century.
I am told that there is no such thing as a Muslim “fundamentalist”–for you either believe 100% in the religion or you don’t (in which case you’re not a Muslim). And that they merely tolerate us (i.e. non-Muslims) because we have the technology and power they lack. Presumably this is why “sane” or “moderate” Muslims never condemn suicide bombings or murders. Anything in the name of Allah or Mohammad is good and justified; and the media goes out of their way not to offend these hot-heads in any way (like depicting a sketch of Mohammad or someone spitting on a Qur’an). I would even put forth the notion that the media is endeavoring in an age-old Coverup of Islamic beliefs. People, nations…Apologize to these loons for insulting or “attacking” their religion!
But what of the people they Murdered in the name of their religion which sparked riots or what-not? Oh, too bad for Them! The Islamic Nation Defends Their Own Murderers–because they were simply carrying out Allah’s Will! Nobody stands up to Islam because those who do Suffer for it, sometimes with their very lives. Each time someone is killed because of Islam, the Muslims hope it will cause the detractors to scurry away into hiding and fear speaking out again and sadly this strategy often works like a charm.
This religion is about emulating Muhammad’s ways, including chopping peoples’ heads off, stoning women to death, and waging endless holy wars (jihads) against non-Muslims. Allah might love Muslims–but he truly hates Non-Muslims with a vengeance! Even within the Muslim community there are such things as “honor killings” which are all about killing an unfaithful woman, usually carried out by a close relative like a father or brother. Even just Suspecting a woman–say she’s not obedient or leaves home without permission, or behaves somewhat slutty–can “justify” her murder for “dishonoring” their family. It’s been estimated that some 5,000 of these honor killings are carried out every year. But they tend to say they were done to “wipe out shame.” As I understand it, many American prisoners (of the violent and psychotic breed) Convert to Islam with the help of Islamic priests, strictly because of this enticing entitlement: “legally” beating up/raping your wife or girlfriend with impunity! In other words, under Islam, men can be “real” men (or that’s the mentality according to certain Italian-American guys I was unfortunately exposed to–See chapter on Bullying!). And under Islam you can have multiple wives, sex with very young minors, etc. Terrorists are also awarded with 72 virgins in Heaven and perpetual erections. Of course the catch is that you’ve got to die to get there, and I’ve never heard of corpses with erections. Maybe only Arab corpses which are mummified under the hot desert sun? Only the truly deranged can eat this shit up–but if someone’s gone this far off the deep end, they’ll believe Anything. It’s all Allah’s/Muhammad’s Way and because it’s a “religion” it’s “holy” and therefore beyond criticism–that is, without being called an Anti-Islamic/Anti-Arab racist/bigot/ignoramus…Whatever…and bringing down the wrath of many on your own head (which might not remain permanently affixed to your body for very long).
Then there are public executions and amputations to keep the masses entertained in “arenas”… All perfectly legit under Islam. Praise Allah! Yet for all I know, it could all just be online Christian propaganda designed to ridicule their leading religious competitor. But surely not all of it. I certainly can’t dismiss indisputable facts. If the Arabs didn’t have Oil, Nobody would be over there and given a millennia of isolationism (and time to mentally mature) things Might have worked out differently. So now unfortunately we have these Stone Age folks with high technology at their fingertips (i.e. nuclear power) and probably lacking the maturity to handle it all…thanks to their warped upbringing. That scares me. There’s even a humorous story about a couple of Islamic physicists who were seriously researching the possibility of harnessing the energy of genies as a power source. Sadly, the story goes that it’s a True story because they seriously believe in the existence of jinn and were Seriously taking this under Serious consideration! Okay, I thought, an isolated incident of crazies, but then I came across a wonderful e-book out there called “A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam” by I.A. Ibrahim with half a dozen “science editors” names attached (each one’s a “professor”), and the BS being peddled within just fries my mind. It just goes on and on about the “Scientific Miracles in the Holy Qur’an” and the “recently discovered scientific facts mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, which