Making Christians cry!

I ended up in a discussion today with a guy that professed to be christian, i didn’t know the guy he just sat down next to me on the subway and started chatting. Not before long we for some reason ended up talking about the CNN special Gods Warriors, excellent show by the way. The discussion soon evolved into a totally surreal experience.

After a few sentences we soon stranded on the extreme improbability, and stupidity of religious faith. To begin with he valiantly defended his faith, “it was tradition”, “believing in god was different”, bla, bla, bla, he was quite composed until i posed the following question to him.

What is the difference between believing in fairies and believing in religion?

The discussion then went like this.

Me: What is the difference between believing in fairies and believing in religion?

He: It cant be compared its not the same?

Me: What is the difference?

He: It cant be compared its not the same?

Me: Then what is the difference?

He: Eeehh its not????

Me: What is the difference?

He: Believing in god and fairies is two different things?

Me: How is it different?

He: It just is! (starting to sound desperate)

Me: Then what is it?

He: Eeehhheheeee… its historic?

Me: So are fairies, What is the difference!

He: Eeehhehh i cant,,,,,?

Me: If you believe in god why dont you believe in fairies, they are just as probable as your sky daddy?

He: ! eh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

Me: Why do you believe in god and not fairies, unicorns or pixies for that matter?

He: eeh sob…!.

Me: What!!!!! are you crying?

He: whuuuhuuu (tears flowing)

Me: Hey man! pull your self together, what the fuck is your problem!?

He: (crying like a baby)

—– At this point im feeling a bit uncomfortable, i am thinking schould i just leave him? slap him? comfort him?

Me: Why are you crying! What?

He: I dont believe in god! but my wife is religious! i am afraid she will leave me if i tell her!!!!!! (sob)

Me: Maybe she feels like you do?

He: You think????? (SOB!)

Me: How the fuck schould i know? I dont know your wife? But who knows? I mean you are obviously unhappy! Its up to you. I would tell my wife! she used to be muslim now she is not and we are a lot happier, we can relate to each other as people, we don’t have to follow any of that religious bullshit. —- But you make up your own i mind i don’t know you or your wife.

He: Thank you i will have to think about it,,,,?

Me: Good luck im sure you will be able to make a good choice, just use the brain nature provided for you, its designed for relations you know. !

He: (weak smile shiny tear filled eyes) Tank you, Thank you…..

Me: Anyway i got to go, good luck!

I got off before my stop this guy was getting to me, i should have told him to go to a shrink, he was obviously off balance. Religion continues to surprise me with the boundless misery it holds.


22 Responses to Making Christians cry!

  1. the son says:

    god doesn’t offer anything. No matter what anyone tells you christians are taking over the whole world. Everyone I talk to is a christian now. Theyre all a bunch of sick psychotic freaks poisoning and brainwashing the face of the world. They’re a virus; a stain and a blemish and an illness of the world and they’re rapidly growing just like a disgusting virus. I know– my father and mother are sickening priests. My 7th uncle was Martin Luther founder of the Lutheran church and the whole reason why everyone came to america to avoid religious persecution. But let me tell you from experience that there are secrets and lies that go on behind the church that they don’t want you to know. Religion is a governmental security measure to prevent anarchy and disorder- thats all it is and demons laugh and mock so-called christian faith. Priests are assigned to twist and contort the truth to make it sound true. The original definition of faith in hebrew had nothing to do with believing without seeing anyways. It had to do with knowledge. Break out a strongs concordance if you want to see the other meanings for the word amvn which must be taken in consideration to understand the whole meaning. The same word used for truth is amvn that is used for faith–how then can faith not be knowledge if it is not truth. But they teach you lies. All they want you to do is take up your cross and die for them- that’s the message. They put you to sleep and get you to a point where you give it all to their cursed god (with a little g). I have been the focal point and witness of massive lies behind the church and have seen everything ranging from the masonic order to secret orders that I know run the church and don’t doubt it for a moment. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were our founding forefathers and they were masons. but let me tell you that what they teach in the higher degrees of masonry is pure magic which is science veiled. I speak nothing against magic and science but I do against the church that covers up these secrets using a method that is far more destructive than helpful. Here is what christians will do. They will make promises and try to give you false hopes. They will try to lead you into that sick white light where all will be wonderful for you-supposedly. But you will see that you must always sacrifice. You must always die and that there is nothing to live for in their faith. Just because i’m unpublished and nobody knows the relative of Martin Luther doesn’t mean it’s not true and that what I have seen is not. Now I am a poverty stricken outcast in society and will never bow and conform to this warped, retarded, and putrid christian civilization.

  2. Can I give you a kiss says:

    Mentally patient ; Where are you ? Why do you ignore me ? Are you shy ?

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