The true cost of religion, the price we all pay.

Hello people, im back!

I realise that haven’t made a post for a long, long time. This is because I decided to travel the world and learn even more about people and societies. Not necessarily just to be able to diss ridiculous ancient superstitions and cults (often also called religion), but because people and societies interest me.

Luckily I am well off and I can easily afford to take a few years off to study whatever I am interested in.

I have had many experiences across the world and I have learned a lot. It has dawned on me why the west rules the world, and why the only real threat to this dominance is China (atheist) and possibly India (turning atheist) if they get their act together.

It has also become crystal clear the extortionate high price we all pay for religion. I am not just talking about the horrible cost to the individual, but I am talking about the cost to society and how a select few, fucks everyone over with the ultimate tool of ignorance “religion”.

Ignorance is the key word here, because it goes hand in hand with religion, look at the worlds dictatorships and all of them restrict information. This is also true for the dictatorships that are now falling like dominoes, Kaddafi and his ilk. For as long as they managed to control information they remained in control of their population. Once they opened up to the internet and modern communication their days were numbered.

All religions, indeed all oppressive systems can only survive under this principle of control through information denial. This is especially true of Islam and this is clearly illustrated in a frightening statistic.

“In one year Spain translates more books into Spanish than all  the middle eastern countries combined have done since the crusades.”

The power of knowledge is also starkly illustrated by the historic evidence of the Ottoman wars, how could a few thousand Europeans hold their ground against a hundred thousand Turks? The answer is the flow of information of course. Printed books where illegal in the ottoman empire, while in Europe information flowed like wildfire.

The result of the free flow of information is the fall of the church as a dominant force in western societies and it has made the west totally dominant over the rest of the world.

Its not hard to see why this is the case if you consider what religion focuses their efforts on, typical “important” issues in a religious society is honor, female dress code, restricting or regulating sexual activities, killing or incarcerating people for blasphemy, stoning women for being raped, praying at set intervals, etc.

In the west, in productive free societies, focus tend to fall on improving health, life quality, environmental issues, ensuring financial prosperity, improving education, environmental issues, etc.

In most religious societies such issues are not even on the agenda.

For example in the last country I visited before returning home, Pakistan, no one talked about the real problems of their society: poverty, hunger, crime, corruption, health problems, environmental destruction, hunger, imams raping students in Islam schools, terrorism, degrading infrastructure, etc, etc, etc.

None of these issues where up for debate, instead bearded pedophiles (imams) where given hours upon hours of airtime talking about suppressing sexuality, the glory of martyrdom and the alleged greatness of their particular sky daddy.

I find Pakistan to be a particularly interesting case, they are in continuous conflict with India, and yet while India storms forward towards becoming an economic superpower as they focus their efforts on science development and improving the lives of millions of their citizens. Pakistan is going in the opposite direction, its becoming more and more religious and as a direct result more and more citizens fall into bottomless poverty, the average lifespan is falling, literacy rates is in freefall, the economy is contracting at a frightening speed. And in general there is more suffering and ignorance all around.

Its not long until Pakistan no longer pose any real threat to India, apart from nuclear weapons they have no real military force that can match the force India is developing thanks to science and economic prosperity.

No matter how you turn it religion is a huge burden nnot only on individual societies but on the entire planet, We all pay a heavy price for tolerating religion. If we allow it to spread its slimy tentacles it will drown us all in suffering and misery. If I have learned anything from my travels is that religion must be confronted and fought at every opportunity. Any society that don’t fight the oppressive ignorance of religiosity deserves the faith that is coming for them. (see Afganistan).

The west has nothing to fear from fighting the religious mob. Especially since we get more and more equal rights between the sexes in the west. Gender equality enriches our lives tremendously, we have better married lives, better sex lives, better family lives and more productive, adaptive, robust societies.

Islamists will never see this fact even though it is obvious, they will continue to oppress 50% of the population and as a result they have to work harder to feed their families as their societies continue to exclude 50% of their workforce and 50% of the nations thinking capacity.

