Religion a parsitic idea?

I got a great book for xmas “Religion explained” by cognitive anthropologist Pascal Boyer. Basically he stipulates how religion is a parasitic byproduct of our natural instincts.

It is created, lives breads and multiplies in human brains, basically a thought or idea that has turned parasitic that overrides reason in veak minded individuals that manage to convince themselves that the parasitic idea is reality and everything else is not.

I cant wait to read this book i will post a review as soon as i am back from my holliday trip.


4 Responses to Religion a parsitic idea?

  1. John Oberson says:

    Escapedmentalpaient, please spell check before you post a thread. You claim all these other people are “fools”. You attack and throw stones, yet your grammar, or lack there of, presents you as the fool.

  2. Muzolf says:

    A freind of mine shared a link with me recently. While i know she has a twisted humor, i wasnt prepared for what i was about to see.

    Still since the content itself is relevant i will post the link here. Now keep im mind its supposed to be a joke, if a sick one. Please no “not all catholic priests are perverted child molesters” responses.

  3. this book is fasinating it goes into the instincts and mindfunctions that allow superstition like religion to exist in the human mind i will post a full review once i have read through it.

  4. Muzolf says:

    You should have posted after you read the book. Anyway i am sure i could have a good guess as what is standing in there, and i have wery good picture of how religion came to be ( Ok, its rather an educated guess, mixed with findings of historians and anthropologists. ) and why it actually exists.
    Its far more complicated as simply being a mind virus.

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