Kicking religious a….!

You know loads of religious idiots post their bullshit to my blog, i don’t mind, but what i do mind! is when they get upset when i talk back to them?

Why is it that religious freaks, that make idiotic claims like for example: the earth is 6000 years old.

Seams totally perplexed when i point out that their claims are stupid.

No other group apart from religious people are surprised by being called idiots when they act or make claims that are idiotic.

I mean if what you say is totally moronic why be surprised to be called a moron?

Usually these idiots chicken out after pasting a string of lunatic arguments from some creationist site as their argument, then they act totally shell shocked when they get a rebuttal.

Why is it religious people cant handle the truth about how moronic their beliefs are?

The pattern for all these cowards are as follows, they make some loony claim, i rebut it, they make even more ridiculous claims, i rebut and call them idiots like they have clearly demonstrated that they are. They wine that i am not being considerate or nice enough, not pampering them enough about their faith, and then they disappear.

Of course i know this means i win the argument, not that it really was any doubt. But i am left wondering, is this inability to think introvert thoughts another burden of the religious mind?

i think probably yes, when you kick out free thought, critical thinking and other major brain functions you deserve to live like a mushroom i guess.


62 Responses to Kicking religious a….!

  1. Erniepaul Izereckt says:

    I’m certain that someone living on the Sun will B able
    2 explain all UR queries in great detail concerning the little “Bang” as it’s quite obvious 2 me that B4 that explosion occured there were several others leaving fragments here n’ there just waiting to burst n’ form new galaxies and solar systems:)Man is so freakin’ far behind schedule due to religious practices,someone should have already developed a way for us to walk on the sun without burning R ass:)

  2. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Yeah ,I agree but it was more to have fun with one of the characters here .I apologize .I am sure you stand by what you said .I have no doubts about that .

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