Israel the farce.

I have been following the political noise round the middle east and Obamas push to try to achieve real change.

Yesterday i was, to put it mildly,  disappointed when i saw Netanyahus farcical speech.

The first few sentences where promising.

“I call on you, our Palestinian neighbours, and to the leadership of the Palestinian Authority – let us begin peace negotiations immediately, without preconditions.”

The rest of the speech was just gibberish and totally contradictory the above statement

He said a Palestinian state must have no army, no control of its air space and no way of smuggling in weapons. Additionally Palestinians had to recognize that their land was the land of the Jews? and that refugees had no right to return, etc, etc, etc.

Excuse me? Is it just me or what? doesn’t these demands sort of fly in the face of talks “without preconditions”?

Arent these demands in fact in themselves preconditions? and doesn’t Netanyahu know that this stance is what has fuled the conflickt for the last 60 years?

Netanyahu concludes by announcing that the root of the problem is the Palestinians refusal to accept the jewish state?

Never mind the military occupation and daily humiliation of the Palestinian people, im sure that has nothing to do with fueling the flames of conflict and hate.

Israel is by far the most agressive state in the middle east, why american tax payers accept that their tax dollar is used for military occupation and bombing palestinian women and children i will never know.

I guess israel and palestina can look forward to 60 more bloodsoaked years curtesy of the american tax payer.


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