Murdering children! Religions brutality.

Yesterday Plan, a Norwegian funded charity organizations that focuses on helping children, especially orphans and children from poor families, was brutally attacked.
Plan helps these kids through their childhood, food, shelter, eduction. Yet fundamentalist religious gunmen attacked one of their offices in Pakistan, resulting in a complete and immediate suspension of all plan activities in the entire country.

Countless children will suffer enormously from the action of these religious gunmen.

I cant even begin to speculate why they would do such a thing? are they attacking to deprive girls of their right to an education? are they trying to maintain a state of misery to ensure that they have a base of suffering to recruit from?

Do they believe damaging their own local community, and the people in it, will win them support?

I mean what the fuck are they thinking?

Everyone needs to wake up !This is the price we pay for religious tolerance!

This is the true face of religion no matter what the people defending and excusing religion may claim.

Religion meaningless superstition and a danger to humanity’s survival, lets get rid of it!


51 Responses to Murdering children! Religions brutality.

  1. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    No doubt, Indoctrination sounds better.

    SPP , I cannot say that what happened in my life were not miracles. You have to experience them when you really need help to actually believe it .

    I know of many people who do whatever shit they want throughout and then think that by going to Church or partaking of Holy Communion ,their sins will be forgiven .These people are among the most dangerous .

    Many adults do look up to God. What is wrong with this ?

    I do not get it either when people start killing others in the name of religion . It defeats the whole purpose of religion .

    I wonder when all this violence will stop or will it ever stop ?

    I think the third world war will be fought over religion unless we stop these religious radicals .

  2. SPP says:

    EMP Electomagnetic Pulse ….yes, much better…ha ha ha.
    Yes, I suppose indoctrination sounds more suitable

    I do believe in God as much as a kid believe in Santa Claus.
    It is nice to assume that miracles may happen or to believe in a higher being. Its a nice excuse when you do a bad thing, the all seeing God always know what you did…so one should not do bad things, even if your friends or the law do not know about it, because God knows and will punish you.

    As a kid, you look up to your parents. As an adult you look up to God ?

    I don’t get it if people start killing people in the name of religion or whose religion is better..ha ha ha, sound stupid.

    You know I forgot to mention one important thing, after the fasting days for the Moslems, their sins are supposed to be washed away or be forgiven. More like a FORMAT button on digital storage device. I don’t know how true this is in Koran, but that is what Indonesian Moslems tell me. This could be very well be a very strong “selling” point. Do all the sins you like and every year there is a format/reset button option once a man, so cool.


  3. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Wow , SPP :

    Good post . Mathew Philip here and I am one of the people who blog regularly on this site and yes, I do believe that God exists . However, I do see your point .What makes religions like Islam ,Christianity and Judaism so powerful that some of their followers kill in the name of religion when actually by doing that, the whole purpose of religion is defeated?I think I have a few answers;

    1. All these texts were written long back and is open to interpretation including the Bible ( though I hate to agree that ). Imams and priests ( not all but many ) interpret this in their own ways and screw gullible people . I mean for example , the Catholic church says using condoms are wrong. Why the fuck is it wrong ? I mean some of them may say it is wrong to discourage people from screwing anyone they meet and contracting AIDS . However, what they do not understand is that people who want to screw will screw around . Only that some of them are stupid and will screw around but not use condoms saying using condoms are wrong because the church says so . However, what baffles me is that such people still screw around even though the church says screwing around is bad. Get it ? The people are stupid and not the church . Of course, some priests are stupid too . Nowhere in the Bible is it mentioned that using condoms is wrong . There is a lot about how things that are run in churches that I do not like . For example , in the Bible ,it is mentioned that a Christian can even marry a non Christian .However, most churches if not all won’t allow you to marry a non Christian in the church unless he or she converts. I think a problem is that all these religious texts can be misinterpreted and they are open to interpretation.
    2. Moderate Muslims ? Well ,who is a moderate Muslim ?I know of many Muslims who are quite moderate but some of them will turn violent if you criticize Islam . Of course, I used to be a bit prejudiced too but my girlfriend’s brother in law is a Muslim and he is very moderate. I think it has to do with him not really believing in Islam .He drinks ,he married the sister of my gf ( Christian ) in a church without asking her to convert and also allowed his son to be baptized Christian . This is something most Muslims would never dream of . So , I think that there are a few good men among Muslims . Many fanatical Muslims would probably kill people like you in case of riots after branding you a Kafir . Most moderate Muslims would probably turn a blind eye to all this even though they won’t condone it . This is exactly what happened in Afghanistan and in Iran . These nations enjoyed a lot of freedom and the people there lived happy lives before the fundamentalists came . The majority of people there want to live like their western counterparts too but feel helpless because they know that if they raise their voices, they could be killed though they are a majority . The question becomes “ Who will bell the cat “
    3. People who are poor especially want hope . Hope is what keeps people alive or many of them would just take their lives. People want something to believe in and the belief that there is an afterlife makes them have something to look forward to .
    EMP is right that you can replace “marketing” with “indoctrination” I think there are many more reasons but I cannot come up with more at this moment and I am at work too .