was revealed fourteen centuries ago.” For instance, one chapter (The Qur’an on Mountains) gives a quote “And He has set firm mountains in the earth so that it would not shake with you…” and it’s accompanied by lots of Real science diagrams about plate tectonics and what not. On the creation of the universe there’s this quote: “Then He turned to the heaven when it was smoke…”–we now know that the science of cosmology tells us that the whole universe at one time was but a cloud of “smoke” (and there are a couple of colorful nebulae photos in there). An even more hilarious chapter is The Qur’an on the Cerebrum built entirely around this quote: “No! If he does not stop, We will take him by the naseyah (front of the head), a lying, sinful naseyah (front of the head!)”–this indicates advanced knowledge of the prefrontal area of the brain and there’s a very nice modern, detailed, labeled, multi-colored diagram of the brain to accompany it… Conclusion: Science is proving the Reality of the Qur’an since it Truly is the Word of God! Otherwise how would Muhammad have known such things! There are chapters on the creation of the universe, embryos, seas, rivers…all based on single-sentence outtakes from their holy (shit) book, built up by real science extracts. Concluding: “After all these examples we have seen about the scientific miracles in the Holy Qur’an and all these scientists’ comments on this, let us ask ourselves these questions: Could it be a coincidence that all this recently discovered scientific information from different fields was mentioned in the Qur’an, which was revealed fourteen centuries ago? Could this Qur’an have been authored by Muhammad or by any other human being? The only possible answer is that this Qur’an must be the literal word of God, revealed by Him.” Yeah, and this is the kind of “reasoning” we really need these days. Praise Allah! Praise Mohammed! I’m seriously scared shitless over such “reasoning” by full-grown adults with some degree of an “education” behind them. In fact, I wouldn’t want these pinhead morons anywhere Near Me much less sitting behind desks somewhere making Decisions… Do these guys also try to boost their IQs by hitting one another over the head with Qur’ans? I Don’t want an answer to that question; I’ve already Enough things to worry about. What I have learned is that Islam never encouraged scientific knowledge outside of “Qur’anic knowledge” (i.e. info from their holy book). Basically it boils down to this: if science, reason, and common sense goes Against anything in the Qur’an–then science, reason, and common sense Are Wrong since the Qur’an comes from Allah Himself! So shut your mouth and accept Him since anyone going against Allah is Evil!
From what I’ve managed to gather, Mohammed would have been classified in today’s day and age as a classic schizophrenic nutcase: hearing voices, delusions, and so on. I won’t knock the man for being an illiterate, especially considering the time and place. Of course, centuries back then, no one knew about mental illness and for all they knew the voices he was hearing in his head Were coming from heaven… He happened to be a lucky man though, in the right place and with the right company, for otherwise he’d have been dubbed Demonic, or possessed by spirits, and imprisoned in a hole somewhere, if not outright killed. Of course, had Mohammed been born in the 20th Century and with money in his pockets, today he might’ve had a shot at President or at least a prominent place in politics or as a televangelist… However, I’ve got to hand it to the Muslims, for at least Muhammed was a real-life flesh-and-blood man unlike the cobbled-together fairy story of Jesus, whom the Christians claim to have been real. On the other hand, there Are real-life Jesuses (Jesi?) walking the Earth today. Most are confined to mental institutions, along with Napoleans and other famous figures. I’ve had this idea for a “reality” show: get a bunch of these sanitarium Jesuses together in one room and see how they stack up! Walking on water, changing water to wine, healing the sick… Put ‘em all to the test! Maybe we can even dig up a Muhammed and sic him against a Jesus! It’s got to be more entertaining than watching Elvis impersonators go at it…for They know they’re not the King. Religions are generally created by mental cases or people with a power agenda, and sometimes both. It got me to thinking about cults for Islam is precisely that: a cult rather than a true belief system. There’s really nothing to distinguish a cult from a religion apart from the number of believers. If you have 10 to 100, call it a cult. If you’ve got 1,000 to a million+ call it a religion. All religions start off as