Religious vs Atheist who will live the best life

Muzolf made a seriously funny post here “how the creationists are right, evolution is wrong and my conversion to religion” part 1 and part 2. This post inspired me to make this posting.  I don’t have Muzolfs sharp witty tone, so i try to  make up by being a lot more annoying.

I was thinking about a common statement religious people frequently make “i cant imagine a life without god”, or “my life is better with (insert faith). In the past i have often argued against this by pointing out that they are probably wrong because xyz.. but i realize this is the wrong approach.

A comparative query is better i think, then the dimwitted religious hordes can do their best to argue against themselves.

If you take two people, one atheist and one religious.  Then examine their fundamental life perspective  and evaluate who is more likely to live life to the fullest? who will have the best life?

Who will live a life filled with most contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, and joy?

If we begin with the religious mind,  look at the little meaningless restrictions religious leaders and religious followers place on themselves. Such as for example sexual abstinence, or twisting the value of knowledge like the scientific fact of evolution is bad, lets scare the children with suffering in our imaginary hell instead!

Who the hell in their right minds makes a choice for the latter? I wonder if religious morons trade their sanity with the lie of  potentially reaching heaven after death? because when seen through the lense of getting to heaven some of religious dogma can almost make sence.

Religious people live their life a little like if it was  a video game and if they fail they have an extra guy/life that will spawn once they die.

Now an Atheist knows that when the chemical computer that we call our own consciousness shuts down that is it, end of the line. Therefor an Atheist will cram their life full since they know. That this brief spark of consciousness is only temporary and you better make the most of it while you can.

Now all things being considered who do you think will live a better life?

– The religious person who places all kinds of restrictions on themselves on the ridiculous notion that they will have a chance to do it better in the “next round”?


– The Atheist that knows that this is the only time he or she has so they better make it count…

I guess you have to be as stupid as a religious person not to see that one.


14 Responses to Religious vs Atheist who will live the best life

  1. scared(PureBabble) says:

    I cant imagine my life with out pants or shoes ..shirts are awesome too or a vehicle or money or breathable oxygen and food.

    but if theres 1 thing so far I haven’t needed nore felt the need to even bother making up my own imaginary God ..thing figure we told our children imaginary friends aren’t good to have after a certain age… and this god thing is any different?

    these nut bags say ohhh Iv seen em or ohhh hes every where or he talked to me or I talk to him.

    Crazy pure utterly crazy and infantile

    I guess religion is actually a good way to get business if your a entrepreneur just show up at what ever establishment you feel like slip in nod your head yes a few times eat/drink something stale or flavorless, throw a penny in to their tray and show up at functions with business cards

    before tv to advertise things to us church was the best thing where neighborhoods and towns would come to gather and mingle in a way that was not possible with out a common binding place.

    religions a money grab,a mental dumb down,a waste of a good sunday, and obsolete we don’t need it anymore.
    religious goers are hindering the growth of the human race.
    catholic church is safe haven for pedophiles

    Christianity is the lemming of religions

    Islam just wants to kill Christians because there infidels?

    Hebrew’s just want to hoard everything for them selvs never letting their wealth spill over to another religion always inter religion consumerisms

    if you were on fire at a Jews door they would charge you for the water needed to dose the flame.

    the little shit religions that want you to donate a % of your monthly income is the biggest blatant scam

    Mormons…..I believe wood chippers too good for these money grubbing dead spot in the community making bastards they buy a building call it a ? what temple or something and thats it they sucker old retarded people in to their bullshit and rob them blind mean while committing nothing back to the community.

    they really are sheep.
    if you integrate in to their heard
    they’ll go to you for business because
    we all know how close knit these
    sheeple factorys are.

    i always thought the greatest good would be humble and make its path clear and easy to live by and more fun and ok with who we are.

    and the greatest evil would seek out to blind people into thinking their the greater good

    their so evil that there trying appear good.

    oh its a good thing yeah gods happy the invisible guy in water vapor above the earth in the atmosphere is gonna be give u a holy cookie …yeeeahhh…

    the rapture can’t happen soon enough
    i believe their rapture will come in the form of a
    Divine Cyanide flavored punch.

  2. Surely Atheism is a religious position? It denies the literal existence of a god or gods, so becomes in itself the foundation of a belief system.

    • Muzolf says:

      Atheism is a religious position the same as the vacuum of space is a state of matter.

