We have arrived in a fucked up religious country

We arrived in Iran today, the first thing i noticed was the foul stench from a burst sever pipe outside the airport.

The first thing we did was go to the Norwegian consulate and register, we told him what we where planning to do and gave him our itinerary. We also agreed upon daily call inns, so if we didn’t call one day he would immediately start investigating where we where and if we where ok.

The Council thought we where completely insane, and they recommended we hire some proper security. After listening to his pitch on the dangers of a ridiculous legal system, religious fanatics and the very real threat of kidnapping we promptly agreed.

He arranged it all for us with a company he knew and we now have 2 gigantic bodyguards.

I suspect they are former soldiers from the french foreign legion, i have known people that have served with them before and they all have this way about them. They are a the sort of people that you instinctively know not to fuck with under any circumstances.

Dont get me wrong they are polite and pleasant enough, but you just know these guys are hard as hell. Its not the obvious scars and such its the way they  look at people, its this patient look like “you can say and do anything you want but if i consider you a threat, i will kill you in less than a heartbeat! and its not going to cost me a single calorie. ”

I look forward to getting to know them, unlike the council  they had no reaction at all to our plans, they simply asked “when do you want to get going?”

I will call them Bib and Bob in the blog they asked me not to use their names, and i will respect that.

Bib and Bob had some simple rules for us as well:

  1. My wife had to cover her hair when out in public.
  2. Always carry my passport and our wedding certificate.
  3. If we run into the police or the religious police we close our mouth and they do the talking.
  4. if they give us direct orders, we follow them immediately without question.

My wife is if anything even more apprehensive now, but it really goes to show. If religion had anything good in it Iran would be a virtual paradise not the foul, hellish, stinking cesspool of injustice, violence and hatred we have arrived in.


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