Doomsday, another faith films travesty.

I noticed another release from faith films, you know the people that made the shitty movie i reviewed a time back apocalypse

I downloaded it, and true to their previous form, they have once again manged to produce s film that will probably give you cancer!

This is shit on a whole different plane from anything ever made before, this is uber-crapp of the highest caliber.

It always difficult to review something like this, i mean its actually physically painful to watch it, this it 70 style special effects, shitty meaningless dialog, bad acting, sprinkled with quasi religious garbage on steroids.

basically the plot is a Christian spinoff of some end of the world nonsense derived from the end of ages around 2012 coinciding with the end of the Mayan calender and the bibles reference to the end of this age. If you are not familiar with it i suggest you download and watch zeitgeist, they have a nice summary of the concept.

Anyway i am not sure where i schould begin to describe this insult to the universe, maybe i could start with how incredibly crappy the actors are? they walk around as if someone stuffed crutches up their assholes and threatened to burn them alive if they managed a natural looking facial expression.

Its obvious right from the start that this is a new low even for faith films, even the dirt on the actors faces look misplaced, the nicest thing in the entire disaster is the type writer style text that tries to count down the time to doomsday, and even that is out of rhythm! how the fuck can you mess that up??? I guess this will follow faith film employees to the grave, at least i hope so.

The special affects are made by the same teenage crack addict as the last time, the sound effects are also out of sync and i think the director slept through the entire production period. Either that or they where all totally wasted on rhino strength LSD.

Its the only thing that could even describe how this horrible stinking pile of cinematic garbage came to be.

A few minutes into the film i was already skipping forward,  eager to get to the end, and it just got worse and worse the further i came into the film.

This film sucks like no film has ever done before! stay well clear of this horrific pile of shit!


58 Responses to Doomsday, another faith films travesty.

  1. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    I believe that logic is what man should use .This came to my mind after reading what one Indonesian guy posted . There is no point in killing each other over religion . I think people who do that are crazy .Religion should be out of politics. If one wants to follow some God ,let him or her follow that God. Do not impose it on anyone. Most importantly, one should be able to take criticism.

    Well , I have heard about some Germans being morons and some are.

    You are spot on when you say that not all citizens enjoy a good life . However, in countries like Kuwait ,most citizens do enjoy a good life.I lived there for 11 years of my life . Trust me .

    Thanks a million mate for offering to give me an Oslo tour . Will do it sometime in the near future I guess and will let you know .Hope I can find you on the forum when I do plan to come there or maybe if you don’t mind and if you are okay with it ,you can leave me an email address .

    Good certainly is not just what religion brings. Religion can bring good and was created with such an intention. However, religion is not the only cause for good . I believe in a God . I have always got what I wanted when I wanted it the most and there have been instances ( umpteen ) where I felt as if someone was there to do something for me when I had no one else. It is hard for me to strike it off as coincidence. Maybe, you see life differently .

    How do we distribute money so that poverty is abolished ? If you have crazy leaders like the retard in the USA , then there will only be war . The funniest thing is that ass says he is fighting for God . It makes me laugh

  2. christiand says:

    I am also a bit insulted when some religions people bring the argument that moral standarts and religions are thighed up. You can find moral in philosophy or even within yourself.

    After all even Buddha, who is now revered as a god said something like :
    “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it”

    In another word, think for yourself and do what’s right because you know yourself it’s the right thing to do.

  3. christiandorris says:

    Well, if I remember well, The Buddah never had any divine claims. He even said tha we shouldn’t concern ourselves with gods or the likes (gods being like human part of a universe thus being created themsleves – he was not an atheist but had no concern in regards of gods). And I believe (if my memory is any good) that he never said anything about transmigration. It’s the later followers who finding difficult to apply Buddah principles without a reward who got into mysticism.

    Same with Lao Tze. Taoism wasn’t a religion at its begining.

    But it seems people need to “follow” someone and organized themselves into groups.

    With people like Buddah or Lao Tze who were spending their days producing highly ambiguous speeches it is even fun as you can more or less make up anything you want. Read The Dao and try to sumarized, you’ll have loads of fun.

    Personaly, my BIG concern is in regard of Abrahamic religions. The mind setting behind those religions seem to me highly political with their sets of rules and rituals. And they are also so exclusive. Let me put it in a simplistic way. I can’ stand the “Our God is the only one and he speaks only to Us”. At their core, no peace can really be acheived by that.

