Africa is fucked!

I know that with the current focus on Burma, Africa isnt getting the attention it deserves, but here are some facts we (norway) give 60 billion dollars a year in emergency and development aid to the African continent, not to bad considering we only have 4 million inhabitants. This sum is given every year.

Compare this annual expense with the total contribution we made to the marchall plan efter world war II a total of 375 million dollars, a mere pittns compared to the annual contribution to Africa.

In fact the total amount spent on WWII recovery totaled a little over 12 billion. Still å pittance compared to what only my tiny nation donates to africa each year.

I know some would argue that you cant compare money between now and then but even if you take the historic valuation into account we still donate more each year than what we gave to the marchall plan.

Dont get me wrong Norway is stinking rich so to us it doesnt make much difference, we have a investment fund wort over 3000 billion dollars, the largest in the world i think so our donation isnt something that really affects us.

Now our neighboring countries along with donors around the world have also donated their billions upon billions and we have actually been doing this for over 30 years.

Still the African continent is a complete quagmire.

People in Norway are starting to ask “what is the point of all this aid if the situation on the ground for ordinary people dont change?” lately there has been special attention on the Zimbabwe debacle, Robert mugabe Zimbabwe’s leader since independence, i think some 30 years ago, has totally destroyed this once prosperous country and reduced it to a poverty stricken pool of poverty and suffering.

For those of you who haven’t paid attention to zim you can read some current news here.

Now in norway the focus havent really been on the despotic cleptocrasy of robert mugabe but how his neighbours support him? one suggestion floated yesterday suggested suspending all aid to the entire continent until the zim issue is resolved.

When i first herd this i was initially appalled! this would punish innocent people as a result of national leaders supporting mugabe. after a while though i thought this might actually make more difference then what we do now, the african populace is suffering already and they will continue to do so until good governance becomes part of african political culture.

I now support complete suspension of all aid including emergency aid until Zimbabwes neighbor’s agree to address the zimbabwe issue.

the world championship in South africa 2010 will probably be boycotted by Norway as a further token of our disgust at their refusal to assist their neighbor

I know many will die and suffer but we have tried giving money and assistance and it didnt make any difference at all so we have to try something different, i say lets cut off all support and refuse to deal with them and any neighbor not condemning these grouse human rights violations until they adopt a more population friendly approach

What do you guys think?


20 Responses to Africa is fucked!

  1. Shelby Township…

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  2. firedup says:

    I am also a South African and it really astounds me that you guys think you have so much insight in Africa. You’ve got it all covered hey? The poverty, the solution to the Zim problem, the crime. Jeez, I wish they make one of you president.

    If any of you had any more knowledge on the matter, you would know that things aren’t that easy. You should stop blaming a whole country (or continent) for the mistakes of certain people. Don’t you think we see these problems? Don’t you think we’re trying? We also can do nothing more than shake our heads for our president’s goodwill towards Robert Mugabe.

    Personally I would be able to survive quite comfortably without your charity, but yes. There are so many people dying each day from hunger needing that money, and you are prepared to sacrifice those people to prove a point. Africa is less developed and yes extremely corrupt, but the people on the streets can’t do anything about that.

    You talk about voting? You probably haven’t heard about the beatings and deaths of all the people who voted against Mugabe? If you were in their shoes would you sacrifice your vote for something that Mugabe wouldn’t even listen to anyway?

    So you on your almighty high thrones, rather think about how good you’ve got it and be grateful. Rather feel bad for the people suffering than talking about how we monkeys should be starved to death because we are struggling.

  3. Venesuela? have you been there? women outnumber men 4-1.

    Stepping off the plane is like entering a doll factory! beautiful women everywhere ready to suck your dick at any moment.

    When i was there i fucked so much i actually got a bit tired of it. And that says something considering i was 21 when i was there.

  4. Bank says:

    The problem with some South Africans such as Kevin above is they let themselves down by trying too hard to scare people from overseas. It’s so forced lol South Africa doesn’t scare me at all. Venezuela on the other hand…

  5. Kevin says:

    I live in South Africa. When you come over to the 2010 world cup soccer be prepared for organised muggings, no power, no transport infrastructure, car hi-jackings, murder, rape etc etc. They don’t call this the murder capitol of the world for nothing!!!! Come over to South Africa at your own peril. We live in fear every day resulting in our family never wanting to go out at night.

