Christianitys current crimes!

This post is quite large, but bear with me, its important to put this in a proper context to illustrate my point, I think you will find the read worth wile.

In this post i will highlight how religious moderates maintains religion.

Moderates effectively maintain the greatest sources of human suffering, conflict and death,mankind has ever devised. This crime is perhaps bigger then all current religious terrorist and extremist acts put together.

I will try to highlight what the true and horrible cost of religious moderation is since this might not be immediately clear to everyone.

I don’t think most people are aware of the terrible price we pay for the moronic idea that people should be able to believe whatever they want about god, creation and what happens after we die.

I think religious moderates are responsible for more death and suffering than all terrorist acts put together.

Lets firstly clarify a few things before i continue.

The absurdity of it all.

Anyone can agree that ideas that divide us into different factions only to unite us again in slaughter, are ideas that we should try to get rid of.

Throughout history we have had many such ideas Pol pots regime, Nazi Germany as well as all mainstream monotheistic religions are examples of such. Although stoning people to death for blasphemy or adultery has gone out of fashion in the west, this isn’t true for the rest of the world and we in the west must come to terms with this fact.

In Iran or Mali for example people are killed every single week for such perceived crimes. The advocates of these beliefs for some reason believe that the creator of the universe has authored a book, we have many versions to choose from. And these different versions only have 2 things in common, 1 their claims are all uncontaminated by evidence, and 2 they actively pursue and glorify aggression against anyone that do not prescribe to whatever book they claim is the final and only word of god.

Christianity and Islam for instance, in their scriptural forms describe nothing more than an intolerant and violent orgy rooted in ignorance. Our so called holy books are nothing more than lists of crimes against god that all carry the death sentence.

Blasphemy = death

Sex before marriage = death

Adultery = death

Heresy = death

Etc etc etc…. ad infinity = death!

I think we can all agree that blowing yourself up in a group of civilians, women and children takes a certain kind of person that is not really suited to live among the rest of us.

But how come when people commit such terrible acts! no one even mentions the role faith has in this slaughter.

Its obvious to any sane person. That since our so called holy books come in so many different flavors, that if you allow people to tribalis’e into different sects based upon which one of these different versions you subscribe to. Death and suffering is the inevitable result.

Yet the so called holy books are only considered holy, because they where considered holy yesterday.

Lets take the bible for instance, it is claimed to be a holy book, and why is it a holy book? because the book itself says so? Yet it is so badly written and so full of incredible ridiculous claims that outside of religion, it would embarrass a pre-schooler.

Think about alchemy, this was a practice humans engaged in for almost a thousand years, yet today it is totally gone. It has been replaced by chemistry. This wasn’t an alternative to alchemy it was a complete replacement of ignorance with knowledge.

Many ask this question in relation to religion, what will replace religion. But that isnt the right question to ask, since religion just like alchemy is only a giant balloon of ignorance.

To actually believe that any of our current religions or holy books contain any relevance to modern society, requires and encyclopedic ignorance of science and history that boggles the imagination.

Keep in mind that our so called holy books that form the basis of all current religions where authored by tent dwelling idiots that where continually ravaged by their total ave inspiring ignorance of the universe.

I would like to use a thought experiment to further illustrate my point:

Imagine that humanity lost all its knowledge over night, our computers and books where still here but our minds where completely blank.

In our effort to re-learn all the things we need to survive, where do you think we would need to learn such truths as jesus was born of a virgin, or that mohammed ascended to heaven on a winged horse?

I would assume our first priorities would be learning to talk and read, or how about growing food or build shelter? Wouldn’t these be our first priorities?

When would religion become a priority at all? and how would you know what book to pick? how would you know the difference between the bible? the koran? or harry potter for that matter? Lets face it as a literary works our so called holy books leaves much to be desired.

Isnt it just as likely that the books we call holy today, wouldn’t pass the grade? I mean they dont make much sense at all do they? in fact we wouldn’t know what god or gods to chose? we might as well end up without any gods at all or why not worship zews?

