Why dont religious people ask any interesting questions?

It always strikes me how a religious idiots always fail to ask the interesting questions. Lets for example take the never ending deniel by religioujs freaks around the big bang.

most religious people will either 1. Deny big bang altogether. Or ask 2. What was before the big bang.

I guess its just another glaring example of the how profoundly stupefied the human brain is on religion.

Firstly there is a lot of evidence that the big bang theory is pretty much correct, to deny it is just stupid, this is the category of idiot dumb enough to believe in creationist bullshit.

secondly, what kind of argument is “what was before the big bang?” i mean just because we havent figured it out yet isnt evidence of any kind og omnipotent sky daddy! it just means we haven’t figured that part out yet, just like we used to believe the world was flat until we figured out that it was in fact round, we will probably figure out what came before the big bang.

How is it that no religious moron is able to ask any interesting questions during these debates like. When the universe was in its earliest phase why didnt gravity collapse the matter into a giant black hole? i mean all the matter in the universe was compacted in a small area? Why didnt gravity work in the early universe?


If the early universe was purely made of energetic protons where did the electrons come from?

I mean big ban theory just beggs for some interesting questions to be put forward but religious idiots never seam able to do this.

Personally i think they are afraid to learn anything about it because it will force them to consider the mindbogglingly stupidity of their ancient superstitions.


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  1. Matt says:

    ha ha I do get it . I mean it had no dates mate . I did not mean to say it would say BC or whatever.

  2. Muzolf says:

    I mean months.

  3. Muzolf says:

    Would be funny too, if the old testament would speak about “500 years Before Christus” If your getting what i mean. 😀 Not to mention that most moths we know are the names of Roman emperor that didnt live yet.

  4. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Muzolf ,

    Hebrews are people who are supposed to have descended from Abraham and Jews are people who believe in the Jewish faith and it has nothing to do with their ancestry . So , if they were Hebrew , they were most likely Jews. However, it is not necessary that a Jews is surely a Hebrew. Hebrew is also a language as you know .

    Of course, the Bible is not like some history book . It has history in it . There are many authors too. By the way , I do not think that the Bible says that “ David smote Goliath on the 22nd of January , xx BC or whatever “

  5. Muzolf says:

    The point is, that they ware some Hebrew tribe(s). They did not just speak Hebrew, they were Hebrew, but remember, the 12 tribes of Israel were not the only Hebrews. Just as the 7 Hungarian tribes of my ancestors were not the only Hungarian tribes, but they were the only ones who survived.

    The Hyksos my have been some other Hebrews, or not, we will probably never know for sure, but if the story of the bible has any real basis, its most likely that. Becouse the Hyksos are the only ones of wich there remains some evidence, that they were in egypt.

    The Bible is not Historicly accurate, and it cannot be, as the old testament mostly contains stories that were given to generation to generation by spoken word, not written down. Half of the old testament contains folk folklore of the Jews, if we would take it as historicly accurate, we would have to treat all legends of all peoples as such.

    Why folklore is most often based on some real occurances, we must never forget that the imagination of people is wowen into it, and they are most often biased for the ones telling these stories.

  6. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Of course, the Jews did a lot of barbaric acts but they were not the only ones. They also suffered a lot of cruelty over years. If you have been subject to a lot of cruelty with no one to help ,you may also become cruel . No excuse but just a probable reason .

    I will not kill or harm people I hate unless they cause problems to me so let alone people I don’t trust .

    I do not condone their acts either. I mean people who were barbaric . I am not saying what they did was desirable .

    Do you know where is the other post to which you responded ? Something about Muslims or so ? I cannot find it

  7. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    See, you yourself are not sure whether they were the Jews or not . What if they were not the real Jews but just people who spoke Hebrew or so ? The truth is that we don’t know for sure . You keep saying probably but know deep inside you are not sure .

    That does not make you right . Can you say with surety that the Jews were never enslaved by the Egyptians ? There is only a yes or a no . You are the accuser here again .

  8. Muzolf says:

    What happened and how they trusted others or not is of no relevance.

    Two wrong dont make a right. The Jews didnt just “no trust” the people living at canaan, they outright slaughtered them.

    Do you kill someone at instant if you dont trust him? Do you cut down the fathers, mothers, and sons, and then rape the girls if you dont trust someone?

    By todays standards the Jews described in the bible are a barbaric people, their god is a cruel asshole, and no amount of bible apologism will change that.

    We can argue all we want, fact remains fact. Blood is dripping from evry second page of the old testament, and the whole ideology reflects the people who founded it.
    The problem is not with those people actually. They were ruthless, cruel, stupid, and superstitious, even compared to those times, yes, but they were like their parents raised them, and didnt know better. And there was some prophet telling them that the “one troue” god whants them to act this way. The world would still been better off if they were wiped from the face of the earth, but i dont blame them.