  6. simon says:

    The population of zimbawe deserve magabe after all they voted for him and have taken
    no action to remove him and his cronies from power.I am a south african i beleve all international african aid shoud be spent on militery intervention where a despot is in charge of goverment and military and who is obviously making decistions that are not in the intersts of the population . Anything left over shold be spent on education scheams managed by the doner country only .Natural atition will take care of starvation , aids ect .
    Norway well never been there and cant think of anything great about Norwegens thanks for the billons of dollers so far . The coming energy crises has the potential to
    cange your standard of living to that of an African . Africans are use to it you arnt .
    So good luck ( sorry i cant spell for shit and the grammer ant too good either )

  7. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    I agree with Brunus that as long as they have charity ,they won’t change much

    Another problem is that a minority elite controls most of the resources in most African countries .If you look at it ,most African countries are rich in resources .( Take for example Nigeria ) but what is the use ? Many people are starving .I am not saying that there is no corruption in India or in Asia for that matter .However ,the good thing is that the governments in many countries in Asia have been democratic . This helps check corruption to an extent because people can voice their opinion and there is always an opposition party breathing down the neck of the ruling party .

    To be honest ,I really feel sorry for the people of Zimbabwe .Life was much better when the whites ruled Zimbabwe .Now ,some asshole named Mugabe calls himself a liberator ( he is a MF ) and he and his friends rape the country .
    I can understand greed in humans but what I cannot understand is how can a guy live in so much luxury but allow his own people to languish . I mean this ass seems to have no limit with regards to his greed .
    I know that Bush ( the so called fighter for democracy) will not do much about it because there is nothing to gain by helping the people of Zimbabwe .No oil ! .The people are doomed unless someone gets rid of this mother fucker .

    I also do agree with the point that Indians the world over especially when they go abroad lay emphasis on studying and do well . There are 2.3 million Indians in the USA and they have the highest per capita income among all ethnic groups .India is still a poor country overall but it has 36 billionaires ( second only to the USA ) .The point is when you are democratic and sensible ,your country will keep growing no matter what . Finally ,the effects will trickle down to the poor in a country however slowly it may be .

  8. Brunus says:

    Just an update.

    Oprah, the american show host spent millions in order to open up a school for black children who have potential and are under priviledged. The reason why she opened the school is twofold: 1 – a good deed, 2 – save tax moneis in the US. Bear in mind that Oprah show is mainly watched by whites in the US (as blacks are jelous of her success, and sponsored by white businesses). The school she opened has been riddle with corruption, child abuse cases and maltreatment. Since its in the hand of lack management we couldn’t expect less.

    Update 2

    There is a scam going on where black sell puppies in exchange for shipping cost, obviously nothing materialiaze. But the following is what gives the scam away:

    A person in Cameroon or Nigeria says she is a dog breeder (black people breed dogs? They can barely breed cows and goats)

    They go as a white person with a nik-nok name such as a typical black person name in those region. (that is to attract a white person to the scam. Obviously becouse blacks don’t generally have an appreciation for dogs especially good breed ones)

    The so keen and quick in having the money transfered to themselves using their real names.

    Like the monkeys they are clever but have limited intelligence. They can’t have the insite to live a decent, honest and productive life (shame) but they have all the energies and can come up with such scames!

    My point is why should they be different at anything else? Charities to them is just another scam. They use the white man emotions and pitiness for they own sick advantage. It is as simple as that. For as long as the white man will give them charity nothing in Africa will ever change.

    In regard to Mathew’ comments, I can appreciate indians trying to become a proud and first world country, without begging. Indians in South Africa were like the blacks under the apartheid laws but unlike the blacks, who were throwing bombs and dancing revolution in the streets or destroying schools, indians were getting an education and it shows today. Another thing worth mentioning is that indians inherited from the aryan race over 5000 years ago the hindu religion and cast system which is the best way ever that brings armony in a diverse society such as India. Now you can link the swastica as a aryan sign to the hindus.

  9. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Well ,what can I say . I pity you .You just do not like what I say and so you classify me an idiot .Well ,whatever makes you happy EMP .You know what that means ,right ?


  10. Mathew you really got your own classification wrong, you might be white, you might be indian, but most of all you are a complete tossball idiot..

  11. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Brunus ;

    You are spot on by saying that Africa did not have any technology . The White man only brought technology to the africans . By exploitation ,I am not indicating that they were exploited by the Whites.They have been exploited by almost everybody .Africans have been exploited more over the past few years by Africans themselves.

    Look at Zimbabwe ( Rhodesia ) .When the whites were in power ,it was far better . Look at it now ; The country is in a state of shambles and it sucks .Who is ruling ? A black motherfu….r

    He and his friends are living like kings while most of his fellow countrymen struggle to make both ends meet .

    I think that many developing countries are growing like say India and China but Africa still seems to be growing very slowly and I think it has to do with the low level of intelligence of most of the people or the sheer selfishness of most Africans or worse ,both .

    Anybody who says that the whites exploited third world countries is not actually saying the truth .Because of the whites ,many third world countries actually benefited .Why did the whites come in the first place ? It is because many people of the former colonies were stupid and fighting each other.

