Iran the worlds luny bin…

The last couple of days have been a bit surreal, Iran is a deeply fucked up place, let me highlight just how strange a society founded on superstitious folklore from the iron ages can be.

Firstly i risk being arrested for this posting, not because i harm anyone or anything like that. I risk being arrested for referring to the Koran from a factual perspective.  Additionally this might be seen as criticism of the Iranian regime which carries the death penalty (i kid you not).

The Koran, like the bible and all the other so called “holy” fairytale books are nothing but fictional  stories from a time when people where literary ravaged by their own superstitions and endless ignorance.

Now Iran isnt unique in ruling by fairytale.  Europe did this during the dark ages, and other fucked up countries like Afghanistan, UAE, Israel, Pakistan and many other countries still do this today.

Basing your rules on imaginary fiction is of course bound to create some oddities. Like receiving bamboo lashes for chewing gum (Indonesia) or like here in Iran. Stoning a woman to death for being raped. She was after all unfaithful to her husband while a gang of thugs brutalized her at gunpoint, so clearly she deserves to die….

In the last few days the people most opposed to  reform and change in Irans society has been run over by Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of this lunatic asylums founder Ayatolla Khomeini.

Hassan used to be firmly entrenched in the conservative wing of Irans leadership but he has now migrated over to the liberal side.

Not that that has any real meaning for someone from the west, the conservative and liberal side can often be separated by as little as 5 in stead of 8 lashes as punishment for some imaginary thought crime.

The only reason why it carries any sort of relevance is because Iran is becoming more and more militarized, and as the military power grows the Imams power erodes. Basically what Hassan, himself an imam, wants to achieve is to keep political power firmly entrenched in religious hands.

The mullah regime is just ridiculous, they pretend to have some sort of democratic process with elections, but the sitting mullas basically vet or pre-qualify the candidates prior to allowing them to run for office.  (Run for office, just sounds ridiculous when considering this lunacy.)

One example, that one of the student we talked to told me just cracked me up.  Last “election” Ali Eshraghi, also a descendant of the ayatollah, was excluded after the mullas investigated if he kept to the proscribed praying schedule, whether he combed his beard, which is illegal (i kid you not).  And whether his wife kept within the parameters for proper clothing for Iranian women.

This country is totally insane, its ridiculous in the extreme, they are so focused on internal control and naval gazing that i dont know why the rest of the world considers them a threat.

These guys couldn’t arrange sex in a brothel, let alone organize any form of coordinated military activity. The only way they could pose a threat, is if they got their hands on nuclear weapons. And if they did, they are just as likely to blow themselves up because some a woman masturbated, and therefor they had to level the entire city to prevent such sinful activities from spreading.

The only light on the horizon is the ayatollahs third grandchild Hussein Khomeini, even though he is educated as a priest he has broken with Irans brutal and oppressive customs.  He still wears a black turban, that i think is supposed to symbolize he is a direct descendant from the founder of the religion Muhammed (imagine how fucking full of yourself you have to be to believe that)

Anyways he has openly gone out in support for the invasion of Iraq and he has even suggested that the current regime in Iran cannot be removed without American help.

He was even imprisoned for publicly speaking out against the death penalty for criticizing the regime.

After the Iraq invasion he moved there and is on record saying “it was a pleasure to breathe the free air” he returned recently and is suspected to be alive only because his grandmother (the ayatollahs wife) is protecting him.

Anyways thats todays report from this freak show tomorrow we plan to go visit the poor and what passes for Irans red light district. (that schould be interesting)


7 Responses to Iran the worlds luny bin…

  1. Keep handing it to the germans, they suck.

    I used to play counterstike on German servers just so i could shoot at German as holes, it was great fun.

  2. Matt says:

    One more thing , though we can make good money in India , the money won’t be as good as in Germany at least for now since I am still young and at my age , I cannot expect to be paid so much in India

  3. Matt says:

    Yesterday , I was walking around in Alexanderplatz with my wife ( Berlin ) and saw some Germans holding placards saying why the double standards by the west ? Some western countries have nuclear weapons but they do not want Iran to have nuclear weapons . I totally agree with them . The premise for this argument by the west is that Iran is not responsible . We saw how responsible the British were with regards to colonization and how responsible the Americans were . Sometimes , I think some people in the west think they are the best when they are not . They think that just because their countries are developed, they are really smart people and the best. I am not saying that you EMP are like that . Just my thought . Even in school , all the Germans were nowhere compared to the Indians in my business school . I am not saying that Indian students are the smartest always but just a thought . Because , some German people especially in the villages think that Germany is the best .They have never interacted really with other foreigners and never been out of their country . This is not the problem of some Germans only but the problem of many people in western countries . I am not sure about how the Norwegians think . Never been to Norway . I remember once I walked into a wine bar in Berlin with my Italian friends . One of the bar tenders served the Italians well and when it came to my turn , he had this snobbish look though he had to serve me . It was like , what do you Indians know about wine anyways ? Oh , yeah , I do not really like wine but I do read quite a bit and I do not expect that asshole or any asshole like that to know anything about fine Indian food . I give the Germans a piece of my mind though whenever they act snobbish . That makes them put their tail back in between their legs and then they behave. This is the case for many Americans and British people too . You might ask me then why am I living in Germany ? It is just for the money my friend and for the experience. I can make good money in India too with my qualifications and so can my wife but I like living in different countries . The superior attitude of some western people is not always good for the world.

    To end , I think Saddam was the best for Iraq and do not think that supporting the Iraqi invasion was good in any way . The Americans have spoiled that country .

  4. Muzolf says:

    Escaped, while i certanly agree that Iran would probably barely pose a threat trough conventional military means. ( Except maybe to similarry run down countries. ) Dont forget that they might still stir up trouble other way.

    They have enough money and dont forget how politicans, religious or not, like to point at different countries or groups of people to blame for their problems.

    Anywhay, i dont really understand the support for the Iraqi invasion part. Tell me if i am wrong, but Saddam was not a religious looney, and actually waged a war against Islamic revolutionaries who wanted a theocracy and were threatening his power. If anything, the Iraq war helped Islamic leaders to get support.

  5. You wouldn’t believe this place its fucked beyond salvation.

  6. Matt says:

    Interesting stuff !

  7. Jalayne says:

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

    (edited by escaped i have cut out the advert)

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