cults, in fact. But there’s far more to it than that. A religion can be a simple belief system–or it can be an all-consuming servitude to mythical bullshit that robs one of their very life and reasoning. This is where the brainwashing factor is to be taken into account. At least with Christianity, kids are typically just given a weekly dose of Sunday School story-telling. With Freemasonry, it’s a get-together club; a lodge. Neither are Constant bombardments hour-after-hour Every Day throughout life. With Islam, it’s prayer half a dozen times a day accompanied by endless readings of the Qur’an, precisely recited as per strict rules of conformity, literally prostrating themselves in front of each other several times a day to show their “faith.” Their holy book reads throughout Allah-this and Allah-that. A kid growing up on this shit from birth is Robbed of any degree of Reason. Islam has become the best religion for forcing its adherents in line. You’re not allowed to question Islam, you’re not allowed to leave Islam, you’re not allowed to speak badly about Islam or all of these things could literally cost you your life. They either want respect or they want fear, one is just as good as the other to them. Thus it is the world’s fastest-growing religion! Not because people find some deep meaning into Life in its scriptures–but because they’re a herd of sheeple stripped of critical reasoning and force-fed this shit from babyhood to adulthood! And the few unwary who may happen to stumble upon Islam just to become a part of something… To them it’s like the Roach Motel: you can check-in but you can’t check-out! I would in all honesty call Islam a Cult not a Religion. It is a lifestyle (using “life” loosely!). It’s all about adhering to Muhammad’s/Allah’s primitive beliefs–Or Else! I began to ask myself if retardation was prominent among Islam (and the case has been put forth for inbreeding, but considering their numbers I find this hard to accept) but there was a much simpler answer… Isolation. From other world views, from the real world itself.
It therefore came as no surprise to me to learn that Muslims are The most Illiterate people on our planet (yeah, amazingly even more so than Texans and other Bible Belters!). In fact, to keep his followers in line, Muhammad called himself “a guardian of illiterates sent by Allah” and went on to preach that Allah loves the illiterate and hates the educated–with the latter group being the last to enter Paradise! Not only that, they take Pride in being illiterate, proclaiming that the prophet was illiterate And some say that in order to honor Him, faithful Muslim parents should keep one of their sons illiterate! Today, nearly half of all women in the Arab world are illiterate, and generally speaking, 60% of all Muslims cannot read. To put it another way, out of the 1.4 billion Muslims, 800 million are illiterate! Well, that at least explained why I never saw any Muslim types hanging out in bookstores… It burned my ass also to learn that it was Muslims who were responsible for the destruction of the famous Library of Alexandria, the world’s greatest depository of knowledge in the ancient world. In 642 A.D. the libary’s entire collection of books (reportedly some 600,000) were used as fuel to heat water for their city’s 4,000 public baths. Their leader’s justification? “If these writing of the Greeks agree with the Koran, they are useless and need not be preserved. If they disagree, they are pernicious and ought to be destroyed.” The final destruction of this depository of knowledge was irreperable and severed an import link to the ancient world. Millions of mysteries remain which today’s historians can only guess at. Sadly, it’s not old news from backwards-thinking ancients. In late 2012, a jihadi sheikh named Morgan Al-Gohary, appeared on an Egyptian TV show proclaiming that if he came to power he would destroy the Sphinx, pyramids, and all the pharoanic artifacts: “According to our Sharia, every Pagan and idol must be destroyed… Everything, if it is a Pagan statue or idol, that is worshipped or suspected to be worshipped, or is worshipped by one person on Earth, must be destroyed. We, or someone else, must destroy it.” Over a thousand years and they’ve made zero percent theological progress and still have raw-shit-for-brains “reasoning” capabilities little better than animals. I have been informed that in parts of the U.S. these Arabs are called “sand niggers.” That’s apt, but a terrible insult to our own local “niggers,” for any one of which is more intelligent and civilized than those from the heart of lobotomized Islam. Around the same time as Al-Gohary’s antics, 7 Egyptian Christians were sentenced to death by a court in Cairo for