As you can see our religions are nothing but mind numbing exercises and wain attempts in making sense of boundless stupidity, hatred and bronze age ignorance. It wont be replaced by something similar, it will be expunged by knowledge

The fact that we kill each other over rivaling interpretations of text authored by imbeciles is nothing but tragic. Imagine if, like in this thought exercise we where splitting into groups and killing each other over rival interpretations of star wars?

Its totally ridiculous.

The problem with religious moderation.

Religious moderation is not a result of religion evolving, its more a result of the religious cherry picking their religion in a vein attempt to make it fit life in the modern world. Killing children for heresy is no longer an option, so religious moderates try to ignore that this is explicitly written in the bible. They bend over backwards in vain attempts to reject or justify scripture to somehow be edible in modern society so that they can cling to their meaningless superstition.

Religion is still as violent, hateful and stupid as it has ever been, it continues to be a long list of faulty claims untouched by reason and evidence.

The problem is that religious moderates defend and try to justify this dangerous attachment to ignorance, its like trying to argue the case for alchemy its stupid and its a complete waste of time.

Just imagine how many hours and how much resources are drowned in these meaningless religious activities, imagine if all the Moderate muslims took to the streets to protest the murderous extremists in their midst instead of spending 3 hours a day in prayer? Imagine if they focused their time on growing food or caring for the elderly instead of banging their heads into a rug for hours every day.

Or what if the Christians spent their Sundays advocating environmentalism? and donated their money to development in environmentally friendly technology in stead of pouring it into the abyss of religious ignorance.

Religious moderates defend the incredibly stupid notion that everyone should be allowed to believe in any old myth they want, without being subjected to any kind of questions in regards to the validity of its claims.

Note: Some superstitions like if you where to proclaim to actually believe in zews would probably land you in an insane asylum or if you where in a different part of the world, death by stoning.

The thing is there is no more validity in believing in the koran then to believe in Zews? or santa or the easter bunny for that matter. Its all pointless and in most cases dangerous.

Religious moderates for some reason believe that as long as we respect and leave different religious superstitions alone, all will be well! and we will live in peace.

This is of course nonsense because half the worlds population actually believe in the literal truth of their holy books, and these books demand that anyone that are not of the same faith are to be killed, often in the most horrible way imaginable.

Thus the moderates through their desire to defend peoples right to believe whatever they want are guilty of shielding the extremists. The results is claims that the world is 6000 years old. And people that blow them selves up without hesitation in a group of children killing anyone within the blast zone.

The cost we all pay

There are countless atrocities carried out in the name of religion every day, sexual mutilation, honor killings, execution by stoning, murder, oppression, suicide bombings, denying medical treatment to children,,,, i could go on almost forever describing the horrors and atrocities carried out every day in the name of god.

The sad part about these horrible crimes that can be directly attributed to religion and that they are totally unnecessary since religion is just ancient meaningless superstition.

Consider this, the chatolic Church stops people in sub saharan africa from using condoms because its a sin in their twisted world view, millions of people will die as a direct result of such claims.

Or how about the chrisitan influence on policy in regards to stem cell research? the most promising medical field of the age has been effectively closed due to the belief that human embryos get a soul at the time of conception.

Imagine all the disease and suffering we could have prevented had it not been for the stupidity of this christian belief.

At the time stemm cells are harvested the egg contains only 150 cells. If you get a papercut your blood contains millions of blood cells and considering our recent progress in cloning. Does a paper cut make you a murdering bastard?

Of course not its just like the rest of the religion totally ridiculous, its ignorance on steroids.

Its stupid beyond reproach to oppose stem cell research!

As a direct result of such religious policy i would estimate that at least a billion people will die needlessly just in this decade.

Or how about all the suffering abstinence campaining causes, teenagers still have sex left right and center, all statisitcs show that the only thing abstinence campaigning will achieve is a higher rate of unprotected sex among teens.

I could go on for hours listing the absurd, meaningless and damaging results religious influence has on society.

Its the religious moderates that shield themselves and the rest of the religious community from serious reproach and as such the Religious moderates are guilty of causing the continued survival of religious superstition and stupidity and by proxy more suffering than all the exstremist freks put together.


154 Responses to Christianitys current crimes!

  1. M says:

    Muzolf ,

    Forget talking about most of East Europe . I know the situation in East Europe . Many people are baptized but do not believe . That is not the case in say Italy ,the USA, parts of Asia .

