How the Creationists are right, Evolution is wrong, and my conversion to religion! Part One

Finally, my eyes were opened. How could i have been so wrong all these years. Listening to the creationists reasoning, i am now fully convinced! Our existence cannot be the result of some mindless biological process! Why? Here are the arguments.

Entropy, the second law of thermodynamics clearly states that in a closed system, there is increasing disorder! Wich is the exact opposite of what evolution does. Nevermind that neither Earth nor the Universe is a closed system. Lets pretend they are, for the sake of my argument.

Ok, but here is the next one. Where did matter come from? I know this has nothing to do with evolution at all, but its an important question. Clearly something cannot come from nothing, right? Well, except that in a mathematical model, if there is equal ammount of anti-something would appear, surely we never heard of such things as anti-matter, right? And never mind the idea that different phisics might apply to other parts of the universe, those phisicists are just silly, surely someone like me, using common sense, and without an education in higher phisics can refute their ideas as stupid. Yeah, take that phisicists! A god or several gods however, dont have to appear from nothing because, err… you know, gods dont do that. They are just… there.

But how did life start? Yeah, right, i actually explained that allready in an earlier response post on these forums, with the million in a million chance, that even if the possibility is wery slim for a self replicating organic molecule to appear, in the wast oceans of prehistoric earth, and a lot of time, that possibility will eventually happen at least once, and it doesnt needs to happen a second time. Well ok, i said that, sooo lets move on to the next topic!

Okay, so maybe the argments arent that good, but they sure convinced me! They even have proof! Supposedly there was a footprint of a dinosaur overlaying that of a human. Yeah, humans and dinosaurs lived side by side some time ago. Apparenty. I have never seen this evidence myself, and nobody credible either, but it sure is convincing. We should probably be extinct by now if that was the case, and different creatures of different ages were actually adapted to wastly different conditions, but im sure there is an explanation for that. Some god or gods made it that way, yeah, if anything else fails, i can allways pull this from my ass.

Oh to hell with it, okay, they were no dinosaurs, you here me? No dinosaurs, they are a fabrication of darwinists! Yeah i know, the bones of dinosaurs and other extint creatures were found long before Darwin lived but umm.. err, ITS A CONSPIRACY!

Yes, a conspiracy! The proof for evolution? All bogus! The similarities in different species? Thats just the creator reusing the same design plans! The genetic proof that different species are related? I know! Evry biologist who ever looked at coromosomes are actually all part of a big conspiracy and are lying! Thats right, and evry time they let you take a look and compare them, they give you forged genetic information! They even go so far as to sabotage evry electromicroscope on the world so it gives you data that support evolution. Its all a big conspiracy! And anthropologists, zoologists, and other scientists, all part of this conspiracy travel around the whole world and dig in those fossils we find! Alternatively maybe some devil puts them there if there is no way a human could have. Different species evolutionsits claim to be closely related interbreeding and having offspring? I… devils do it!

Oh and Darwin was the anticrist, a bad djinni, Loki in duisguise, a rakshasa, an oni, or possibly all things mentioned. And his theory makes people eat babies. I dont know how thats supposed to make evolution untrue, but Ad Hominem attacks are the oldest trick in the book, so i am not going to pass that up.


Thus concludes part one of creationsim vs evoltution, stay tuned for part two where we take things a bit more seriously, and take the logical step, after our not so logical conclusion that supernatural has spawned the natural.

Part 2


2 Responses to How the Creationists are right, Evolution is wrong, and my conversion to religion! Part One

  1. HAHAHAH excellent i snorted coffee all over my keyboard.

  2. Muzolf says:

    First part added, actually it should have been only one post, but it would have been too big. I will add the second shortly, it will be somewhat more serious ( Not really. 🙂 ).

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