making a crummy video which “insulted Islam and its prophet.” People protested and rioted over it (and I do believe that it was only released over the Internet and not, say, in a public theater). That in mind, it’s amazing that the Pyramids and the Sphinx are still standing! If that’s not backwards enough, the Muslim nation proclaims that prayer, a big family and poverty ensures Paradise. That’s right: Poverty. Muhammad praised poverty (except for His Own living conditions at the time, of course) and Allah praises those who remain satisfied With poverty and those who condemn wealth since, “logically,” poverty is better than wealth. So this is why Muslims are famous for building mosques and temples as opposed to, say, schools and hospitals. Well, actually they do build schools–to teach the Qur’an! Taken all together, Islamic rule has guaranteed the most backwards of countries, praise Allah! All things said, I would rather recommend Jim Jones’ old 1970′s Guiana retreat to wanna-be Muslims. Hell, let people become Scientologists or even Heaven’s Gaters to these psychotic retards! At least they quietly kill Themselves in the name of their own belief systems rather than raging holy wars and killing innocents and destroying priceless knowlege outside of their own holes! There are many Anti-Islam websites cropping up now. What I find sadly ironic is how they start off describing, logically, the evils of Islam…but then finish up by claiming it’s Satanic and Muslims should be prostrating themselves before the Real True God, Jesus Christ, and how They should be Killing for Him so they go to the “real” Heaven! In other words, very much the same shit, this time shoveled by radical Christians! When it comes down to it, with fundamentalist Christians wanting to resurrect Old Testament punishments for “sins” they are ultimately no different than the Muslims they hate with such passion! It’s just a matter of swapping names. In fact, the top Islam-bashers around aren’t really against Islam because of it’s sub-human treatment of women or their harsh punishments against detractors…but because they worship Allah instead of Jesus!
According to “The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible” the Quran contains 333 cruel or violent passages, while the Bible contains 842. But the Bible is longer so going by percentages it comes down to 2.71% for the Bible and 5.34% for the Quran (but we’re still talking about 31,102 verses and 5,236 verses in each respectively), and doesn’t take into account the extent of the cruelty. So it could be said that either one is the most violent and cruel book ever written–and neither has any close competitors! Neither are appropriate for teaching to people, least of all children. They can’t see it of course, for each group is brainwashed and convinced that they each worship The one-true God (who wrote The one-true Book) and that all other Gods are Evil. Christians in particular condemn the Quran for being filled with evil and hate…but did they ever look at their Own bible? Racism, sexism, religious intolerance, slavery, sex slavery, matricide, infanticide, ethnic cleansing and genocide. It’s all in there, too, but Christians like to pick and choose what they Want to believe from their book and ignore the rest. “Jesus is Love,” they say. “He loves you and the Good Book (!) is all above Love.” So again I have to hand it to the Muslims for at least reading their Quran cover-to-cover and taking it all in, not just the sugar-coated passages, regardless of how insane and hateful it is. So Christians are generally more hypocritical than Muslims, at least on this issue. In reality, All Religion is Evil bullshit–forced belief in the unbelievable! God’s “teachings” are the ultimate excuse to turn away from reality and go batshit crazy. Each religion merely differs by degree. I don’t care Which side you’re on, if you blindly believe in irrational shit or follow a so-called “holy” book penned over a thousand years ago by ignorant goat-herders, (as opposed to following common sense and reason) then you’re a self-deluded fool without exception.


One Response to Glad more and more people see the insanity of religious belief.

  1. Muzolf says:

    Heey, it has been a long time Escaped. How are you? I was suprised to see a new post. Especially that it was posted on my birthsday.

    I hope all is well with you. And with Matt and JTD and everyone else we used to talk with.

    It was time to move on, since there has been no new posts besides comments since ages. (I know, i know, i have editor rights, i could post if i wanted to, but it seems kinda pointless these days.)

    Anyway, take care all of you.

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