    At worst you will end up killing or converting people to the “truth” or at best pitying us non-believers. I can’t stand to live in a world where some people think I am a sinners for my beliefs (which is that there is no god and better, even if there was I wouldn’t care). Especially if these people put their noses in politics and educations.

  4. we will probably never get completely rid of religion, but they will be so reduced that they carry no real power anymore. Such as religion in todays Norway. Its tolerated but the majority of people see religion as some kind of mental deficiency, that the believer is weak and simple to follow such nonsense.

    I lived in Germany for a while i dont really like the Germans especially around Munich they are morons.

    I specifically brought out Malasia as an example, here you have a nation that has been quite prosperous but that is now actually traveling backwards in living standard and civil liberties. This reverse is directly proportionate with the increased islamisation of the country.

    Middle eastern countries might be rich but this is not something the average citizen enjoys anything of. That the nation is rich doesnt equate to the population living free and prosperous lives. ( i have been to this part of the world and it sucks)

    I would be happy to give you the Oslo tour, let us know if you visit.

    I still believe religion brings nothing good to the table, noone has been able to present any arguments that has made an impression on me to think otherwise. Good isnt an intrinsic value of religion and i dont like it when people attempt to link the to together (like you do a lot)

    Now your questions about poverty is in my eyes a much better topic, humanity has a big challenge there in the way we distribute and maintain the worlds resources.

  5. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Well ,to do away with religion will take generations if at all it is possible . I do not know if the world will last that long because some nation is going to nuke the hell out of another nation. I should agree with you that when people move to other countries,their eyes open . When you are stuck in your own country ,you see things only from the perspective of your country. Like some Germans who have never left their shit holes think that only Germans are the best and the others are all stupid . Well , Malaysia is quite prosperous . Just that they have some dickheads as rulers who will do anything in the name of Islam.
    It is not that free I agree. Well ,my friend , you are wrong about Islamic nations in the Middle East. Kuwait ,Qatar ,Bahrain et al are among the most richest countries in the world especially Kuwait . I was born and raised in one of these countries for 11 years . For example ,the Kuwaiti Dinar is the most valuable currency in the world . It is not just about currency but their per capita income is high . Of course , Norway is considered to be the richest country by many though some say it is the third richest. However, some claim it is the best country to live in . I have never been there though I have been to Sweden and Denmark . I do plan to visit Oslo though . Maybe, I will contact you when I do visit Oslo though you might not be interested to meet me because I believe in a God ( smile )

    There is a link between oppression and poverty but there are paradoxes too like in the Middle East where the countries are rich but not free. Beggars do work if they are not addicts but the beggar I was talking about was way too weak anyways and hardly had proper clothes to cover himself for the Berlin winter. What always saddens me is the contrast especially in countries like India . India has the second highest number of billionaires after the USA but it still has lot of poor people .In some of the five star hotels in Mumbai ,you can probably catch a glimpse of slums. This has nothing to do with religion .It has everything to do with people being selfish and corrupt .
    Religion is good if you take the good out of it . However, sadly ,people have only misused it and yes, religion is the cause for most of the conflict today .However, I believe to root out religion , it requires a super human effort. Even if there was only one religion ,there would be no conflicts . Strange world !

  6. finally a question we can agree upon 🙂

    How do we rid ourself of religion? I believe it will take generations to remove this cancer.

    the most important element i believe is the global movement of people, let me explain.

    If a person from malasia attends university in london, they will experience first hand what it means to live in a free prosperous society. Returning home they will start to question why their country is not like that?

    Why do they have to wear headscarf’s? why cant they freely express their opinions? etc.

    A large majority will recognize that these restrictions are rooted in religion, and many of them will de convert. If country is anything to go by de-conversion from a highly religious society to a mainly atheist one for the majority of the population takes about 4-5 generations.

    And it starts with the exchange of cultures and ideals with populations outside of the national boarders.

    In Norways case it was the returning economic refugees from america and asia that started the trend, once it becomes clear that the “proscribed” religion isnt the only way to live there is no turning back. People abandon religion in droves.

    Look at Islamic countries, why is it that almost all such countries are stagnant third world nations?

