Israel? what the F….

Since my trip to Iran i have been chilling in turkey, the wife and me have decided to take a break on our visit the “insane religious” nations tour.

Our next stop was supposed to be Israel followed by a trip to the Palestinian territories,  if we could get in.

We have talked a lot about this and have decided to drop the entire trip.

We actually met an Israeli tourist at our hotel and our discussions with him is what made us decide to never ever visit Israel. Not because its a dangerous lunatic asylum filled with religious morons, but because our trip there would contribute to Israels economy and we don’t want that.

Anyways the discussion with our new found Israeli acquaintance went something like this.

Us: If it where the Israelis that where in the Palestinians place, what would they do?

Israeli: Stop terrorism.

Us: If terrorism stops? The Palestinians will still be under military occupation wont they?

Israeli: ehhh yes sort of, we have a right to that land though…

Us: Who gave you the right to the Palestinian land?

Israeli: I don’t know, its what i have always been told.

Us: How are the Palestinians treated? do they have any rights? are they seen as equal?

Israeli: No Palestinians are terrorists all of them, they cant own land its ours..

Us: So what would Israelis do if they where denied property rights, along with all other rights and discriminated against because their occupiers saw them as less than human?

Israeli: ehhh i dont know really i hadnt thought of it that way?

Us: Wasn’t that the Nazi approach during WWII?

Israeli: Well … . your… …. ….. the Nazis intentionally killed millions Israel takes care not to kill civilians.

Us: Didn’t the holocaust also start out as a moderate effort that gradually grew into genocide?

Israeli: dnn uhh… … well yes.

Us: it seams like the death toll seams to be gradually increasing for the Palestinians, when will the murder rate slide into genocide?

Israeli: dnn uhh… … well i dont know, i feel uncomfortable about this…..

Us: Maybe that is the right feeling to have for the atrocities carried out by your government with supposed support from you.?

Israeli: I just havent looked at it like that before,, you are right Israel has to change course….

Israel has become like the Nazi regime, its horrible…..


157 Responses to Israel? what the F….

  1. Muzolf says:

    I object. Most often then not, religion IS politics!

    Especially true for abrahamic religions, but lets take a closer look.

    In many ancient civilisations the actualy rules was seen as a god, or a descendant of a god. You could not claim to be a legitimate ruler without pointing out that your great grandfather was Zeus, or Osiris or whoever. Even today the Japanese emperor is stil seen as a descendant of Amaterasu.

    Acient judaism itself was nothing more as a governing tool, didnt even have much of a spiritual aspect until later.

    Christianity itself in its present form is more of the work of emperor Constantine who made it a state religion and less about actual teaching of Jesus, and guess what it has been used for most of the time.

    Mohammed whanted to unify the arabic tribes, and risen to power trough Islam. Was he succesful? Yes, is Islam a political tool to this day? I dare you to prove me wrong.

    There is no separating religion and politics, because the biggest and most succesful religions are all about politics and power. The ones who are not were either crushed by the former, or were mostly reduced to cultural curiosities or small cults on the verge of extinction.

  2. Jay says:

    I am one of those who strongly believe that world conflicts today, or any other day for that matter, are inherently political and have nothing to do with religion – any religion.

    You keep making it about religion, the ignorant Israeli who left the hotel wanting to become Muslim is a disgrace of a story, here i shall tell you my story. A real story.
    I was born in Iran in 1980, a year after the muslim backwards dress wearing cavemen look alike came in. They used Islam as a source to get people to want to fight for their cause but in doing so, i now HATE islam and its teachings. All those years we had to read in Arabic as a student when my home language was Farsi, guess what, i do not know what im praying to while im bobbing my head up and down and while my ass is in the air 5x a day. So anything they tell me has absolute rule. And when you read the quran its filled with woman hating, kill the infidels and not much respect to life in general.

    Why do muslims always cry foul about Israel. ? What has The arab religion of Mohammad achieved in this millinium? Anything??? The hookah, even that was created in India.
    So my comment is this, if you and your wife are so learned why would you continue to being a muslim?
    Your blog is stating that You overpowered an Israeli in arguement…yea yea right…UNBELIEVABLE>
    As we say in Farsi, Bodo Baba delam Khoshe.

  3. M says:

    Muzolf ,

    I am aware of all this . I know that the USA told all of this Saddam or at least , these rumours were doing the rounds. You forgot that I was in Kuwait when Iraq invaded Kuwait . Or maybe I did not tell you all of this . I was there till September 1990 .

    They invaded Kuwait in August 1990 .

    You are again getting back to pointing out the hypocrisy of the government of the USA at that time . That is not the point . Everyone sane knows that the USA played a double agent .

