Prostitution and drugs in Qom

A  few days ago we arrived with our security guards in Qom, its a city in Iran that sees very few foreigners.

We come to see the real cost of religious rule,  and Qom truly highlights these costs, we chose this city since its apparently has the highest number of  Shi’a scholarships in the world. 50,000 seminarians in the city from 70 countries apparently.

They claim that most of the seminaries teach their students modern social sciences and western thought as well as traditional religious studies.

Now we arrived and with a simple idea   “lets have a looks’i shall we?”

Now i wont go into the generic lunacy of Iran like the fact that they still export the same things they did before the Islamic revolution etc.  I planned to look at the reality on the ground, how do ordinary people live from high society to the middle class to the poor.

I am trying to go into this with an open mind, i must admit that its not easy for me, but i will do my best.

Yesterday we met with some students from upper class families.

Apparently the post revolutionary upper classes consisted of some of the same elements as the old elite,  having retained at least part of their wealth.  Many of them have emigrated to other countries taking their resources with them, since political power was moved from skilled resourceful people to clerics where religious expertise and piety became the major criteria for belonging to the political elite.

On first reflection even though Iran is bad i am surprised it isnt even worse considering that their country is guided by ancient fables and fairy tales.

Now my talks with the upper class explains why this country manages to exist at all, the answer is money and this money comes from oil.

No one i talked to had any illusions that if they ran out of oil the country would turn itself inside out, probably drenched in blood and violence.

Now the clerics are smart enough to know that the economic elites well being is vital for their survival, thus they get special treatment, corruption is extreme and public works like roads etc are handed out to the economic elite.

Thus they scratch each others back keeping themselves on the gravy train in a sea of poverty and suffering.

Most upper class people where sent abroad to the vest to study and they lived although not in public Western lives, they smoke pot, drink, party prostitution and teens are having copious amounts of pre marrital sex.

They knew they where living a lie but they dont care as long as their privileged lifestyle is secured by the dictatorial clerical rulers.

They took great pride in just having to make a phone call if the religious police bothered them for example and they would be left alone.

I think in Iran you can pretty much rule out equality before the law, in fact rule out any form of equality at all.

The women we talked to spoke of how they dreamed of settling in the vest where they could go wherever they wanted without being chaperoned by a male relative and they all dreamed of not having to cover up in public.

One girl cried for almost an hour when she saw a stoning being broadcast on tv while recalling how much she missed her time studying in france, where she could do and say whetever she wanted.

The brutality of this society is frightening, life isnt worth anything, i am left speechless, i just cannot describe what it feels like to see someone berried to their neck being stoned to death  by a mob.

My wife got sick from the entire experience and she wants to go home. … i dont know yet. I will spend a few days contemplating what we to do next…


26 Responses to Prostitution and drugs in Qom

  1. waqasamirza says:

    everybody seems interested in pros and chick of Qom…………….

  2. Muzolf says:

    Matt, maybe, but you must understand, people in the first line relate to their own lives.

    And living here has became harder and harder in the last years. People and overall conditions are simply less and less comfortable evry day.

    People even started to question if we should have left communism behind, you know some things must be really wrong if people yearn back the years of soviet occupation.

  3. Matt says:

    Oh yes , my countrymen do call each other traitors at times to get votes
    Minorities who create trouble ? Some Muslims ?

    I do not know everything about the loan situation in India but it is certainly getting better

    Most of the Indians outside India work very hard and are doing well especially the Indians in the USA who have the highest per capita income in the USA

    The point is that there are some similarities between what is happening in your country in my country .

    So , I can also keep criticizing my country . I hate the bigots there , the religious fundamentalists there who want to tell me how to live my life .

    However, the best way to deal with this frustration is to take a look around , at Darfur , Rwanda in the year 1994 and you will say , you are indeed blessed to live in Hungary .

  4. Matt says:

    I do not believe the Bible promotes anal sex anyways . Personally , I do not like anal sex and never tried it .

  5. Muzolf says:

    Matt, the part about my country is not about whealth, or economics ect. Do your countrymen bicker and fight about what party they vote on, and do they call each other traitors for nor changing their opinions?

    Are their minoroties in your country who breed like flies, that nobody does anything about when they attack people, rape small girls ect, but defend them on basis that its racism to state the truth or defend yourself against them when they break in your house?

    Had your goverment been running your country from loan money the last ten years, and do you have debts that you will be paying back the next few hundread years?

    Is half of your population beyond your borders and being persecuted for their nationaity and treated as if they were refugees when they have been inhabiting their lands before most of their persecutors were even nations at all? If this was the case, had the in country people and your goverment forgotten about them?

    Are your people getting increasingly xenophobic and hostile to outsiders and eachother as well?

    Had your countries suicide and crime rates skyrocketed in the last 15 years?

    One part i never told about is that my interest in history has a part to it. Basicly i need to be able to still feel some pride in being hungarian, looking back at my ancestors and great people of my country who did so much to keep it in one piece.
    And i know most of them would turn in their graves if they saw what became of us.

  6. Muzolf says:

    How can i say that its chrsitian doctrine? HA! How can i? In the bible or not, it has been church doctrine for over thousand years, the fact that you dont like dont make it less true.

    It has been part of doctrine and many people still uphold it, period. Stick your head in the sand if you whant, it will not make it go away.

    Besides there is enough metaphorical nonsence in the bible to push anything trough, just the same way as you twist scripture, just in the other direction. That was the main point of that joke anyway, or do you seriously believe the bible commands girls to shallow and promotes anal sex?

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