Bush the end of happy days?

Now the US being a fundamental christian nation like it is, will soon have to pay the prise for its blind skillfully executed headlong faith-supported dive off the mountain of religious stupidity into the pool of poverty and ignorance.

During the religious far right bush administration all financial discipline has been tossed out the window replaced by a alcoholic retards insane rambling. The current US war effort, the insane private over consumption is fast catching up with the last remaining super power.

The American population will soon have to begin paying the price for electing a retarded religious lunatic for president, i bet the tune will radically change once the American populace realizes that this will severely impact their wallet.

I look forward to buying up American assets for pennies once the severity of the situation sinks inn.

Here is my prediction, Us markets will crash not only the commodities and financial instrument markets but the internal consumer market as well, the foundation of the US economy.

In short the end of the last super power as its seen today.


3 Responses to Bush the end of happy days?

  1. LOL not everybody sees these things, your eye is keen as always šŸ™‚
    I just couldn’t help my self šŸ™‚

  2. When I saw that you’d included “Bill O’Reilly” as one of your tags for this article I literally felt like rolling on the floor and laughing. Two L’s though (I regret that I actually know that).

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