Nature doesn’t negotiate

Resent events have really got me thinking, i have had quite a few sleepless nights pondering the future and existence since my last posting.

Firstly i have determined to seriously step up my local efforts against religion, i will no longer debate the issues or play nice. I will simply slap the stupidity of religious belief in the face of any believer i come across.

God is imaginary, i mean if there was this all powerful all seeing super being out there he wouldn’t need religious texts that instructs people to kill one another he would just do it himself. Why would an all powerful being, that is alleged to control all our lives-including everyones death including children/infants, why would such a being need people to kill for him? (all religious texts contain rules supposedly handed down by god that lists sins that invoke a death penalty)

Think about it, if there was a God this would be the most vindictive evil being imaginable, this sadistic fuck would be responsible for all the death, disease and suffering throughout all of history! yet he needs people to kill other people if they break his commandments/rules?

What if a child starving somewhere prays for food, wouldn’t you expect the all-knowing, all-powerful all-loving, all-knowing and all-powerful parent “father in heaven” to do something? Wouldn’t a normal parent feed their child without the child having to beg for it? yet strangely enough tens of millions of people are dying of starvation every year!

Most religious people when faced with this, ie: that god cannot exist and if he did exist he would be one evil Mother Fucker turns to the “you cannot prove that he doesn’t exist ” argument, which is totally ridiculous.

It is impossible to prove the non existence of anything, its stupid to even try, its impossible, no meaningless to prove that Allah, Ra, Zews, Vishnu,God or whatever does not exist for the following reason.

Lets say in a conversation i say i believe in the “valens sanctus landica” or blaggaflag’gabla! You cannot prove that any of these does not exist! therefor they exist!

The argument is just stupid, if this was true unicorns, pixies, etc would also be real since no one can prove, that they don’t exist.

There has to be some evidence that something exists in order to assert existence if there is not, it is imaginary!

There is no physical evidence for any god.

There is no evidence of any miracles or magical events anywhere we have looked in the entire universe.

No god has ever spoken to man by taking over all the tv stations for example (seams like a small task for the magical creator of the universe)

There has never been any evidence of prayers being answered.

Huge atrocities like the holocaust, aids, etc happen without any interference from god.

I could go on forever! so to sum it up. There is no evidence what so ever for the existence of god.

In fact all present and historical gods are imaginary and we all know it, why make an exception for the latest imaginary spin (the Zeithgeist movie has a good explanation on the origins of religion you can download it from this torrent )

There is a tremendous amount of evidence against the existence of god. Its safe to say that God is totally imaginary.

With every other object and phenomenon in our experience, we use the scientific method to determine whether it exists or not. For example, X rays are invisible, but we know that they exist. We can devise scientific experiments to prove that they exist. Then, once proven to exist, X-rays can be used predictably in all sorts of beneficial ways.

If you would like to hypothesize that God exists, then you should say to yourself, “Let’s devise a repeatable scientific experiment to provide evidence that God exists.” Every experiment we devise demonstrates, yet again, that God is imaginary.

Isn’t it odd that God, unlike everything else in our universe, has been put into a special category? When we talk about God, we are supposed to do so “philosophically.” Why? Why not treat God just like all other objects and devise experiments to detect his presence or absence?

The classic religious response is, “God must remain hidden If he proved his existence, that would take away faith.” This is so moronic it defies description — here we have an object named God that proves its existence by completely hiding its existence?. Of course, in the real world, (where the rest of us live) any object that provides no evidence for its existence is classified as imaginary.

Even more interesting, this object called God, which is supposedly hiding its existence completely, is in the meantime supposedly writing books, answering prayers and incarnating itself. How can that be? This obvious contradiction shows how imaginary God is.

The reason why we can find no empirical evidence for God’s existence is not because “God is a magical being completely able to hide from us.” It is because God is imaginary!

The religious fail to face reality and that is incredibly dangerous!

This brings me to the end part of this post, as we stand today peak oil production is behind us, and our numbers and consumption is still growing exponentially.

We have all probably noticed how our climate is changing, the number of humans grow along with greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

I am thinking what the hell are we actually doing? do we think we can just keep on multiplying until we number 2 people per square meter on the entire earths surface? Do you think our planet, our biosphere will support such a population? where will we grow enough food to feed them?

The religious are the driving stupidity behind this train of thought, grow, grow, grow that has landed us in this quagmire!

Allow me to clarify, if you are hungry and cold and you are given food and shelter you would probably go from pretty unhappy to happy pretty quickly. The lie is that the more food and shelter you receive the happier you will be!

The lie is that owning 20 cars make you happier than owning one!

We need to re-think what we do, if we as a species are to survive, we need to throw out ancient superstition and make the hard choices necessary in order to survive.

Beyond a certain point nature doesn’t negotiate, and it doesn’t give a flying fuck about humanity as a species. As long as we build our prospects on imaginary super beings to save us we have no chance of survival.


9 Responses to Nature doesn’t negotiate

  1. Braekmans Herman says:

    Hey, guys, I started my own blog: The Goose Bible, which is a parody on the brutal character of the God of the Koran and the Bible. It tells that we descend from poultry and not from apes or men. read the story, it is extraterrestrially groovie!

  2. Braekmans Herman says:

    A great quote by Christopher Hitchens: What can be asserted without proof, can be rejected without proof. If a few billion people would only know this sentence and critically think about it

  3. they probably would! (like the good old days) to bad for them, burning people alive for imaginary thought crimes isn’t acceptable anymore 🙂

  4. Muzolf says:

    It could be a lot worst you know. I read that later, a mob tried to infulence the verdict of the judge, and allso, the Jury had to be changed, as members the original (Consisiting of christians.) jury stated that they would never belive an atheists word, especially not against that of a christian.

    But i was thinking, if it wasnt for the police, they probably would have tied him, his wife, and their chidlren to a pole and burned them.

  5. WOW talk about weird story Muzolf, Exactly what i would expect from narrow minded Christians.

  6. Muzolf says:

    Yes i see. And after reading this too i think i start to understand why someone orginally from america would hate religions.

    I think i should be grateful for disempowering the church and christanity in my country, as i am not sure if i could live with some many hateful christian bigots around me.

  7. You are right this is strongly influensed in part by the 50 reasons list, i have also been influenced strongly in this post from Atheist empire

  8. Muzolf says:

    Escaped, some of what you wrote is quite familiar from somwhere. Something i read some time ago. Isnt some of if from the 50 reasons for not believing in god page somone gave a link to earlier?

    Of course i could be mistaken. Pretty much anythithing was listed there one could think of, when speaking about religion.

    About the lines wich are actually not necessary linked to religion, i think you allready answered your own question. No, humanity will not learn, as our race as a whole, is notoriusly stupid, a role model for unintelligence.

    And we wont stop consuming this planet until its too late eather. Basicly the acopalypse is a self fulfilling prophecy. The difference is, there will be no jugdment, just oblivion avaiting the human race. After we are gone, life will start again. It wouldnt be the first cataclysmic mass extinction on this planet, and probably not the last one eather. Humanity will be probably nothing more as a footnote in the natural history books of the next sentient species, or maybe not even that. After our short existance of four million years, maybe there wont be even enough bones left to be found. Not to mention our civilisation dissapearing without a clue.

    Note that the dinosaurs existed for far longer as we, and yet there are still a lot of unknown species among them. If any of them had a technical civilisation similar to ours, we wouldnt necessary know about it, especially if it was as short lived as ours is about to become.

  9. hoverfrog says:

    EMP have you read this ==>

    I think it pretty much validates your point and your reasons for being so angry about the lunacy of religion.

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