Muslims are also complete idiots!

Muslims believe that the Koran is the perfect word of god, its for some reason impossible for them to reconcile that the Koran is full of errors, even when these errors are obvious, in fact the Koran even contains grammatical mistakes, but never mind i will focus on some more mainstream stuff for this post.
Anyways when confronted with these glaring errors they usually come up with the argument that, the original Arabic word is mistranslated, or you have to interpret it like this , the three veils actually means? etc etc.

One of the Muslims favorite argument is that the Koran holds scientific descriptions of things that where not known 1400 years ago and thus they claim Islam must be real…

Of course these so called claims are totally bogus, they are so imaginary suspect and circumstantial that its hilarious to even try to claim that these texts contain any kind of truth. It would be more accurate to describe these texts from the dark ages as a partially surviving written account of dark age ignorance and superstition.

There are actually loonies out there that claims the Koran contains the big bang theory! Never mind that the big bang theory is the theory of how the universe EVOLVED from 3-14 billion years ago through all the steps of accretion until human beings just recently evolved. There is no creator making man, or Adam and Eve in the big bang theory? So what is it? Did the universe and humans evolve or was it created by god? You crazy Muslims cant have both the creation story in the Koran and big bang theory in one book they are totally contradictory one contains a creator the other dont. The islamic creation myth is mostly copied from genesis anyway.

Anyway i am getting carried away i will focus on one popular claim that the koran contains an accurate description of the universe.
Now all the uneducated subsistence farmers from this era still believed that the world was flat and at the center of the universe. Anyone who objectively queries the Koran on the subject sees that the Koran is anchored in this world view. There are multiple verses that describes the world as flat and fixed in its place, there are also verses that describes it as the place you place an egg and a round plate with a tent like structure over it. There is even a description of the earth like an onion with layers one on top of the other. These two last descriptions are favorites among Muslims as a supposed argument or some kind of proof that the original authors knew that the earth was round, and that it orbits around the earth. Never mind that the Koran firmly places the earth in the center of the universe with the sun moon and the planets orbiting around us, one verse even describes the sun going to rest in a muddy spring?

ref if you want to look this shitt up QS: 27:61 QS 71:19 QS13:3 QS15:9 QS20:5 QS43:10 QS91:5-6 QS79:30 QL31:29 QY-L36:38 Q39:5QA-R13:2 QA-A21-33 Q18:39 Q36:38 multiple meanings

When faced with one of these faulty descriptions, the muslim usually tries some magic thought exersise. Blames it on faulty translation or some other mind bending over backwards exercise to change the verse. Even if we are as flexible as gumbo and add as much coincidental goodwill that we can muster the only description the koran gives of the earth, is that the earth is flat and fixed in space.

Now lets look away from the fallasy of these claims and look at the counter arguments them selves.

1. There is an error in the translation: if there is an error in the translation what other errors are there? end since its full of errors what is the value of the koran?

2. you have to interpret it this way: If this really is the words of god why isnt it understandable as it is? do you mean to tell me that the creator of the universe is unable to complete the simple task of explaining himself? if so how can the Koran be the perfect word of god? since you have to do mental imaginary mind flips to even begin to understand its meaning?

Actually its the same method of argument creationist freaks use, anyway who cares all their claims are nonsense.


111 Responses to Muslims are also complete idiots!

  1. j.w. says:

    It is not a good book.

  2. Errol says:

    I read the entire Quran, and your so-called special book is full of lies and contridictions. The Quran is nothing more than another man written book full of fairytales just like every other religion. Islam is a religion made up of lies. You muslims really are the masters of self-deception.

    • Muslim says:

      Hi guys,

      You guys have any idea of Arabic Grammar.
      JFYI – Arabic Grammar is derived from Koran itself.
      And definition of god is present in koran – “He is Allah, the One and Only! Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him.”
      You just cant imagine his physical appears !!

      I am just writing this to have constructive conversation. The Koran is truly a word of GOD and I doesn’t have any errors. Till now many facts mentioned in Koran is compatible with scientific findings. Ex ;- earth is round it rotates & revolves , skin is the sense organ, life cycle of baby formation , how rainfall happens and many more, !!!

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