What happened to the UK?

“Ruslan posted a comment (on my ramjet page ) where he asked me to comment on the radicalization of Muslims in Britain.

I used to live in the UK,  and i have noticed something strange happening over the years since then.

I want to comment, not just on the religious freak show that is going on, and its not limited to the Islamic cults in the UK. This strange warping of society is happening, to a certain degree,  in many western nations  including Norway. And i am not sure religion is exclusively to blame.  This trend is creating a lot of fear and hatred and one thing is for sure.  In our eagerness to be politically correct and tolerant, we are damaging ourselves and our society.

This would not be possible if it wasn’t for religious moderation. Its the religious moderates that have talked us into being tolerant of religious nonsense. Instead of treating religion with the contempt it deserves, we watch in silence while it corrupts us and our society at the core.

Before you religious cock suckers start arguing that i don’t know anything about religious countries or religion, i recommend you read some more of my blogg. I am more than fully qualified to talk on the subject of religion.

Let me mention Turkey here since this is supposed to be a Muslim country, but they are Muslim in the same way that the British are protestant (ie very few actually believe the garbage, they just get married in church since that is the tradition).

Anyway most Turkish people will laugh at you if you ask them if they are religious, the majority has no interest in religion. And i would say that the people of turkey and Turkish society are more free than Britain today.

Digression while on the subject of turkey:  If you ever visit turkey you must try a Turkish bath (hamam).

I once had the hamam experience described to me as:

“Having a large hairy guy named Achmed, working you over with fine grit sandpaper.”

Nothing could be farther from the truth, its a fantastic refreshing experiencing, it combines a full body massage and a thorough cleaning, I highly recommend it.  Its worth a trip to turkey just to experience this.

Anyhow back when i lived in the UK i used to say that it was the greatest place to live on the planet, and it was!   Noone gave a fuck what you did as long as you didn’t hurt anyone else, and you where free to speak your mind on any subject including ferocious criticism of religion.

Nowadays you cant walk a single block in the UK without being filmed by cctv from 3 different directions, and everyone are obsessed with being considerate and politically correct.

What ever happened to the sex pistols spirit of “fuck everybody!” ?

This has now gone so far that certain groups are allowed to practice sharia law in the UK, and some groups from the Muslim cult in the UK live more Islamic lives than in their country of origin.

There are so many things wrong with this that it boggles the mind, don’t worry i am not going to go into every single aspect why and how this is wrong.

Instead let us just consider what effect this has on women living in these communities. Lets face it when it comes to a religions being hostile towards woman’s rights noone does it better than the Muslims.  By allowing sharia in certain communities the British government are denying these women the same rights that any other woman would have in Britain.

Allowing a legal system that is at best medieval,  isnt respecting culture or being politically correct its denying the rights of citizens in a free democratic country. It segregates the Muslim community from the rest of the country and it fuels hatred, fear and intolerance.

Not to mention that allowing sharia anywhere is an insult to human dignity.


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