Islams brutal nature

Well once again we have bin laddie on some video spouting his crapp. As we are now getting used to this deranged religious lunatic pops up in letter, video or audio form with some garbage message every year or so.

This newest is interesting though, because he rolls up Islams main message in a few simple phrases.

“Convert to Islam or i we kill you, or at least try to, for  as long as we live.

Anyone that have really read the Koran and the other Islamic holy texts, shouldn’t be surprised of course, this is, after all the religion of blood, guts, opression and murder.

What is surprising is that anyone, apart from total basket cases like binnie, would want to be associated with this travesty of a religion?

Not really surprising though after all Islam is founded by an insane, pedophile, mass murderer, so my question becomes? why would anyone want to be associated with that? why would anyone label their children with a belief that will give their child nothing but grief?

I guess Muslims are just cruel, cruel to their fellow humans and especially cruel to their own children.


One Response to Islams brutal nature

  1. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Agree that many of them are barbarians

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