A few weeks ago i entered into a dialog with a local believer, like i often do, his standpoint was the usual for the religious subscriber.

He feverishly defended his superstition to the point of total stupidity.

By pointing out facts and reality i painted him into a corner, he had to concede that his beliefs where wrong, yet still he insisted that he believed.

This totally irrational behavior really made me wonder, what the hell is going on in the religious mind when they cling to their standpoint even after conseeding that they are wrong.

At first i thought, maybe he was just uncomfortable about being wrong? Loads of people have trouble dealing with this. But it couldn’t be it, was just me and him. The dialog wasn’t grounded by either part by insisting on principles, name calling or anything like that.

The talk was a mild mannered exchange of information that lead to him having to concede that his faith was nothing more than imaginary nonsense. Yet he insisted that he believed.

Why the fuck do otherwise normal people choose to believe in magic while they are fully aware of the fact that this is fake and absolute nonsense.

The question for me became why do people insist on this self delusion of fairytale magic?

There must be some reason why people choose to follow what they know for a fact to be imaginary, as we all know many suffer from this full-blown delusion. Its psychotic, not even reality can put a check on these peoples runaway magical thoughts.

I started looking closely at other people that proclaimed to be religious and i think i have discovered something important.

All the religious people seam to have a really hard time taking responsibility, its almost impossible for them to fess up to the reality of their lives.

I investigated and asked them a lot of questions and the severity of their delusion seamed proportional to their ability to take responsibility for themselves and their own lives.

About 50% seamed unhappy with what they had achieved in their lives, they would say things like, i had a lot of talent but god decided something else for me. Never mind the fact that they where praying to the fantasy figure that supposedly denied them their happiness? its so stupid.

Another 40% where victims of life, they would say things like “this happened to me, that happened to me” etc. They refused to admit any responsibility in what was happening to them, they where just exposed to life with no say in what was going on.

for example: One guy complained that he was always broke, it wasn’t his fault, but he gambled a lot?

The last 10% suffered from both the above, in addition they all suffered from severe character flaws. They seamed obsessed with what other people where doing, never mind that they themselves where the worst of the lot.

Drinking, drug abuse, theft, fraud, adultery, violence, abuse, you name it, they where doing it.

My conclusion can only be that the higher the inability to take responsibility of their own lives and actions. The more feverishly religious people are.


46 Responses to Superstition!

  1. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    You lie that you have answered everything .How can you have answered everything when man has not even created the simplest form of life ?

  2. What do you base your statement on? when did i lie? are you dozing off again?

  3. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Are you a lawyer in any way ? You lie through the skin of your teeth eh ?

  4. I have answered all questions you have put forward that you cant or wont understand the ansver really isnt my problem

  5. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Oh ,now you do not have all the answers . How can you keep contradicting yourself .

  6. sentence by sentence

    1. Yes

    2. I dont expect you to bee good with words after all you are a complete idiot.

    3. I dont have all the answers but i know that your alternatives are absolutely wrong.

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