    I blame those people who think that the values, methods and beliefs of such people should be advertised as something desirable today.

    If you have to pick up some nonsense about the supernatural, why does it have to come from such background? Surely, if whe whanted to take anything from those times, there were many advanced, much more sophisticated civilisations.

    Of course, more peaceful cultures were the first to fall before the onslaught of the abrahamic mind control and world domination ideology.

  9. Muzolf says:

    As usual you cling to an insignficant detail of what i said, and you even misunderstand it.

    What i was talking about the first part are the Hyksos. The Hyksos were not slaves, but conquerors. They were invaders, who were worshipping a “strange god” -who was later identified with Seth, as an evil destructive diety. – they were a much hated opressive force until they were driven out.

    They are the only hebrew tribe about whom there are written record that they set foot in egypt. Its not clear if they are actually the jews as we know them ,or some other Hebrews.

    Point is, that if they are indeed the Jews, than the whole story of the Egyptian slavery is twisted around. In that case, it was the jews who enslaved the egyptians, and the egyptians kicked them out in the end. The different parts get new meaning, the children kileld by god would probably stand for a blood sacrafice, kidnapped egyptian children the Jews sacraficed to their god, and their “reward” the gold taken, basicly what they pillaged.

    If the Hyksos are not the jews, in that case there is absolutly nothing supporting the story of exodus, and it was probably some other lands they left, if it happened at all.

    Babylon comes to mind, there is evidence that the Babylonians did enslave the Jews for while, before the Persians freed them. but even then, its was no god, but foreign intervention that helped them.

    So much about history, now back to the actual topic we had…

  10. Muzolf says:

    You did not, but you accept the bible, and the bible tells so. And before you pull that rabbit again out of that hat, i mean, the old testament, just remember, the parts we are talking about right now is in the new testament.

    So if you believe Christanity why should you believe Islam? You shouldnt, but it works vica-versa. Ultimatetly both are of exclusive nature, which makes them dangerous.

    You got it all wrong, we are not talking about perfection, or more capabalities for the human race. We are speaking about a supposed creator who – If we accept the ID-s reasoning. – lacks basic common sense.
    If nature was indeed the work of some diety or consciousness, or whatever, than it equals an architect who starts a house with the rooftop. An uninteligent designer.

    Evolution has a simple, logical explanation for all these issues.

    What does god have? Oh yeah, the ever green “Gods ways are mysterios” Wich means it defies logic.

  11. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    How do you know that the Jews were not innocent at that time . How can you so strongly claim that only history is right and not anything that is written in the Bible ? The Bible was written by men and so were history books . You might claim the authors of the Bible were barbarians but then again , if the Bible could be twisted , so could history .

    I cannot say for sure , anything happened according to how it is documented unless I saw it . That is it .

    We just believe though we have some facts that we deem as facts though they may not be . Well , how does it relate to killing people ? If supposed, you had been oppressed for years and no one helped , you will never trust other people again . This is exactly what happened to Israel during World war 2 . I do not think they even trust the Americans. The whole world watched when 6 million Jews were slaughtered.

    The same case might be the reason why Jews attacked other people even preemptively the moment they saw them as threats. Not condoning their acts but just telling you the probable reason .

    I am not doing what they did so I am not following any legacy my friend . You are totally wrong here . I will be following their legacy only if I hate people from other religions and go about killing people or condone such acts .

  12. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Did I ever say that if someone rejected Christianity , he is evil ? That is the main difference between people like me and religious fundamentalists. See, you do not yet understand . I am telling you what I believe . I am not blaming the Muslims for believing in what they believe in . I said that if something claims to be the right path , it will more often than not , claim people who do not follow it are wrong or evil . I mean the people who wrote such texts will write so since they want more followers.

    So , if I believe that Christianity is the right path , why would I believe Islam is right ? Get it ? So , you can believe what you want to but what is wrong is to judge other people who do not believe in what you believe and to think of them as inferior . Even more wrong is to harm them . So , condemning anyone is wrong . I do not do it but people who wrote the Bible do condemn others . I did not say it was right but I only told you why they do it . Get it now ?

    You got me wrong again . I did not compare ID with evolution . I am just saying what I think about ID. Well , what if God purposely made sure that there were flaws too in his creation for reasons unknown to us . Just because all of us have flaws does not mean there is no creator ? I mean we cannot breathe in water .So , if you think it is a flaw, it is a flaw . So , what about it ? It is how you look at it . Then ,you can ask couldn’t God have made us faster than Cheetahs ? Couldn’t God have made sure we didn’t need to take a shit so we could save time and not have as many problems if we could get rid of our crap just by peeing ? I mean come , we can ask so many questions .

    So , in this way , we could always find flaws or what we deem flaws. I mean I am not saying that we do not have flaws but then again , we were not meant to be perfect or else we would be the creator in case there is one .

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