While we in the west move forward to a future with ever longer, satisfying, productive, lives, Religious societies are moving full steam ahead in the opposite direction aiming for the stone age.

We have nothing to fear from them, they will destroy themselves. The question is do we have the hart to stand by and watch while they do so, probably we wont. Our superior morals will compel us to help, but I am not sure if we should.

Of course I am not saying that western society is perfect, no one is! And that is just the point, we recognize that things can be improved and we set out to find new better solutions that improve life for all of us.

Of course some people would like to point out terrorism, but the fact is you are in more danger of injury or death driving your car to work than experiencing a terrorist attack in the west today.

The west is getting a lot of grief, and probably rightly so over incidents where innocent civilians are killed or mistreated in Afghanistan for example. The fact remains that compared to the thousands of military sorties carried out these incidents represents only a tiny fraction, as compared to when the Taliban ruled when pointless death and needless suffering was the norm and a daily occurrence. That doesn’t excuse such instances, but it brings into question if we should help at all?

I don’t know the answer I just think its worth while discussing this question.

From the Taliban’s point of view pointless death and needless suffering was a goal in itself to satisfy their interpretation of ancient fairytales. And they survive only because we show extreme restraint, lets face it, if the west wanted they could turn Afghanistan into a parking lot devoid of any living thing. But the west values life while religion values an imaginary life after death and as a result the human species pays a terrible, terrible price in broken societies, pointless deaths, needless suffering and wasted lives.

The question we are all faced with in the west is:

What can we do to get rid of religion? Not just in our societies but across the globe so we can finally rid our self of this needless burden.


11 Responses to The true cost of religion, the price we all pay.

  1. Matt says:

    I kept wondering what’s the significance of religions in Darwinian Evolution. Every ancient civilisation had their own different gods and there were like over 2000 different gods throughout the world! It seems religions are an inevitable part at any society, and it’s almost like believing in god is hardwired in human DNA. The human civilisation is only 5000 years, which is only at its infancy relative to the age of Earth. The only way to get rid of religion is to increase human intelligence through genetic modification, as well as disallow stupid offsprings being produced.

  2. Braekmans Herman says:

    A good way to create atheists: let them actually read the first five books of the bible. No christian actually knows the contents of the bible, they attend church where the village pastor cherry-picks nice rubbish from the evil book for his sermon and after mass everyone goes home satisfied by the thought that they’ve did their religious duty. But when they would actually read the BRONZE-AGE BEDOUIN BULLSHIT, that could be a significant eye-opener.

    • Muzolf says:

      It is kinda funny. I saw an advertisement some time ago saying “read the bible, its what the evangelics do” or something like that.

      I was saying the same thing then. Yes, read it, it will blow your mind, how barbaric and bloodthirsty its authors were.

  3. Landon says:

    Well I’m going to school for political science and international studies to try and become a politician. I am completely apathetic about religion and entirely agnostic by definition. I love your points of view on religion they are very modern and intelligent and not biased at all, if I knew you in life we would get along. Personally from a political stand point I would say that freedom of religion should be aloud but regulated I guess you could say I’m kind of socialist with a few of my policies. But my goal as a politician is going to be the description of anti-Christ. That’s what makes me laugh about religion especially Christianity. It’s a good book that says it’s the truth and gives good morals but at the end if you see it as just a book you will burn in fire forever. And it goes on to say the end of days will come and the anti-Christ will bring peace throughout the world for an extended amount of time. Its a loop if you get out of it you’re going to hell if you stay in it you and millions of your friends are gonna kill the only person that’s trying to bring peace in our generation.

    Honestly religion does enough killing in it’s name it’s time a group killed in the name of humanity, the irony is if we don’t destroy religion, religion will destroy us. It’s quiet the impossible scenario as attacking Jerusalem and destroying everything religious there would just back their prophecy… Don’t know about Vatican City though. There is no good and evil only humanity. No god, only humans, and the followers of those “gods”. It needs to be Humans vs “god” and his minions. And someone needs to rally the troops not just talk about it… first atheist crusade anyone?? xD

    One can only dream…..

