This Sunday we went to the red light district in Qom, Bib and Bob severely injured some religious police officers and we are on our way out of the country, just in case. We cross the boarder tonight.

The whores in Qom look kind of non descript, just like ordinary women (they are all covered ) the only way you can tell is that they from time to time expose their faces, as if to adjust their veils and they have makeup on. While they adjust their veils they look at you in an inviting way.

Anyways i was there with my wife and we where looking for someone to talk to, we soon attracted a small click of circulating prostitutes asking us if we wanted an arrangement.

In Iran prostitution is illegal unless you enter into a temporary marriage, or sigheh as it is called. It is also illegal for unrelated men and women to talk together so what you end up with is this bizarre ritual where they flash their face at you, then sort of glide up to you looking in some different direction and talk quietly as if speaking to no one.

Needless to say coming from the west where you can walk up to a girl and say, you look hot! Do you want to go and have some great sex? i found this whole experience kind of weird.

Anyway me and the wife finally found a girl that spoke decent English and she agreed to talk to us once the wedding arrangements had been made.

Its totally ridiculous that i actually have to temporarily marry, to be allowed to talk to the girl.  I will call her Betsy (not her real name of course)

Betsy is around 25 she was forcefully married to some old pig at the age of 15 and ran away after 3 months of being beaten and and raped.

She has no where to go and after being recruited into prostitution by  the local Mulla racket they made her addicted to heroin and she now prostitutes herself to get money for survival and her daily fix.

The entire wedding was a joke, we went inn the Mulla (which is also running the girls, he is their pimp) said something that sounded like lakkalakkalakkalakkakaa and we signed a piece of paper that made it all legal. Me and Betzy where married for the next 4 hours,  Its totally ridiculous.

Anyway we went to a local hotel ,rented a room, ordered some coffee and started explaining to Betzy that we where trying to learn, she was a bit apprehensive at first, skeptical that we didnt want some threesome or fivesome (if you count bib and bob) clearly bib and bob intimidated her as well (they are great bodyguards a steel at 600$ a day)

After a while we got a  conversation going and Betzy, despite her lot in life, was humorous when she told us her stories, that she found  funny.  She told us a lot of things she seamed very proud of.  In particular she relished giving chlamydia to the Mulla (pimp) and she was hopeful he had contracted her HIV.

She had found out she was HIV positive about 6 mounts ago and she had used every opportunity to try to pass it onto the Mulla (chemical warfare anyone?) She also hoped many of the men that had married her had contracted the decease and that they would suffer a lot.  She said she was happy that she had gotten HIV and that she didn’t feel scared anymore.

I dont think anyone can pose a threat to Betzy, she just dont give a fuck about anything anymore.

Anyways we are chatting along and all of a sudden two guys burst down our door (unbeknown to us it was the religious police.)  Bib and bob didnt know this and rushed into action, the two Arab cops where tiny compared to our giants and the first guy that met bib got stuck to his stomach and smashed so hard up against the wall, that he passed out.

Bob pulled out a gigantic gun, the type you see in old westerns, i think its called a long barrel revolver.  Bob pushed the barrel into the roof of the cops mouth and pushed the guys jaw aside as if the gun was a crowbar so hard that it made a crackling sound. The cop was clearly terrified.  The same can be said for me and my wife, Betzy didnt seam to give a shit, she actually smiled, maybe she recognized the cops?

Bib and Bob acted like this was something they did every hour of every day,  and they quickly herded us into the staircase and ran us down into the garage and into our car and shot off.  Bob still held the cop in the backseat and i dont think he took his eyes off him during the whole time.

Bob interrogated the cop who was by this stage pleading for his life. Bib drove like the car was on fire, my wife cried in shock and i was just sitting there kind of numb.

After a while Bob found out that the Mulla had sent them, a white couple in Iran getting a prostitute, he obviously thought we could be blackmailed so the two cops had gone to shake us down for some money. They hadn’t counted on our bodyguards and now i guess their decision to go it alone. Without backup, so they didn’t have to share any of the proceeds, seamed like a really bad idea.

Bib and Bob talked, and the cop got more and more panicked, they took his wallet and after a while they threw him out of the car on a desolate road.

They told us that they had discussed whether it was worth the hassle to let him live, apparently the cop had pleaded for his life, he said ha had kids and that if they let him go he would keep his mouth shut, that’s why they took his wallet so that if there was ever a problem, they would find him and his partner and rub them out. “rub them out” was the actual phrase Bob used.

Anyway if these guys threthened my life i would shut the fuck up forever, still they wanted to make sure we where safe and they will smuggle us over the boarder tonight.

I cant waith to leve this hellhole that is called Iran


55 Responses to Irans RED LIGHT DISTRICT!

  1. I really like your writing style, fantastic information, regards for posting :D. “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” by T. S. Eliot.

  2. Muzolf says:

    Or, you could just chose neither.

    Israelis might be smarter, more succesful, sure.

    Are they any less jerks? Not so.

  3. Jay says:

    Thats Iran for your ass…..hahaha…Thats why we should be on the Israeli side, If these idiots get something as small as Gaza that i would presume we are in big troube….That was great story…I loved it..

  4. M says:

    Oh yes the Bible belt . Apologies 🙂

    I already implied in my earlier posts that I named the whole region wrongly .

    You still fail to see your mistake . You wrongly assumed that I stated you would have major problems in the Bible belt and that is what I was pointing at

    I earlier said that you would not have as many problems in the Bible belt if you criticized Christianity as you would have in the KSA if you criticized Islam .

    And how did you reply ?

    You just reiterated my point

    ha ha

  5. M says:

    Anne ,

    I think you are just not reading what I wrote properly

    Read my post in March. I will make it easier for you

    Here goes

    Like I said , if you said something about Christianity and lived in the Southern belt , you would have more chances of living than if you said something about Islam and lived in Saudi Arabia .

    Okay forget the southern belt . It is the Christian belt . I said if you said something about Christianity there in a negative way , you had better chances of living than if you said something negative about Islam in Saudi Arabia . You just confirmed it by saying you had no problems even when you criticised Christianity there . So , you just reiterated my point . What is the problem here ?

    Are you reading my posts when you are deprived of sleep 🙂

    • Anne Beckett says:

      No, I am not “sleep-deprived”. Your sentence structure leads one to believe that YOU think that one cannot go against the predominant religion in any area, including the American “BIBLE BELT”. Again, as I have stated more than once, it’s not the Christian-belt; it’s not the Southern-Belt. It IS referred to as, “the BIBLE BELT”.
      SO, who it is that’s possibly NOT reading what others write? I have reiterated that there is no such thing as a “Southern Belt”; nor is there a “Christian Belt”, within the U.S.
      And, yes, I have Christian and Atheist friends in Gaza and other places in occupied-Palestine/Israel. They do not “come under fire” from ANYONE other than Zionist-Jews. So, your analogy (which made no sense to start with) is flawed, ridiculous, and SILLY.

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