Tragic death

A few days ago i wrote about the local imam that lost his family due to his faith,

This morning he was found dead, he had overdosed on sleeping pills. I guess he lost the will to fight on.

This entire situation is just tragic, i especially feel sorry for his kids, they will never properly know their father.

This experience has made me more determined and adamant than ever! Religion is dangerous and horrible! i will double my effort to work against humanity’s cancer, religion.


56 Responses to Tragic death

  1. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    It might be happening ,eh ? So ,now you are not sure . I thought you were sure about everything that happened before you were born ,about what happened many years ago and even about what is happening now .
    Muzolf ,

    Now ,so I cannot see it happening but you can see it ,eh ?
    I am surprised that you think that humans are not complex and that we are overhyped .If we are so simple ,why can’t man create life ? Wonder why do you think that human beings are overhyped .
    Your example comparing parasites and human beings is quite interesting but then again , human beings are way more complex and way more intelligent . You can be as sarky as you want but you yourself know that there is a huge difference

  2. LOL that is just sick 🙂 LOL

  3. Muzolf says:

    Why isnt it happening now?

    Thats the funny part, it does. But its not something to see for someone who thinks the earth is 6000 years old and that is enough time for several species to evolve. You have to look at natural history wich goes back several billion years, not a few millenia.

    But i guess thats someting your religion cannot accept. Becouse its mostly about hyping our pathetic race of stupid apes, and it would be unnacceptable for these uber-humanists if the world wouldnt revolve around us, where the fact that the earth has been around long before we came, proves just that.

    This planet, isnt our property in any way, just as a body infested with parasites isnt belonging to the parasites. But if tapeworms would achive sentience, they would probably come up with a religion telling them that they are the great stomach worms spawn, and the entrails were his gift to the tapeworms, so they can lord over that place, where they should multiply and they can eat and burrow trough anything they find there, and evry worm who doesnt follows the great stomach worm will be cast down to the anus – never mind that his followers end up there too – but those wo follow will be reunited with the great worm in the stomach, where they will be living in eternal bliss.

  4. It might be happening right now i just dont know, so i cant say anything about that.

    You obviously don’t understand these basis principles, it must be hard to be so stupid that you cant even understand simple stuff like that

  5. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    So convenient .Just by talking about stellar and biological evolution will not prove anything . Why isn’t anything happening now ? ha ha

  6. What the fuck are you on about?

    There is no doubt about about how we came to be? stellar as well as biological evolution is well known and understood phenomena, its scientific fact!

    I have to ask you again did you even go to school?

  7. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    If this is the case where random processes create life just like that , I wonder why no new forms of human beings are being created now .

    Well ,I guess there is no point in arguing with you .

    Tell you what ,either you create life non randomly or ask your brethren to create life and then come out in the open with your shit

    As long as man cannot create life and explain everything ,your theory is bullcrap

  8. Let me spell it out to you.

    Your argument that we need a prime mover because your claim that “there cant be a random process where something comes from nothing” is false

    There are natural processes that randomly change and create! Evolution will randomly produce variations in offspring and natural selection will allow the fittest to survive.
    Its not hard to understand, You also get spontaneous generation of particles in a vacuum. There is no god involved in the process.

    Therefor you need a different argument for why we would need any kind of prime mover…

  9. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    You are repeating the same crap again .Read my other post on why I think there should be a prime mover

    If there is no need for it ,why is life not been created now randomly ?

  10. Again you fail to deliver any kind of argument.

    You fail to give any reason as to why we need any form of prime mover?

    In vacuum particles randomly pop inn and out of existence, so yes things can start just like that, its a scientific fact and there are no imaginary deities involved.

  11. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Hmm . Do you deem your experiences as imaginary ? You really crack me up now .

    Experiences are not imaginary . They are real . Are you confused with the word imaginary .

    You do not know why we need a prime mover eh ? I think you are just ignoring the need for a prime mover . So ,things can just start like that . I call that ignorance and wishful thinking ……

  12. “I told you that no one in the world can prove belief . I told you that I am unable to prove to you that God exists because it is belief substantiated by personal experiences for me .”

    here you yourself spell out that faith is imaginary! why don’t you just come out and say i believe in something i know to be imaginary!

    by the way, there are no atheist theories.

    Again there is no need for a prime mover, and you have failed to give any credible argument, as to why! we would need one.

  13. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Look I have to call you an idiot now . I told you that no one in the world can prove belief . I told you that I am unable to prove to you that God exists because it is belief substantiated by personal experiences for me . The other reason is that morons like you cannot explain the various gaps in your so called atheistic theories . The only difference is that I admit that I cannot explain somethings while you say you have already explained when your lot has not even created the simplest form of life and nor have you guys been able to explain any shit about the prime mover .
    Your like always tries to portray yourselves as intellectuals by saying that if you do not have an answer ,it is not the right thing to put God there . Well ,then put your asses there and explain .

  14. If you act like a moron dont be so surprised when someone calls you one

    The burden of evidence is on you, you are the one making the claim that your imagination is real.

  15. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    The fact that you are raving and ranting proves who is the loser here .

    Take a look at your posts . I asked you for the answers .I asked you to enlighten me but you have not . Oh ,yes you have great argumentative skills

    You know how to react . By swearing and name calling .

    Great .You are simply out of this world

    One in a trillion . Hats off to you .

  16. Not only are you a moron you cant even argue your own case.

    You just try to constantly change the subject every time you make a complete arse of yourself.

    You even admit that its your fucking duty to explain god yet you do nothing of the sort you just blabber on about nonsense.

    You don’t answer one single question put to you, and your argumentative skills really sucks.

    You are a looser its not even a contest to prove you are wrong and an idiot.

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