      • The atheists I know argue clearly and (mostly) politely that there isn’t a god, or anything like a god. They use logic and reasoning, and trust their own experience more than the experiences of other people. They don’t always understand a differing point of view, but they accept that others can hold one.

        Atheism is a statement of faith: “I can’t know everything, but I am sure in myself that there is no God.”

        If this isn’t true, the person isn’t really an atheist, in the same away as someone who doesn’t accept the essential values of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, or whatever isn’t really part of the faith community yet.

      • Muzolf says:

        Atheism is certanly a point of wiev, but there is a big difference between having a religious position, and a position regarding religion.

        A religious position is mostly a dogmatic wiev that is seen as the unmovable foundation as ones beleif system. However, for a atheist, not beleiving in God is not a dogmatic beleif, i will happily acknowledge the existence of Yahwe, Odin or Zeus as soon as any of them shows up, or i am shown genuine proof of their existence. (Keep in mind that this will not necessarily mean that i would worship any of them, especially if it would be a child murderer like Yahwe.)

        Allso for a religious person, his\her beleif in a certain diety is usually rather important. While our “non-beleif” in any god has no more importance as our disbeleif of santa claus or the tooth fairy.

        The only reason the former is a concern and the latter isnt, is because there are large groups of people trying to push the former on us, or doing stupid things because of their beleifs.
        While i have yet to see someone trying to convince me that the easter bunny exists, or refuse medication for their children because they think that their fairy granthmother will come to heal them.

      • You take things to extremes. You’ve never witnessed Odin or Zeus, so are prepared to keep an open mind, yet believe that Yahwe is a child murderer solely on the basis of a holy book which you don’t believe to be true. (The Bible – love it or hate it, it’s a whole package, not a buffet!)

        I can accept your position of faith (in your own decisions, the views of others, the evidence presented to you) includes a faith that there is no god. However, I find it tough to accept this doesn’t inform the way you live your life.

        In the same way that Father Christmas is often wielded as a tool to enforce patterns of behaviour, a religious belief system can be applied to people. However, I’m not concerned with that so much as what’s happening in someone’s heart/mind.

        Anyone who would act or not based on the absence of a directing or creative force in the world is just as much the subject of this belief as one who acts on the basis of religious zeal is the subject of that zeal.

        Basically, I’m saying you can put Richard Dawkins and those like him in the same box as David Icke for all I care. Just don’t pretend it’s an absence of faith, because when the going gets tough everyone believes in something, even if it’s only in themselves.

      • Muzolf says:

        Not necessarily to the extremes. I have never witnessed any god, so the ones i know are based on the mithology of the culture they belong to. I am calling Yahwe a child murderer because according to the bible, he is one.
        Be there any god or creator, you cannot call them on any name known to any mythology if they dont fit the stories from where they are known.

        In short, a god is not the christian god if he is not the god from the bible, Zeus is not Zeus without his lightning and having sired a throng of half god offspring, ect ect.
        If there is a creator who doesnt fits any of the religions, then that just means that there is a creator, but all religions where worshipping supernatural dieties is central, are still false.

        But that is actually of marginal importance. Yes, evrybody has some beliefs, as evrybody has some wiev of the world around them. However, this doesnt means they have any fundamental “faith” in anything.

        I have known plenty of people who never concerned themselves with any kind of ideology or “faith”, but simply tried their best to get trough life. Most atheists/agnostic are actually apathetic atheists/agnostic. Wich means, they simply dont care.

        I have no more faith in the nonexistence of any god, as you have faith in the nonexistence of any other god of other religions.
        Please dont tell me that you were ever concerned about the nonexistence of Shiva, Raa, Odin, Baal or Amaterasu.
        When you understand why you were never thinking or even known most if not all of these gods, you will understand how most atheists are not concerned with your god.

        When you tell me with a straight face, that you had particular faith in the nonexistence of Inari, the Shinto fertility/luck godess, i will consider calling atheism a faith system.

      • Well now you mention it…

        No, seriously, faith is many things to different people, but usually it is a positive, engaged quality or attribute.

        You have faith that there is no god. If you did not have this faith, you would be highly unusual, in that you would be uncertain to a greater degree than most people are comfortable with. This is why people who are genuinely uncertain tend to gravitate towards a faith position. Especially in the case of atheism, it lends security.

        Speaking of “gravitate”, take for eaxmple that my faith in gravity is a hundred percent intact despite there being no proof of a particle or wave which creates it. It’s not a daft thing, either, since I see plenty of evidence, and feel it now as the chair presses against my bum, counteracting the attraction of my body to the earth and vice versa.