    • Muzolf says:

      The funny part? Conservative christians hate socialism, or anything that has to do with countries behaving as one society.

      Yet the teachings of Jesus could be described as positivley socialist. Of course christianity is not about his message, its about worshipping a him as a human sacrafice and eating his flesh and drinking his blood.

  4. FloMoZo says:

    How do we get rid of religion?

    The “internetization” of the world has had a nice beginning impact. Look at Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, to start. It has been, mainly, the younger people in these countries that have had their eyes opened, even if momentarily (some countries have again shut it down), but enough for real change to take place. Will it be a sustaining change? Probably not, as the Imans and Rabbis and Priests ALL have learned they, too, can post their sermons onlin. I am sure that in some houses (and perhaps in some countries), this is all people will be allowed to see. Just as you see some television(s) in these ultra-religious countries only air religion (and occasionally governmental procedings), the same sort of thing will be all that’s available online in these areas.

    On one hand, I will say that once these oppressed people learn about things such as equality (especially women), there is no un-learning it. The internet has become a real Pandora’s box, but just as Pandora’s box was considered a negative thing (think about it; it WAS a woman who opened that box of knowledge– hence, the name) so is the net/web considered evil by man-y “in charge”. I guess it remains to be seen how much change can or will take place before the lid is closed, or even since — after the people are allowed a glimpse.

    Of course, not only do we have countries that are staying as religious as ever, we also have some that are making their governmental agencies even MORE religious. Look at Israel. They passed a law that it is not only a Jewish state, but any who want to live there MUST ascribe to thie notion.. that it is ONLY for Jews. Talk about a step backwards? That is a long step in the wrong direction.

    A lot of what we’ve seen regarding combining church and state has been happening in the Islamic states, but Israel is keeping up in that regard, too.
    Still, don’t we need to fight (not militarily) for the rights of ALL people to have freedom? I believe so, yet I also believe we need to provide information (books) so that these very people will finally get it. All people should be equal, but as long as religion rules in some areas, the people that are ruled there will not feel equal- because they will not BE equal.

    So, how do we stop this or prevent it from being worsened by religion? I don’t know if there is a way to do that. As long as enough people are taken in by religion, trying to teach them what could be, even FOR them, will be impossible. It is impossible to reason with someone who is unreasonable (and anyone who subscribes to religion is unreasonable).

    Nice post.
    And, again; great to see you back! Seems you learned and considered quite a bit in your travels.

  5. Thank you, its nice to be back. Finally i can get propper treatment for my malaria.

    Actually Europe was intolerant as hell but prinited books where flourishing in europe. in the ottoman empire prinited books where illegal.

    As a result the knowledge of how to effectively use technology to kill loads of people spread like wildfire in europe.

    Historians credit this as one of the key reasons that a tiny force managed to resist the massive ottoman military forces.

  6. FloMoZo says:

    (wanted to bookmark for later– forgot to check the box for that!)

  7. FloMoZo says:

    Hello, EMP!
    Wow, your posts grown to have lives of their own! Crazy, and wonderful, how many more comments appear each day.

    I’ll be reading this latest post, and respond, when i have more time. But, wanted you to know it’s great to see you are BACK!

    (changed my name to the above, due to the large number of Zionist Idiots- I call Zidiots- that seem to spend their days and nights stalking ME= but, it IS me!)

    (@ AB)

  8. Muzolf says:

    Hi Escaped, nice to hear from you, i hope you enjoy your tour. To be fair i envy you, the farest i ever got from my home was Vienna.

    A little correction however, the reasons why europe could resist the ottoman expansion had nothing to do with free flow of information. I would like to remind you, that this was the europe of middle ages, the same place where people were burned at the stake if they dared to say something that contradicted church canon or the bible. (like saying that the earth revolves around the sun) This was long before the enlightment. At this time, islam was actually more tolerant of different views as most european countries.

  9. escapedmentalpatient says:

    Im back and religion sux lets doubble all efforts to get rid of it.

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