    Sooner or later the population will manage to see the link between oppression, poverty and religion.

    In Norway all donations are tax free up to a certain amount.

    I have found that beggars that are not addicts usually offer to work to earn money, Clean your car, carry groceries, cut your lawn, etc. So some times i pay them for doing work

  7. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    I did not tell that you implied that any of them are good . I am quite confused about what you are talking about the NT and that people who follow the NT are not Christians ( I mean you are stating that I said that )

    If there was no religion ,there would be no war or middle east conflict et al . I agree but how are you going to do away with it ? You think your raving and ranting will change the world ? Grow up man . Nothing is going to change things in the middle east overnight . Islam is so deeply rooted in the Middle East. Your kind or my kind will be blown to pieces in such radical states. You think just because a few people become atheists mainly in the west , your preaching or questioning will change the mindset of radical Christians,Jews or Muslims ? Not a chance !

    Government offers tax incentives to people but they benefit only if they really donate quite a lot ( in most countries,this is the case )

    About giving food to the beggars; it is a good idea but sometimes you can make out that some beggars are not addicts but they need money to buy food or whatever else that is a necessity.

  8. When i compare the flue with the plague o am allowed to put one forward as better than the other, that doesnt mean that any of them are good.

    They both suck.

    Jainism is an insult to humanity just like all other religion since it constructs and rules peoples life by religious decree, not logic free will and common sence. Instead it is based on ancient mythology and superstition.

    That is horrible for anyone that is so weak and impressionable that they will actually believe in such bull!

    Back up a bit now! haven’t you been messing on about how you are a Christian and because you follow the NT and since you do you can not be compared to “other” Christians?

    Your entire defense of your superstitions goodness has revolved around this claim the NT based religion is the good one etc, ad-infinitum. So now you are claiming the people who follow the NT are not following the Christian religion?

    Doing away with religion would effectively end the middle east conflict, the northern Ireland conflict and the majority of African conflicts that are all fueled by religious division and hatred.

    Well the government offers tax incentives to donate to the poor, realistically what do you think is the best incentive! Some ancient work of fiction mentions it, OR the government tells you; pay us this as tax! or donate it to your favorite charity!

    I dont give money to beggars, i give them food. if some poor sod is addicted to some drug i am not helping him by helping him get more drugs to maintain his addicition.

  9. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Earlier ,you said that Jainism puts all other religions to shame . Now, you say that you think it is horrible too .Anyways, I am going to give you the benefit of doubt and think you only meant to say that Jainism looked better or was better. I wonder why you say that it ( Jainism ) is an insult to humanity when it does not even talk about that much violence as other major religions .

    The NT is not a religion . Christianity is and it is peaceful basically but just that some assholes used it to their own advantage and unfortunately Christianity was made the scapegoat . Now ,you might keep saying then that is the case with Islam . Well ,Islam does show non Muslims in poor light and also talks about Jihad . The NT does not .

    Yes, Kamikazes were crazy . The used suicide instead of defeat. Note that this has nothing to do with any religion really but it is just the tradition in the Samurai life and the Bushido code.

    Oh yes, I do agree that religion is the source of violence but that is because assholes need some reason to do crazy things . That does not mean that doing away with religion will put an end to all violence because such assholes will find another reason anyways.

    The Bible says that one should give one tenth of their money to the poor . Now,I do not like telling you what I do but this does encourage me to help beggars and other people . I do not give money to the church other than whenever I go there ,I give some alms since most of the money will be used for other purposes ( more often than not )

    However, this part of the Bible encourages me to do that . Not that I do it out of fear but because I want to do it but the Bible encourages you to do it . It does not say that if you do not do it ,you will become poor or rot in hell . Get my point ? More often than not ,I do not even manage to give one tenth of my salary but the one tenth figure does remind me . For example ,today I gave some money to a beggar whom I see when I walk to office . He is so destitute .Once,I saw a young lady buying him coffee. I think she does it everyday . I would have probably given him money even if I did not read the Bible but the Bible does remind me of what has to be done .

  10. Hei let me be clear! I regard all religions as moronic superstition, don’t get me wrong, i think Jainism is horrible to.