        Simply for a belief not to affect your everyday life is not proof of its non-existence.

      • Muzolf says:

        Ok, if you put it that way, one could say i have faith of some sort.

        Faith that the sun will rise tomorrow, faith that i will still have a job when i walk into the office.

        I would hardly call any of this “faith” but if you insist.

        On one account however you are still wrong. My “Faith” that there is no god. I am indeed convinced that there is no all powerful benevolent supernatural being who is concerned with humans, but i simply base this on my knowledge and experience about the world.
        Allso, i would like to mention, that the dieties people beleive in are simply too anthromorphised not to be the product of their imagination.

        As for any creator, or powerful beings i am unavare of however, this doesnt holds true. I simply have no reason to think that any exists, because i have seen no sign of any.
        But i wouldnt rule out the possibility. It is a level of uncertanity.

        Lets use an analogy here. Lets say, there is an alien cilivisation on Alpha Centaury. Until we got a radio signal or something from them, there is no reason for us to suspect their existence. There is allso no way for us to be sure that they dont exist, but assuming that there are no aliens on alpha centaury is simply more reasonable.

        You whant to call that Faith?

        Now with religion its a different matter entirely, lets say a kid walks up to you and claims that said Aliens landed in his garden, and told him that the entire neighborhood is his, so you better get off his property. Would you beleive him?

        Would you call the former assumtion, and the latter sceptic attitude a Faith of some kind?

        If yes, congratulations, you just redefined the meaning of that word. Should i grab a dictionary?

        Lets see what the dictionary tells about Faith:
        “Faith is the confident belief or trust in the truth or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing”

        I dont see the negative anywhere. Skepticism against said idea, thing or person is by definition, not “Faith”.

  3. Muzolf says:

    Escaped, i would like to object.

    While your reasoning does make some sense, i think you simplify the issue too much.

    There far more to ones quality of life as what ideology one subscribes to, and i think you overestimate the impact of religion on this one.

    I know as a fact, that most religious people are not thinking about their god, and about afterlife all the time. I would go so far that mainsteam religious people dont even think about it at all, most of the time, only when the topic itself comes up, or they are alone and have a need for the comfort of the idea of “someone high up” looking after them.

    For most people, unless they are confonted with death itself, the afterlife is nothing more then a refuge for the mind when they are confronted with death. And its never the other way around, or have you ever met anybody ( Besides children who were scared with it of course. ) who was angsting about he/she will go to hell?

    No, its the nature of man to see his own self in a better light. The ego of any christian, muslim or anyone else beleiving in an equivalent of hell prohibits them from seeing themselves as possible candidates for that trip. For them, the bad afterlife is reserved for other people only, not themselves or their loved ones.
    In their minds, only people who are not of their religion, and people who they dont like go there. At worst they worry about a relative or a loved one, in most cases if mentioned loved one is not part of their religion.

    To put it short, no i dont think Religion is that much a roadblock for a fulfilled life. Most religious people allready do whatever they please, they can allways invent some exuse why they themselves will be ok, ( The devil made me do it, god will forgive me, i tell a few prayers and its ok. Ect ect ) even if they violate each and evry rule of their faith.

    The only ones for whom this is a real concern are a few crazies. As an exemple, monks who torture themselves, and even in that case i am not entirely sure if these people arent actually doing something they would anyway. I wouldnt be suprised at all, if it turned out that these people are all masochists who get a boner from being whipped.

    • I disagree, you have a atheist viewpoint. in my experience this is something that is ingrained in the core of religious belief. They might not talk about it but they have been indoctrinated this garbage from birth so it influences their choices whether they are aware of it or not.

      Even if most of them use it as a public excuse for being human. Having sex, beating their children and what not.

      • Muzolf says:

        You might have a point, truth to be said, aside from some loony new age cristal huggers, a few jehovas witnesses, i havent met many truly religious people in person.
        My personal experience with religious people is limited to those who call themselves belonging to a religion, but visit a temple no more as one or two occasions a year, give a shrug when asked about their beliefs, and never even read their holy book.

        The only ones who makes a big issue about being religious here, are… you never guess it, politicans. The most visible pro religious people in my country are these two faced dirtbags, the same people who used to oppose religion viciously under the communist regime.

      • Actually seeking out “true” believers is pretty scary. freaky, crazy, people

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