    Now , in spite of saying all this ,why do I still believe ? Well ,I believe in Christianity but interpret it the way I believe it should . Religion should be encouraging good and I feel that all text in it should be interpreted in a positive way . People may have a problem with this logic. I do not see any sense in religion if it professes hatred . Another reason is that I have had many personal experiences. Many a times ,I have felt that there is some divine intervention . It is hard for others to believe but when I needed something the most ,it was received. I am not saying I am God’s favourite child . However, it is hard to brush off umpteen incidents as coincidence

    More later

    I think that religion is good if you follow the good in it . However, one has to use logic and I think the world will be a much better place if people can learn or do two things
    a.) Live and let live
    b.) Accept criticism

  4. LOL In the name of soccer! Marketing strategy, lol, you’r alright!

    I think if you exchange “marketing” with “indoctrination” your there..

    PS: how about EMP?

  5. SPP says:


    I sometimes wonder, the power of religion that can make a man kill other man or even their own family member or do nasty things in the name of God ???

    If say a religion is a “business entity” and I am the owner, I sure wants to learn how one can make an employee willing to die for that “business”.
    Amazing, a marketing tool no other can compare to.

    Recently in Indonesia, soccer fans killed 1 person from the competeting team soccer fans in the name of what ??…soccer ? ha ha ha ha.

    Living in Indonesia sometimes make me wonder why Moslem is 90% strong. That means at least a 180 million Moslems. Indonesia is considered the biggest Moslem nation in the world…I am so lucky that Taliban ( or whatever crazy fanatics ruler ) doesn’t rule here. If they do we may have all western owned buildings in Asia higher than 25 floors be torn down by Boeing 747s being hijacked by Bin Laden supporters. Damn, that will be doomsday.

    I can safely say that majority of Moslems here are moderate. They drink booze, they screw whores, some work as whores, they commit adultry and all the “normal” way of today’s living…without being stoned to death…ha ha ha…and many pray 5 times a day too.

    If there is an English version or an Indonesian version of Koran which its transalation is accurate, I really would like to get one. I want to know what makes Islam so powerful. I mean to say powerful in the way the believers can be so faithful and many are willing to die in the name of Islam. What level of sacrifice is higher than ones own life ?

    I am not religion literate. I stopped going to church after high school.
    I fell asleep when the priest starts talking… even in my school days.

    I live around Moslems. I hear their prayer every day, either live from mosques nearby my home ( yes they broadcast so loud the prayers ) or in TV when prayer times comes as all local TV networks will show prayer time and will stop any movies or even news.

    I have lots of Moslem friends, and since I do not mingle with the fanatic ones, therefore I mingle with the moderate ones. We party, we drink and we do what boys do….yes, many do pray 5 times a day. Many have been to Hajj ( spelling ??). I even go to their houses to pay respect on their most Holy day celebration**

    ** Translation: Feast of the Breaking of the Fast, Eid, Idul Fitri (Indonesia) , Hari Raya Puasa / Hari Lebaran (Malaysia), Shemai Eid (Bangladesh), Ramazan Bayramı (Turki)

    Being a minority of minority in Indonesia, my ancentors are Chinese and I am non Moslem…I will be the first one getting killed either way if there is any riot of any kind. The Asian crisis of 1997 and the anti Chinese riot in Indonesia in May 1998 was the time in my life I regreted being born as an Indonesian of Chinese ancestry. However I feel blessed I am not born as a Moslem. Regardless of how many generations my family tree been in Indonesia..a Chinese is a Chinese..period. Even my ID has special coded numbers that shows I am not considered a 100% Indonesian.

    So I sometimes wonder…why is Islam so popular in Indonesia or perhaps in other countries too ??