    And yes ,I am not a white but I am Indian ( from India ) .I just hate it when some fellow countrymen say that the British exploited us .

    We were foolish enough to let others exploit us .

    Now,laugh again if you may .

  12. I am afraid you are right. …

    And still we just finished collecting 100 million to help children with aids. i wonder who will actually benefit from this money?

  13. Brunus says:

    escapedmentalpatient I am glad you noticed the truth in regard where the money goes in Africa: the answer is nowhere. Its true, the fact that money never leaves Europe!
    Proof? Ok I am in software and been doing LMS computer learning online, there semi government companies in the US and Europe which are made by the friends of the friends in Governments (usually the brothers, sisters of those in powers and relatives) who put up theses companies / fronts to access these money in exchange for the educations of the institutions in Africa. They have huge conferences with african states members. These members go to these conference by using the money from European countries via others sources which pays for hotels, flights and the holidays in between. African countries pays jack shit. These organizations pocket a percentage (20 – 30%) clean tax free available anywhere in the world. The results of these conferences is usually a lot of papers with no actual results. Nowhere in africa you will find a online web (such an LMS) which can deliver a program to help schools, Universities. As this is probably the best delivery, these organization will not even look into it as they most likely loose all of that money going to them. The rest of the money gets lost between the banks from Rome to Rome (could Paris to Paris, Oslo to Oslo etc.). These organizations have such complex structure but if you try and find who makes any decisions such people don’t actually exist, its like an organized Mafia.
    In Italy or the ex East germany school kids did not have school books in several regions when I last was there. In Africa Governments do have the money for schools but this money never reaches the where it should. Example in Nigeria the politicians in power have billions (not millions) of dollars from oil sucked up by the petrol companies (Shell, BP etc.) yet schools barely exist, however you will find hundreds of Nigerians living in London driving around in Ferraris (not from scams or drug money). Mugabe has millions of us dollars stashed away and has several houses worth 15 millions us worth in Zimbabwe. When you think that in 1965 in Rhodesia there was no appartheid and blacks were employed and not starving (the only thing was they could not vote) they were quick in creating a revolution against the white oppressor, shooting, killing, raping, robbing them. Today that they starving to death, not one black Zimbabwean would dare do the same against Mugabe, Why? 7 millions zimbabweans have come to South Africa a country where 15 million people are unemployed! And where 90 percent of business is controlled by the ugly oppressing white man! Here after 15 years of black ruled government with laws which a man or woman cannot get a job from white controlled companies unless they are any other color but white, where to do business companies have to have a majority of black directors and where for the past 15 years with all of the above and all the favoritism the few black companies created with millions of tax payers money have gone bunkrupt. Yet the white man is not starving, we send our kids to schools and decent schools which will absorb 1/2 of our monthly earnings, yet we don’t go to these european countries asking for help, but they do! Becouse europeans pay and fill guilty (about what I am not sure) and europeans feel the are so rich they can afford it. In most countries in Europe people since the Euro was introduced can’t even efford to pay their rent. Here 30% of blacks drive around in Mercedes and BMW’s and most of it its not hard earned money, its government money. Any deals that happens here by law a black has to be in between and pocket that percentage otherwise their will be no deal. When Mathew says:’Africa’s people have been exploited for ages ‘ it makes me laugh! Since when african had the technology to dig gold 5000 meters down below earth? Exploited how when? all labour in the beginning of colonization was white labour and not black labour. Exploited where, how? Even when the land was confiscated in Zimbabwe (when the crops were ready to be picked) they are now starving to death becouse incapable or recropping. Its easy to inherit a country with a sound infrastructure, its just a matter of time before this infrustructure is depleted or destroyed. The appartheid government built enaough power station to feed this country electricity for 15 years after the first elections. Now after 15 years of stealing the profits and not upgrading and building new stations there is no more electricity left, and there will be no more in the near future. But you say black are now using also more electricity, yes but they don’t pay for it, they take it for free by stealing it. Soweto and other townships houses are connected by jumpy leads or flying wires! They been milking a cow without feeding it for too long.
    Those 60 billion dollars trust me are somewhere in someone’s account in Europe a few pennys of it is somewhere in the account of his african friend of also in Europe.
    Why the Norway government give you some money to come to Africa and start a business employee people and create wealth? Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do? But they wouldn’t do that becouse you know why.

  14. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Yeah,I agree Scandinavian people are usually sensible and more often that not friendly .Africa’s people have been exploited for ages and it does not look like it is going to get better anytime soon. In the case of Burma ,if companies start to divest ,it will affect the poor people mostly since the elite will always take what they can get .At least ,now ,some people are employed because of foreign investment .Maybe ,Mr Bush should attack Burma and free the people especially since he is an advocate of freedom .He won’t because there is no oil in Burma .haha

  15. Well we cant do much about Zimbabwe, but we can pressure their neighbor’s since they are the only nations that can affect any real change to this demonic regime.