    Even here in Germany ,many people do say they are Christians . The truth is that there is a substantial amount of Christians the world over who identify themselves as Christian . Out of the 1.7 billion to 2 billion Christians in the world , make the figure half ( those who identify themselves as Christians )

    Isn’t that substantial enough for you ?

  2. Anne Beckett says:

    Hey, EMP. It’s been a while.

    I wanted to make a couple of points. First, while I do not agree with ANY suiciders (those who blow themselves up in order to take some of their enemy with them), I understand the desparation that goes hand in hand with it. It is not merely the religion that causes this (Muslim). Instead, being oppressed; having their homes and families taken away from them (as in the recent cast-lead operation in palestine), as well as being blown up and.or shot, themselves, and losing limbs.., IS a lot of what is behind these suicidings. I wish there was another way these people could get some “justice”, but as the US is ever enamored of Israel, I don’t see it happening any time soon. And, so it will not stop.
    Now, the second thing I wanted to comment on is the children who take those virginity pledges. While a good number of them never DO break their pledge by having vaginal sex, they DO allow themselves to engage in ANAL sex. Please, someone tell me how that is not sex? Compared to anal sex, I can ALMOST see what people (incl our past prez) say that Oral-sex is not sex, at all. But the anal thing: first of all, YIKES (no freakin’ way)and, ewwww.., how does that fly as not being sex?
    It does come back to religion and the inane rules. But, even religious sorts will figure a way around these rules, even when they make absolutely NO sense to those of us who have “no faith”.
    Yet another good posting! Thanks for that.

    • Hahah yea the abstinence rubbish is seriously funny and totally ridiculous stuff.

      I to can understand that suiciders blow themselves up out of frustration, but its hardly an effective form of protest. i think they would achieve a lot more filming the atrocities and post it on the net.

      • Anne Beckett says:

        Oh, I agree. However, what is still going in in Gaza, Ni’lin, Janin (the longest running refugee camp, tent city– for generations, non_jews have had NO homes, not even WALLS). So the go out to their fields and many protest, non-violently. Just standing in their once-tilled fields, even when not protesting, or when gathering what is left of their crops; they are subject to death by bullet and even by long-range tear-gas canisters (when those things are shot at short-distance, toward the heart or the head, they DO kill).. There is supposedly a “cease-fire” in Gaza and all Palestinian territories, but the IDF is not actually acting in a peacable way. Hamas HAS laid down all weapons and they really are trying, for the sake of their people, but Zionist Jews have not stopped shooting!
        Each and every day, children are shot on their way to school. Adults, while on curfew for half of the day, if they venture out to scrape up a meagre sup for thier children, are placing themselves in the line of fire. Being out of doors, even during non-curfew hours, almost guarrantees bullets whizzing past ones’ head.. or hitting that head. It’s what the IDF does, like it’s a game or something!
        So, how do we stop this? We have to educate the WORLD that Israel is not doing what they profess to be doing. Pressure MUST be place on Israel (esp by America, for sure) to stop the settlements/occupations and, especially, to stop killing and maiming ALL available Palestinians. They say they are only killing “terrorists”, but to them, a child– even an infant– is a terrorist in the making/growing. I suppose that’s why they took out approximately 450 children, infants included, during their latest cast-lead operation. Men and women who have never even held guns are subject to the same
        And, the Jews will NOT stop there. It’s sick and what is even sicker (and really stupid from what I know of both Christianity and Judaism), is that this continues through today, because of the American Zionist GOYIM, who don’t get that Jews hate them, too and especially, and expect all non-jews to “boil in hot human-excrement for all of eternity” (it’s in their talmudic writings). Somehow, the Goyim don’t know this. It, what is happening in Palestine through today, is simply not given the airplay that the major op did a couple of months ago.
        So, again; yes, I am against the commission of suicide bombings, but I do comprehend the rationale. The ONLY way to make any sort of violence cease IS to understand the person who would succumb to it, after all. Of course, we would also have to stop sending munitions and BILLIONS of of dollars in aide to our “52nd state” of Israel!

