Joining the knoxville forum?

Update 19 Desember 2009, LMFAO they sensored the thread on the forum! typical religious people….

In the blog stats today i saw some links from a forum in knoxville,  i got quite a lot of traffick from there so i desided to look into it.

aparently someone someone did a cut and paste from the Ultimate example against the christian faith post.

Im very flattered that someone would do this of course but after looking at the topix on this forum i was laughing so hard that i couldnt see from litterarly crying of laughter.

They have some seriously fucked up people on this forum just take a quick glance at the topics:  is a fetus a living person, what do you think of jesus christ and, i hate jesus non believers only, was 9/11 a conspirasy, etc.

Its pretty clear that there are probably some good arguments to be picked with this crowd.

I will enjoy arguing with some of these lunatics, maybe ill let some of them make posts here?


4 Responses to Joining the knoxville forum?

  1. Normurf says:

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  2. English is my third language, what is your excuse Anna?

    Knoxville forum

  3. Muzolf says:

    Link or URL?

  4. Anna says:

    Your spelling and grammar are atrocious. They should certainly block illiterate posters. The only thing useful out of your posts, Crying Indian, is the fact you being an escaped mental patient has been validated.

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