Israel = Nasis ?

Reading through the latest news articles after coming back i came across something interesting.

A woman at the Norwegian embassy in Saudi Arabia made an email that compared Nazi pictures with Israels resent operation in Gaza. Link to pictures

I found the pictures disturbing but the response from Israel just cracked me up, they where outraged by the comparison?

I am sitting there thinking? what the hell are you upset about? you are acting like the Nazis!

Israel denies Palestinians in Gaza every right including food education and health care!

You carpet bomb the civilian population with illegal white phosphorous bombs!

I mean the pictures speak for them selves, if you don’t want to be compared with the Nazis don’t act like them.


3 Responses to Israel = Nasis ?

  1. Candy Crush says:

    If you would like to take a good deal from this paragraph then you have to apply such techniques to your won

  2. I guess so, i found it interesting

  3. hoverfrog says:

    So true. Perhaps they are upset because it is true and they don’t like the implications.

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