    Based on my limited observations and limited knowledge of religions, they are as follows :

    I think Islam as a religion for some reason “allow” or provide more hopes than other religions, or at least give more promises or “rewards” when one dedicate oneself to that religion. 80% of Indonesians are poor, so hope is all they got.

    Islam also needs more dedication in general. 5 prayers a day. 30 days fasting and the need to go to Mecca fo Hajj which by many is like graduation day. Like any other education or training, the tougher they are, supposedly they are better.

    Islam strongly forbids more things or at least they broadcast stronger : no booze, no pork and no gambling…just to mention a few. In any logical sense too much booze is indeed bad. Too much gambling is indeed bad. Pork…I can’t explain any logic behind that. So a simple mind will think, gee… this is a better religion because it seems more disciplined.

    Islam allows up to 4 wives. This sounds like a bonus for men and in fact many Indonesian practice this “legal” poligamy.

    I don’t know how true this is, but Moslems seems to be able to bond with Moslems of different race based on religion alone much better than Christians or any other religions. Its like a stronger brotherhood.

    The Koran and the prayers are all in Arabic, at least this is the Koran I see people are using, in comparison to the bible that uses local language. For a person to be able to understand a language used in Koran, its a tough thing to do. So the Imams can twist a lot of facts or adjust the teaching to the best ways suitable for the people he want to make believe. His words is powerful, because the rest do not understand the Koran, they can’t read Arabic. So, it less susceptible to debate. Even a bible in English can have its meaning intrepeted differently by a priest for his followers. The bible language is not a straight forward easy language, let alone Arabic for non Arabic speakers. So when people read Koran, many believed the meaning as how their Imam want them to believe…this is nice for a teacher. This is why many Indonesian Moslem are not hard core fanatics, I guess the Imams are not from Middle East. Wheeewww…lucky me.

    So to simplify my observation, I guess Islam has better marketting strategy… ha ha ha.

    Dear Blog Owner,
    Can I call you by other better names. I feel rude calling you mental or patient or escape ???


    Regards to All

  6. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Well ,Hover , now you make me laugh. What you are saying makes no sense. Everyone is a daughter or a sister? Of course, all females are daughters of somebody. All males are sons of somebody too . What is your point ? Where is sexism in this ? You were saying that females were not there. There were females. It is not just restricted to ten . I can name more . I told you that I do not understand even now why some women are not allowed to serve in the church . I think a female is God’s gift to mankind and women are the same as men and should be treated with utmost respect.

    So ,I do not agree with any religious idiot who says that women are not equal to men .

  7. hoverfrog says:

    Ten women, out of how many disciples? Have you also noticed the language in the passage you quote? Everyone is the daughter or sister or cousin of a male. It’s a sign of the sexism of the time. Why on earth should we continue to perpetrate such nonsense?

  8. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    The argument you are using is something you used by many people who criticise Christianity . There were no women among the 12 disciples of Christ .However, there were many followers who were considered disciples just that they were not so well known

    Read this ;

    There were ten women selected and commissioned by Jesus : Susanna, the daughter of the former chazan of the Nazareth synagogue; Joanna, the wife of Chuza, the steward of Herod Antipas; Elizabeth, the daughter of a wealthy Jew of Tiberias and Sepphoris; Martha, the elder sister of Andrew and Peter; Rachel, the sister-in-law of Jude, the Master’s brother in the flesh; Nasanta, the daughter of Elman, the Syrian physician; Milcha, a cousin of the Apostle Thomas; Ruth, the eldest daughter of Matthew Levi; Celta, the daughter of a Roman centurion; and Agaman, a widow of Damascus. Subsequently, Jesus added two other women to this group — Mary Magdalene and Rebecca, the daughter of Joseph of Arimathea.

    I still do not understand why women are not allowed to be priests. So ,I beg to differ

  9. hoverfrog says:

    Mathew, can you remind me please. Which of the Discliples of Christ was a woman? When were women allowed to be Bishops or Popes or Rabbis? When were women considered equal in any Abrahamic religion?

  10. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Yes , Sweden has been too soft on some idiots . I think they are just digging their own grave in a way by accepting a lot of Iraqis . I think they accepted 40k Iraqis last year or so

    It really is nice of them to do so but some of these idiots will start talking about Sharia law and the beauty of Islam once they settle in .
    It is like biting the hand that feeds you

    Rapists and racists are the bane of this world my friend

  11. Muzolf says:

    They should be publicly executed, as a warning that religious exuses do not matter when it comes to the law.

    I know Sweden doesnt haves the death sentence, but for a few religious nutcases they could make an exception.

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