I havent made any posts for a while with good reason, the discussions on my resent posts have raged, with some articles receiving over 100 forum posts.

I have deliberetely stood silently on the sideline and watched how the religious crowd yet again demonstrate their inability to understand that religion is superstition.

Its difficult to understand why religious people are allowed to walk free in our societies when its obvious that they are suffering from several serious mental problems.

Now the religions themselves are pretty spectacular delusions on their own, after all believing that there is a super being out there taking a personal interest in your life is pretty fucked up on any scale. A good illustration for how deranged this belief actually is, is to think back to your child hood experiences around Santa and presents. He knew if you where naughty or nice as well, and rewarded-punished you accordingly.

The difference of course is, most of us grew out of such silly superstition at the age of 5 while religious people of all denominations continue to cling to such ridiculous notions.

– I shouldn’t sin so i can go to heaven (getting a present) and avoid ending up in hell (not getting a present) – he knows if you have been naughty or nice…..

Yet the religious crowd continue to be perplexed when i call them idiots and morons.

It beacomes even funnier if you dive into the details of the superstition, lets take the concept of a good god.

Imagine is you had a screen that feed you all the tragedy and suffering that occurs on our planet every second of every day.

Car wrecks, murders, rapes, torture, miscarriages, child molestation, starvation, disease, etc. Think about all the suffering experienced on this planet during any ordinary day.

Even though we are pretty blunted by Hollywood, my guess is that it would be a terribly uncomfortable experience, watching all these events unfold.

If god as imagined by religious morons was an omnipresent and all seeing all powerful being this is what he would watch every hour of every day, yet he does nothing to prevent or alleviate any of these tragedies.

A religious freak i talked to a few days ago told me how happy she was with god, she had prayed that god would let her win a bid on a house she and her husband had made. and she was totally convinced that (since she had won the bid) god had helped her out.

Wait a second? here god gets involved in a totally trivial matter of buying a house? yet he does nothing to help or reduce the unspeakable horrors bestowed on humanity every day?

God if he existed would be one sadistic fucked up shit-head if you ask me.

If God is all-knowing all seeing the only conclusion is that god goes through his daily routine watching people murder, rape, molest and terrorize other people millions of times every day, but he does nothing to stop them. He watches the victims as they are being murdered, raped, molested and terrorized, but he does nothing to help them. God completely ignores the prayers of the planet to eliminate murder, rape, child molestation and terrorism and allows these atrocities to continue unabated.

Why would anyone want to believe in, or look favorably upon a creature who acts like this? I mean while he is helping you find your lost car keys God is allowing 100,000 children to die of starvation, what a great guy he is!

Now if god existed he would be the meanest, most deranged psychopathic terrorist in the universe, he would put poll pot or any die hard jew murdering Nazi to shame.

Believing in any religion is simply put! stupidity on a truly monumental scale!


33 Responses to MEGA! MORONS!

  1. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Okay ,EMP ,Thanks for the videos though some of them do not run the whole length .

    All is fine but no one knows from where the high energy and density that was required for expansion came . This is my whole point .Gaps !

    Also,go to youtube and check one of the videos .It talks about astrophysicists who doubt that the big bang formed everything .They say many elements were not formed by the big bang and why . I told you that there are a lot of gaps and those videos only emphasised the gaps intentionally or unintentionally .

    Take care

  2. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    ha-ha .Whatever makes you happy Herman .Escapism at its best .When you cannot prove yourself right ,you call the other person a sham or a troll

    Great idea !


  3. Braekmans Herman says:

    Hoverfrog, It’s better to start igoring him right away. If this blog was about communism, he would present himself as an anti-communist, if there was a debate about global warming, he would come up with the argument that these findings are exaggerated. These people want attention. Please ignore him. He has tricked us all. It’s not paranoia, I have seen many trolls at work on the internet and it is sometimes very difficult to detect them. But one time they have moved you into a long discussion, they have you where they want to have you. This Mathew is definetely a troll. I’m certain of this, as certain as I believe that God is imaginary, I believe he’s a troll

  4. Braekmans Herman says:

    Hoverfrog, I have told you, this man is NOT religious. It is an internet troll. I’m sure of this. Read this article.

  5. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Let life be created and then we can talk about this mate . You are 99.9 percent sure .How can you be given that you yourself admitted you do not know much beyond a certain point ? My explanations ? Miracles and the fact that I do not know much .I see gaps in other theories .If God exists,there are no gaps . Prove me wrong ! Let us see if man can create life and I am making it easier .I am not asking for a random event .You know the probability of a random event happening ( creation of life ) but anyways ,let them create life on purpose.If life occurred randomly ,why is nothing like that happening now ? Oh ,yes ,you all call it evolution .

    I can’t wait to get home and see the videos even though today is a Friday .he he

  6. hoverfrog says:

    Mathew, a hypothesis (from Greek ὑπόθεσις) consists either of a suggested explanation for a phenomenon or of a reasoned proposal suggesting a possible correlation between multiple phenomena. The term derives from the Greek, hypotithenai meaning “to put under” or “to suppose.” The scientific method requires that one can test a scientific hypothesis. Scientists generally base such hypotheses on previous observations or on extensions of scientific theories.