    The problem was that Saddam walked right into their trap and then the USA had an aggressive bigot to show to the world . The seeds for the 2003 war were sowed way back in 1990

    That is my point . Kuwaitis were known to be arrogant people because of their money power . That is why also many people did not like them and actually kind of enjoyed the fact that their country was invaded . They thought that the Kuwaitis would learn a good lesson once their country was liberated. I do not know though if they learned a good lesson .

  4. Muzolf says:

    Just a side note on this one.

    Saddam did not invade Kuwait out on whim or simple power hunger.
    Sure the latter was probably a factor, but the main reason is something the USA would like all people to forget.

    Before the invasion Kuwait started to pumping out oil like crazy, sending oil prices down like a diving eagle, hurting all oil producers, even their own business! With each passing day Saddam lost millions of dollars of income.

    Before the invasion, Iraq started negotiations with the USA, since Kuwait was practicly their vassal. The american response was, that they should “Sort this out with Kuwait, as its a matter between them.”
    Just to clerify, on diplomatic channels this praticly means.: Do whatever you whant we dont care.

    It was practicly a trap, use of economic warfare, and diplomatic backstabbing. Of course Saddam was an idiot to walk in the trap, and after all, he was the agressor.

    But two things shoudl be kept in prospect.

    First, the leadership of Kuwait knew full well what they were doing, that they were playing a dangerous game with a neighbour who was several times as powerful as themselves. What other reason can there be found that they were willing to hurt their own business too, as that their American overlords told them so?

    Second, when Iraq started negotiations with the USA, the Americans knew full well to what their response would lead. And they could simply had it stopped from the begginning, if they had warned Saddam, that if he plays tough guy, he will get his ass handed to him.

    Now i am not defending Iraq, they were the agressors, and Saddam got what he deserved for bullying his smaller neighbor, but ou have to ask yourself about the motives and morals of the other side.
    If the leadership of the USA had the chance to stop all this from happening with diplomacy, but choose not to. Because they rather went with bloodshead.

    Would you call that a decent way to run things?

  5. M says:

    Muzolf ,

    Almost every intelligent person knows the double standards of countries like the USA. They can have nuclear weapons but other countries are not supposed to have them because they are not supposed to be responsible . The world is not fair . Countries with power have the say . That is not the point. The discussion was not about whether what the USA did was right or wrong .

    The point is the USA needed an excuse to invade Iraq and they got that in the form of Saddam who was hated by the majority of the people there and then he committed a grave mistake ( by invading Kuwait )

    That was the last straw. He got cornered and was no more the friend of the USA. The world would believe he was capable of doing anything nasty given that he invaded a powerless country

  6. Muzolf says:

    Yeah but then they should have attackd themselves too for posessing WMD-s not to mention selling them.

    After all, originally who sold chemical weapons to Saddam in the first place? Yup, it was the USA.

    “Look they have weapons like us, the ones we sold them, lets kill them!”

    Funny thing, but most of their enemies are their former bitches.
    Saddam himself was a close ally of the USA. Heck, Osama bin Laden was trained by the CIA!

  7. M says:

    So , in short, it could tell the world that such a rogue could use WMDs against anyone if they had it

    It was about a good excuse

  8. M says:

    Muzolf my friend ,

    I know that the USA has attacked or plotted to overthrow democratically elected governments . But , invading Grenada a country people hardly care for is different from invading countries like Iraq which is oil rich

    The invasion of Kuwait had a lot to do with what happened to Iraq and I will tell you why . The USA could tell the world that Iraq was ruled by a dictator who attacked the sovereignty of another country and yes was a rogue

  9. Muzolf says:

    Matt, the can find an exuse for anything!

    If they are not a dictatorship than they were looking funny, or maybe picked their noses the wrong way.

    That they have not attacked countries with democratic leadership is not true. They invaded Grenada after the communist party won the elections there.

    They have been plotting to overthrow and made sanctions agains south american countries that didnt whant to do things their way, amongs them, some with democraticly elected leaders.

    Being a democracy does not makes you immune to the USA-s agression at all.

    The invasion of Kuwait had little to do with what happened to Iraq recently, they had gulf war 1 for that.

  10. M says:

    a toothless tiger *

  11. M says:

    Of course, there have been many instances where they did not care about what other countries thought or what the UN thought . I think the UN is a piece of shit anyways . It was created for good reasons but everyone knows that it is toothless tiger.

    However, notice that they always had an excuse to attack nations ,like for example WMDs , etc etc .

    They could never attack any other country that they could not show as non democratic . They always needed excuses and they got excuses all the time

    If Iraq were democratic and did not attack Kuwait , the US would have no reason to attack Iraq because they could not show that the Iraqis have imperialistic designs

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