    Just like all other religions it is in my view an insult to humanity.

    its just that you asked if i had read about more peaceful religions compared to the NT and i have. (i have read all the meaningless crap for all the worlds major religions) Buddhism Is still superstitious nonsense. Its just a fraction less hateful, intolerant and violent compared to the rest of the garbage.

    Lets not forget that kamakasis where zen budhists, so even though their religious text is one of the more docile. It still manages to screw the world up and fill people with meaningless and violent ideas.

    Just like the NT manages to do, you might claim “they are not really Christian” or whatever the fact remains religion is the word’s leading source of, murder, strife and conflict

  11. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    I beg to differ. Many people think that Jainism is very peaceful . Most religions are inherently peaceful . It is some followers that make their religions look bad. Jains are usually peaceful but I know some Jains in Mumbai are Dons and kill people at the drop of a hat . I know about Jains who cover their mouths . Have seen some of them in India . Jainism is not really a religion too in one sense . It has a lot of principles though . How can you it is not superstitious . How do you know Lord Mahavira was someone they claim he was ? According to your logic ,someone who lived in the 6th century BC may be mythical too .

  12. there are many religious texts better then The NT in this regard I would say the Tipitaka (buddhist holy book) or Jainism have a far stronger focus on being good doing no harm etc.

    The Jains will even wear cloth in front of their mouth when they are out walking so that the wont accidentally swallow a fly. Its totally weird, in my book.

    I read some of their scripture during my school years.

    You can read about them on wikipedia Jainism as a religion i believe puts all the other superstitions to shame when it comes to aspiring to high morals and being good.

  13. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Good that you finally got my point . Well ,there are many religious texts that talk about doing good et al . However ,I have never come across anything like the NT. Maybe , you know more . It would be nice if you could share if you think there is some book that encourages doing good more than the NT and that encourages its followers to tolerate people of other religions like the NT .

  14. I perceived your previous comments as attributing good behavior to the NT, i still read them that way.

    If this wasn’t your intention ok but i perceived, that this was you meaning.

    So we can both agree that the NT isn’t anything special you might as well pick up any life quality book and, if followed, will lead to good behavior.

  15. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    EMP ;

    Now ,I think both of us are talking about something and it makes no sense to either of us . I mean I did not say that the Bible is responsible for people being good .
    Don’t you get it ?

    I said that when a person follows the NT, he or she is automatically a good person because the Bible encourages one to do good . One does not have to be a Christian to be a good person though .

    It is simple . Encouraging one to do good is common in most holy books and this prompts many to say that all religions have the same concept . So ,you see , you can say that if some professor laid down a life guide on how to be a good person and if someone does follow it ,he or she does become a good person . However, people do not have to follow guides to do good if they are innately good anyways . You are confusing things . It is just like when we were taught good things by our teachers when were young. We have to be willing to do good of course. No one can become good in spite of any teaching if he or she does not want to be good .

    I never said that all people who do good are so because of the NT. The NT surely helps those who get inspired by it . There is a huge difference

    Do you get inspired by something or have you ever been inspired by someone or something ? The NT just does that . It is a source of inspiration but I agree that it is not the only source of inspiration
    Ponder on this …..

  16. You are trying, just like hundreds of other religious people, to wrongfully attribute good human traits to some ancient book.

    It is insulting to the rest of us to try to make this association, because there is no connection other than also being mentioned in some book.

    Hundreds of other books also describe these innate traits, many of them do a far better job of it in my opinion, but that doesnt give me the right to try to elevate any of them and connect it to an intrinsic part of human nature.

    If i say this book by “so and so professor” lays down the life guide and it will make you a good person if you follow it.

    Cant you see that taking away innate traits that most people are proud of, and attribute it to an external source such as an ancient work of fiction that has nothing to do with the person in question? Don’t you see that this is pretty damned rude?

    Cant you see that?

  17. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    It is not just the NT that laid down these principles .You are spot on . The fact is that the NT has also laid down these principles .

    As they say ,all human beings have some good them though I do beg to differ.

    I wonder why you keep saying that it is insulting to the human species to say that the NT has a lot of good principles in it . I never said it was the only authority .


  18. There you go again! Its not the NT that has laid down these principles!

    They are innate to the human animal!

    The NT is not the authority on morals or good principles! Stop trying to elevate your ancient work of fiction to this position! Its insulting to our society and our species!

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