    Are you really suggesting that the basis of your belief in God is that you don’t know some things. You don’t know so it must be God? Yours is the God of the Gaps. A God that gets smaller as human knowledge expands. Once living organisms are manufactured by human scientists will you say that this is evidence that live was created?

    I am 99.99% sure that God is nothing more than a story. A made up character invented by primitive minds to help them to explain the world that they could not possibly understand. I think that the idea of gods has been twisted into a tool of control in the form of religion and it is high time it was rejected.

  7. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Well , I did not say that because you know nothing prior to the big bang ,I have proved something .I have only stated that it is a reason why I believe there is a God .

    What is a hypothesis ? It is a mere assumption or a guess .Belief is not proof of anything and that is why you cannot prove it . Get it ? My hypothesis is that there has to be a designer who created such complex systems especially given the fact that there are many gaps in explaining how the world came into being .I am not trying to make you believe in God .Why don’t you understand that all I am trying to say is the reason why I believe in God ?

    So ,you concede the fact that you have limited knowledge of conditions prior to the big bang .Good ! People like EMP sound like they know what happened prior to it like he knows the palm of his hand.

    I do not have superior knowledge and I have tried to understand how could the world have formed if there was no designer and have miserably failed . The first success for non believers would be to create life from non living matter even though this would not be a random event but it would be a step .Has this happened ? Yes, no one has been able to convince me that there is no God .Like you asked me ;am I sure that God exists ? ;I can ask you too ;Are you sure God does not exists .I can say you are very arrogant if you say he does not exist for sure when you have nothing to prove it just like I have not much to prove God exists.
    This is what I have to say

    I also have to watch the videos Mr Mental patient said were for me .I will see them and try and get back to you with more

  8. hoverfrog says:

    Belief isn’t proof of anything. Why would anyone want to prove belief? It’s a complete non-sequitur. Now if you state your hypothesis we can certainly help you to prove or disprove that. We could do this by supplying evidence that contradicts or supports your hypothesis.

    Please note that simply saying “You don’t know what existed prior to the big bang” does not prove anything other that the fact that we have limited knowledge of conditions prior to the big bang. I think we can concede this point.

    Now are you saying that you have superior knowledge of events prior to the big bang that the best scientific minds of our time? That you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that your Creator was there busily creating? If so I’d certainly accuse you of unbelievable arrogance but you’re obviously not. You are assuming that this is the case because you cannot conceive of the alternative. Which is existence without God.

    I think that you are basing your assumptions on the idea of infinite regression. We may have covered this ground already but infinite regression is simply an argument that goes back and back saying that so and so caused such and such and eventually ends up with a prime motivator in God. Pure logical fallacy of course because there is no reason not to continue going back if you assume a God exists.

    Now. Do you have an hypothesis?

  9. MPM says:

    Interesting thought but I still have not got the answer to my question . You say that I did not prove anything .Neither did any of you . As I said before ,you just cannot prove belief.

  10. hoverfrog says:

    Braekmans, the improbability of life arising isn’t actually of any value. Our own existence is testament to the fact that life did arise. Surely that is enough. It’s like arguing yourself out of a winning lottery ticket because you don’t think that the chances of you actually holding it are high enough.

    What he should be doing is taking his existence as fact and working backwards to determine his origins. A simple genealogy would be a start but written records go back only so far. That’s leaves us with science that can determine links to other similar species be observation and conclude that we have a common ancestor. Indeed we can conclude that other species share common ancestors as well. If you reject scientific theories like evolution you are just making uninformed guesses. Clearly this is what 2000 year old men in huts did and what Mathew has decided is the best idea.

    The same principle can be applied to any aspect of the natural world. You can make something up (Religion) or you can observe the universe in operation and determine likely hypotheses (Science). I know where I’d prefer to look.

    Now the thing that escapes me is why this is even a problem for the religious. Why not just say “Fine, science is right. Religion isn’t scientific though, it’s about morality and spirituality”. It wouldn’t get me to convert but they might just keep a few more people in their churches. Spouting off about evolution or the big bang with only a fairy tale as ammunition just makes religious people look stupid (stupider).

  11. MPM says:

    Well ,I do not have to prove my intellect to you .I have already proven it .

    You call me a moron and I know why .It is simple ;

    1.) You do not believe in God and I do
    2.) You do not like the fact that I challenge your opinions and the gaps in your explanation .You are so subjective
    3.) You do not like me .People do not go about praising the ones they hate

    I will check your videos and get back to you

  12. MPM says:

    Okay ,I did not watch the videos yet since I am at work but will do it once I get home .

    I did not say that the big bang was matter .What I meant was that where did the things required for the big bang to get started in the first place come into being .

    You just keep misunderstanding me .However,I will take a look at the video and get back to you .

    and yes ,only you understand everything .I am a fool .ha ha

  13. “I did not say that the big bang was matter .What I meant was that where did the things required for the big bang to get started in the first place come into being .”

    No one knows there are theories, (plausible – scientific) and (implausible – religious)

    Just like we had to study and observe to learn that the world isn’t flat we will have to study and observe to figure out what, if anything fueled the big bang.

    your posts clearly places you in the “moron gone wild” category. You will be placed in this category until you manages to prove otherwise.

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