    South Africa for instance is supposed to hold the 2010 world soccer cup, if we pull all aid and divest from Africa. And then put out a press release that say we have done so.
    because South Africa and its neighbor’s refuse to deal with Zimbabwe, i bet we at least would get a reaction, witch compared to the status cue is major progress.

    Sanctions, criticism, etc. Of the regime itself has no effect since it doesn’t filter into the populace anyway. Clearly as our efforts have shown, we cant effect change from here, so the thought is. Lets force the nations that can effect change to do something, ie: hurt their wallet.

    I wonder if Zambia s president would be as supportive of Mugabe if the nation knew that this would cost the nation 50 millions of dollars + in development aid.

    Would they still support their neighbor’s when the people on the ground no longer have access to Free medical aid that we pay for, for example?

    Anyway this new idea is starting to get popular support so i guess we will se it implemented in some for or another, but i think the fisrt instance will be directed at Burma.

    Norways oil fund has over 900 million dollars invested in Daewoo and ELF that both do business in Burma, there is talk of moving these funds. What will the stock holders say i wonder when we pull this money out and the stock goes down?

    Probably the net effect will be 0 but at least its worth a try nothing else seams to work anyway so why not try.?

  16. Keep in mind that Australia is a democratic nation whose citizens have Internet access and TV’s. If another country stops investing in it, the people who live in Australia actually find out about it.

    There’s not much that would make Zimbabwe’s reputation in the world any worse than it already is. They’ve pretty much set the bar as low as it goes. I suspect whatever there citizens hear is propaganda anyway. Then again, the worst case scenario to your idea is that it simply wouldn’t work, which makes it not all different from everything that’s currently being done.

  17. Hmm i didnt know our culture was admired? i guess i never thought about it, i guess i schould say thank you. If you ever decide to visit let me know.

    Its a really tough decision actually, it amounts to collective punishment. And i am against that. But then again we have donated tons of cash into these corrupt countries already and it only seams to get worse?

    So i am starting to think maybe its worth a shot? maybe if we just let it implode in on itself the population will take the reins and establish good governance for themselves.

    In reality though i have my doubts about this as well, look at the failed African states Somalia and Congo.

    There is one thing though that we would gain from officially cutting off all aid, it would give tons of bad publicity to the leaders on these autocratic dictatorships.

    Do you remember the Tampa story a few years back? a Norwegian merchant ship saved some refugees from a sinking boat and Australia refused to let them into the country?

    The Norwegian oil fund (one of the the largest investment fond in the world) actually divested 13 billion dollars from Australian companies. Tourism from Europe to Australia fell with 7 % it was quite effective.

    Anyway these African cleptocrats, if they care about anything its their own image. So if little old (perceived to be) altruistic Norway cuts all aid to the continent they would feel it. Probably more than any sanctions we could think up.

  18. Sorry… saw you were from Norway and got so excited I forgot to answer the Africa question. (I admire Scandinavian culture on many levels, as do most educated liberals here in America).

    Now to Africa. I’m not exactly an authority on this subject, as my country’s news media only covers atrocities that we’ve created (and even then only to point fingers at others, but I digress). Unfrotunately, in many of these struggling countries, giving aid is somewhat pointless because there’s no way to ensure the money’s going to where they say it is. Sometimes it gets rerouted to the people who are causing the problem instead of going to those attempting to solve it.

    As for your plan to suspend all aid to African countries until Zimbabwe gets its shit together, my gut reaction is the same as what yours was initially. But then again I don’t know enough about Zimbabwe’s African neighbors. Do they care about their own people enough that withholding aid might influence their political actions. I know that certain folks denied aid to the U.S. after Hurricane Katrina believing they were sending Bush some sort of message. Well, even if Bush was the type who of guy who could comprehend such messages, it certainly wouldn’t change the way that he, as a corrupt leader, went about making decisions that effected the rest of the world. Nor did our government spend an extra dime on rescuing the poor people who were stranded in New Orleans. In fact, in many cases we denied aid for political purposes (such as the generous pledges of our “non-Allies” (namely Cuba and Venezuela).

    So I guess in some ways its a moot point, because of the macro- and micro-politics involved with giving charitable donations. Your plan would be likely to work if you knew that the various African governments cared so deeply about the wellbeing of their citizens. Only then would they vow to get their houses in order on behalf of its citizens. Otherwise, the big-wigs would just move some things around and barely feel it, while the citizens themselves might be the one to suffer.

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