      • ann i couldnt agree more with you.

        hopefully obama will stay the course.

  3. Ray Mann says:

    First off I am Agnostic (don’t really know if god exists or not).

    I don’t follow any religions. But I understand the need for them. Yes many atrocities are committed in the name of “God”. But let’s look at the flip side. You do something to wrong your neighbor (you are completely unaware of it though). The neighbor is extremely upset at what you have done.

    Scenario one (he is religious)
    He eventually comes around and forgives you and gets over it. He figures if you are truly evil, “God” will deal with you.

    Scenario two (he is not religious)
    He goes home, get’s his bat (gun or other) and comes over to your house and beats you to death.

    Okay this is an exaggeration, but this is the reason behind religion in its origin. It was a very good way to keep people honest. With the fear of “God”.

    Along the way religion got bastardized. Today, religion does a lot to oppress the poor and help the people without morality take advantage of them.

    Yes some people kill in the name of God… But how many don’t kill because of their beliefs…

    More often then not, the courts do a very poor job of punishing the guilty. If people had no belief in Religion what hope do they have for divine justice? Should they take justice in their own hands?

    How many people that do crimes like rape, torture, murder, usury really believe in life after death or religion. The priest who sodomizes the child does not belief in “God” trust me. Most people preaching religion are not believers. The pope? Seriously a Million dollar Pope Mobile? In the bible it says Jesus did not even try to stop himself getting crucified, despite the urgings of his followers.

    I think many stupid people are much less dangerous because they believe in religion. Do you really think the nut job suicide bomber, would not find another excuse to suicide bomb someone or something without religion? It would be for his ideas/morality…

    If God exists, leaving us commandments was not enough. Please come back and Talk to all 7 billion of us at the same time and tell us to behave and let us know if the religious groups are faithful to your beliefs… Imagine God came back and denounced all religions and explained clearly to all of us (like a parent would) what is good and bad. And would tell us all in our ear if we need to improve and how much. Do you not think the world would transform into a paradise over night if this happened? I think many “un-religious” (read a-moral) people would see the light and help there fellow man rather than wage war, charging absurd interest (usury), blowing themselves up, etc.

    • Anne Beckett says:

      Uh, Ray. What?
      I am not religious; I am actually atheist. Yet, I am a very moral person. I have never taken a baseball bat (or any other weapon) to anyone because I simply would not do that. Consider this:
      The religious man becomes irked over something (small or large) that his neighbor does. HE goes at the neighbor with a baseball bat and KILLS him. Then, this same man confesses to his god and prays for forgiveness. Because he IS religious, he KNOWS (or has faith that) he is forgiven and can go on with is life…
      Now, the atheist (those like me who are generally HUMANIST) do not beat or threaten our neighbors for two reasons. It’s not the right thing to do and, of course, we have only ONE life. If we don’t do our best in this life, there is nothing else. So, why would we possibly squander our freedom in order to get that revenge? The religious person MAY do this, with the thought (even if not something he considers, when deciding to go at his neighbor) that he will be forgiven, ultimately, and will live forever, in his “second life” as long as he then ascribes to the tenets of his religion.
      SO, he can kill (even) and seek forgiveness. I cannot. Therefore, I am less likely to kill or maime anyone based on that fact, alone!

    • Muzolf says:

      Ray, i would disagree. This does not work.

      Decency that is upheld by fear ( may it be the fear of the law, or a fear of skydaddy ) is useless. It goes only until a certan point, and eventually there comes the time when the subject forgets his fear.

      Even the most hard core Christian or Muslim is not allways thinking on their god. ( Or maybe they do, i cant be absolutley sure, but i somehow doubt it anybody would. ) Especially if he\she is angry, the god he worships barely matters, maybe he will utter his name in a curse.

      If that what you mentioned would work or had ever worked, there would not have been so much violence in the past. Actually, the worst kind of genocide was performed by “true beleivers” who truly beleived that their god is on their side.

      And the commandments? Forget them, they are worthless. The ten commandments themselves were originally nothing more as a way to uphold Jew male property rights, and nothing more. It said “thou shal not kill” yeah, but it was only meant “real people” and the definition of that was left to the beleiver. Remeber, Jews say any non-Jew as a pig in human skin.

