Christian? dont read this!

If you are one of those Christians that believe in Jesus, his return to earth, the rapture, and all that nonsense, don’t bother to read on! Unlike the idiots that think the end of the world is just around the corner. I believe we must take care, not to irreparably damage our biosphere so that we leave our children a planet fit to live on.

This post is not about religious idiot bashing its about a potential technology that can help reduce worldwide emissions from cars.

Electric cars have been around for almost a decade, i myself own several cars. One is an a 5 seater electric Renault kangoo that i use to and from work. What sucks about it is that it will only travel 60-80 km on one charge. and it takes 4 hours to re-charge the batteries.

Its plain to see why todays electric cars are not suitable for everyone. On the other hand the electric car is dirt cheap to operate and own. Compared to my other cars i would estimate that the cost of operating the electric car is 2-3% of the cost of operating a normal car over the same distance.

Apart from the major negative of battery power and charging cycles and the major positive of ultra low operating costs! The electric car is just like normal car, comparable acceleration, comparable comfort, comparable speed, its bit more quiet though…. anyway in most respects it just like a normal car.

If battery power and charging cycles where more suited to the power requirements of a normal car i would immediately trade in all my gas guzzelers for electric vehicles.

Now a company has a solution for this problem! Their products address a diverse range of needs in energy, pharmaceutical, and other industries but what made me place some money in their stock is their battery technology.

Altairnano as the company is called, produce among other things, fast charge, high power density, long life battery technology.

Imagine a car battery that re-charges in 15 minutes, powers the car over 300 -350 km, with a battery life span 4 times longer than the average lifetime of a car. This is what their technology delivers. Or how about charging your mobile once a week? or a laptop that can run on batteries for several days and re charge in 10 minutes?

Not only do they have propietory battery designs but they can also integrate their tech in existing litium ion batteries, greatly improving performance.

On top of this the cost are only around 1,50 – 2 dollar per KW, this is comparable to existing battery costs, the only difference is that this battery is a hell of a lot more practical in use, it delivers the same performance and practicality you would get from a petrol engine but with none of the environmental damage caused by burning fosil fuel.

I have since long had a solar panel next to my parking space and i will trade inn my kangoo with a berlitz since they have usable Battery packs with altair nano technology. I believe this stock will make me a nice profit over the next couple of years. I put 150K $ into the company, i realise most people cant affort to gamble this sort of money on stocks but you dont need to invest a lot.

If you have some extra cash that you can afford to gamble with, i recommend this stock! not only am i convinced it will give you a good return, you will also be supporting research and technology that can greatly reduce car derived pollution.


50 Responses to Christian? dont read this!

  1. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    I thought he was Braekmans or was he trying to pose as Braekmans ? God knows !

  2. Muzolf says:

    The problem is not that William may be a handle jacker, or a provocator. The problem is, that his ranting cannot be distinguised from the usual christo-facist gibberlish.

  3. Braekmans Herman says:

    Moderately religious people form a platform for the extremists. That’s what the great Atheist Sam Harris says.

    When the tsunami stroke the coast of the Indian ocean, atheists aksed moderatedly religious christian: Is this the will of God. They answered. No, no you have to seek God in the way how people responded to the tsunami, with humanitarian action.

    Sorry, that is a very silly excuse.

    There is no god and believe in it is delusional and childish.

  4. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    I thought it was the Braekmans simply trying to irritate people .This is a perfect example of handle jacking .At least when I posed as Jack Dawson ,I did not exactly becmoe a handle jacker .I just created another name to prove a point and I told you guys about it .

  5. Muzolf says:

    William R. or whoever the hell you are.

    You cant scare us, your religion cannot scare people anymore, becouse we dont live in the bronza age, and we recognise this… male bull extrimet as what it is. Your “loving god” has ruled the minds of the people on this continent with fear and false promises long enough. No more. Your god, your religion, is finished. The people are finished with you. You can talk all you whant, but in the end, you just make sure that nobody, not even the wey still believing will remain to listen to your threats and lies made up by a bunch of sexist, hypocrite, power hungry warmongrels.

  6. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Well ,read some of what was on the site ( the link you posted )

    There are crazy so called Christians .It does not in any way mean all Christians are like that .Just because there are some Christians who lie and do shitty stuff ,it does not mean all are like that .What is your point ?

  7. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    he he thought so .Was that Braekmans who was posting stuff in the name of William .


  8. William R. Fillongleigh says:

    Please visit this website:

    Mathew Philip will love this. I AM THE BRAEKMANS

  9. hoverfrog says:

    Will R Fiddleedee, OK I’ll play along. Don’t you see the disparity between a supposedly loving and forgiving deity who is willing to torture people for eternity for a decision that any rational person would make: Live your life based on the evidence that you see before you.

    What you propose is a variation on Pascal’s Wager.

    God exists God does not exist
    I believe Go To Heaven Nothing
    I do not believe Burn In Hell! Nothing

    Never mind that Pascal’s Wager assumes that a person has a choice in belief or not. Most people aren’t smart enough to make a decision to challenge their assumptions and indoctrination. Some people are hard wired to follow and choose to follow the man in the sky. Worse than this is the assumption that the all powerful, all knowing sky daddy can be fooled by a person who merely professes faith as opposed to a genuine believer.

    If you can fake it and get away with it, well, doesn’t that mean the Christian god is okay with dishonesty, is okay with the ends justifying the means? Or does it mean he’s not the brightest bulb on the porch?

    Any argument that poses deliberate self-delusion as a legitimate path towards the divine is seriously dangerous. This, after all, is what the crazier cults have done, and we all know how that usually ends up.

  10. William R. Fillongleigh says:

    If you don’t follow the bible blindly, God will

    rain sulphuric acid in the eyes of you and your children and all the other non- or moderate believers. Blinded and covered with burns they will wander aimlessly through the night until a god-send hord of wolfs will devour you, slowly and painful, they will take their time from your feet to your head. And that is just the beginning of your suffering
    Your fields will be strewn with cyanide and infertile for thousands of years and men will say, look that was the land of sinners, woe their souls, who everyone who will walk in their footsteps.
    Everyone who will speak out your name will feel gods breath in their neck like a lash of the wip. Only will people remember you with a feeling of pious and faithful loath.

    God is good, kind for those who accept them and be kind to him, he is a righteous god. But as righteous, good and mercyful he is, he is furious when men doesn’t obey his rules or follow him blindly.

    Know what you are doing, inferior christian mathew, because your punishment will be severe.

    You will burn eternally, do you know the meaning of eternally, that is more than a googolplex years. You know what a googolplex is? It is 1 followed by a googol zeros and a googol is one followed by 100 zeros. To give you an idea: When you take all the atoms in the observable univers (10 to the power of 82) and you change them into zeros, then you would have 10 to the power of 18 zeos too less.

    And a googolplex years of suffering is futile compared with eternal suffering.

    Now that you know what is at stake, be wise and obedient to the very letter of the book.

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