Africa! no longer relevant?

I haven’t made any posts for a while, i have been involved in work relating to raise money to help Zimbabwe post Mugabe. ‘

I have long been involved in developmental aid work, and the current state of affair schould cause the African continent great concern.

Over the years countless efforts have been made to get this part of the world up on its feet, as we all know these have all been monumental failures.

The most resent attempts the AU (african union) and the sadc (south african development community) showed (on paper) such potential i was almost starting to think that finally! there would be some progress! also in this part of the world.

The Au has a nice vision Of course reality on the ground has nothing to do with their shiny nice list of values and principles.
The sadc has much the same “list of principles we claim, but will never follow”

Both of these organizations have claimed the recent abortion of an election in Zimbabwe free and fair, yet the belligerent regime has suppressed the release of the election result. (i wonder what they are judging to be free and fair since the results of the election isnt known).

Anyway the claim that anything relating to todays Zimbabwe can be judged to bee free and fair is about as credible as Geaorge W Bush.

I mean Robert Mugabe (aka, Bob) has managed to totally destroy the country, life expectancy is the lowest in the world, yet all the next door states, the once that can actually do anything to improve the situation for life in Zimbabwe all pat the old genocidal, kleptomaniac on the back as they stumble over themselves to support this oppressive and brutal regime.

Silence on such obvious abuses equals compliance and it will take at least a decade (if they started today to clean up their act) for the AU or the SADC to have any kind of credibility, as they stand i know investors that would rather invest in wishing wells than in an african country today. The Au and the SADC has no credibility at all, non, zip, nada, absolutely nothing at all.

The real question then becomes, what is the price the population! Not only of Zimbabwe, but all of southern Africa. What will the civilian population have to pay.

Let me b ring up a few things that i know of, maybe you the readers have more examples to add? feel free to do so.

The states in the AU on SADC community will loose out on over 9 billion euros in development aid, and over 19 Billion euro in private enterprise investment, over the next 4 years as a direct result of not dealing with the genocidal disaster happening in the hart of southern Africa.

The world soccer championship 2010 to be held in south Africa hasn’t sold one single ticket in Norway, they expected to sell about 2000 tickets but they havent had a single booking!. There was an article today that the 50 or so ticket they had sold had been canceled shortly after the problems in Zimbabwe started to show.

African goods are being rejected by the consumers, especially food, it just rotts away in the stores.

Our efforts to raise money for emergency aid in Zimbabwe has failed to raise even 10% of needed amount (this is just emergency aid food etc)

These are just a few of the things that i personally know of, i hate to even think of the total damage, incidents such as Zimbabwe and Kenya causes to the people of africa.

News from zimbabwe


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