      Allso, nowhere does the bible condems the molestiation of children, a whole series of harmful deeds are never mentioned in it. With the things that are mentioned, the exact definition is often left to the beleiver, and there are loopholes where you could push an aircraft carrier trough.

      In short, religion as moral guidenance sucks.

      What is needed for a person to be “moral” are concepts of right and wrong that are taken seriously and by their princible.

      Sure, religious rules can be that too, but the carrot and stick mentality of most religions ruins that.

      On my personal opinion, modern ethics are much better at it as some archaic rules.

  4. Muzolf says:

    So? Your point with the number christians is that we should take the population data collected by the governments?

    I have allready mentioned this, but i was baptized, therefore i am reported as a Christian.

    What does this tell you? Do i profess wiews that would say to you that i am a Christian?

    Its just blind statistics that dont take into account that people got Baptized as children, but the actual number of Christians is a lot smaller. Just a while in my workspace when our phones went dad religion somehow came up. Aside from one person out of 30 people, nobody professed to belong to any religion. But we all are reported as Christians by the State.

    In statistics Hungary shows as a country with a christian majority, in reality wery few peopel i know here beleive in God, even less would call themselves christians.

  5. M says:

    Muzolf ,
    I do agree with you in bits and pieces but a religion cannot have over 1 billion followers if it were true that people would leave Christianity given a choice. I am positive that at least 50 percent of people who call themselves Christians irrespective of whether they go to church or not could leave Christianity if they wanted and I am being conservative here . Going to church does not have much to do with how strong your belief is . For instance , I hardly go to church but I know more about Christianity than many hypocrites who go to church . By the way , one has to have some kind of belief to call himself or herself a Christian .

    Take my word for that . Christianity cannot have as many followers as it has until some people really want to cling on to it . You can brainwash people but after a certain point , when there is freedom to leave something that someone is not sure about , then he or she can leave it . The problem with Islam is that one cannot leave it without the risk of being killed by some crazy people for being an apostate

  6. Muzolf says:

    Matt, why did not leave at the time when it was new, or later? Wery simple. The legislation reinforced it over and over again. Again and again people were burned who tried to return to their original faith. And many did. The fact that praticly evry roman emperor after Constantine ( With the excepcion of Justinian, the short lived emperor who whanted religious freedom, and was killed by the christians for it.) had to ban any other religion and reinforce christianity is the proof.

    But several hundread years of brainwashing eats into the people after a while. There is nothing smart about it. If you repeat a lie long enough, people will believe it. Maybe not the pcurrent eople themselves, but their children, or the grandchildren. Especially if professing that you dont believe gets you killed.

    The general populus of the Empire were brough in kicking and screaming. The ones doing it were not doing it because they had faith. The first bishops of the holy roman church were practily nothing more as the old Roman aristocracy who found a new way to enforce their will in Christianity.

    And people did leave in droves. Just walk into any church in europe, and see how many people are there. How many go to church outside major holidays? How big of a percentage are they?

    Some might hold on the churches in some regards, but the majority of the population, doesnt. Or at least thats what i see in my country. Then again, we might be a bad exemple.

    That is not say people dont beleive in God, many certanly do. While the enlightment helped a lot in regards of ethics and how countries should be run ect… it didnt replace religion in one aspect. Spirituality. People simply like to believe in something, may that be a god, themselves, some ancestor spirit or whatever else. People allso have questions wich cannot be answered by looking at our enviroment, what preacticly science does, and philosophy is simply to complicated or abstract for most people.

    Since evry other religion in europe, with excepcion of judaism, has been wiped from the face of the earth more as a millenia ago, those people who need religion, naturally turn to the one that is still there.

    Actually thats not entirely true, there are Hellenic reconstructionists and there are Kemetic ( Ancient Egyptian ) reconstructionists, as well as some new religions, wierd mixbreeds like Wicca, or cults that are actually even worst as Abrahamic religions, like Scientology.
    But lets leave these out of the picture for now. There are wery few of them, and the media does a good job at demonizing them. ( In a few cases actually with good reasons. )

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