Why are religious people so stupid? – Part 2

A few days ago i met a rabbi that on the count of me not being either Jewish or a follower of the Jewish faith, his view of me was that i wasn’t even human.

I have long realized that this is one of the fundamental problems with all organized mainstream religions, it divides people into the believers (to be seen and treated as human beings) and the rest of the worlds population unbelievers (not even really human they are destined to eternal damnation anyway). On top of that religion removes reason from their brain.

It is like a filter is in place that turns information they receive into whatever fits their current beliefs.

I decided to mirror this exact experience in the post Why are religious people so stupid? The Rabbi i was trying to have a dialog with answered pretty much the same way i put forward my argument.

I cant talk to you you are not Jewish “me: what?” you don’t follow the jewish faith, the only true faith. “me: What does that have to do with anything?” You are not Jewish, you are evil i cant talk to you , etc, etc, etc.

Now i am going to use a poster to the above mentioned post as an example, but unlike my usual diss! I will just ask the questions, you be the judge of what effect and consequence religion has on people.

The poster is according to his blog a 16 year old kid calling himself jesuswarrior. He is home schooled, and he believes in the bible and seams to be a fan of creationism. I am sure he is a nice guy, though somewhat confused.

I am actually a little apprehensive about writing this since its obvious that JW has lived a very sheltered Christian life, so i will not be my usual nasty self i will just ask the question that JW and his like seams unable to ask. I was considering not doing this post, i might cause JW some discomfort, but as i see it his parents already did that by treating him like a mushroom.

JW is a startling, horrible example on what some parents put their kids through. JW is now 16 and his parents, i am sad to say, has convinced him that the world is something like 6000 years old and that if JW doesn’t conform and behave, he probably believes he will end up in hell. I know you are suppose to be a bit fucked up at 16, hormones and all, but imagine having to start your transition to adulthood this far off.

Just imagine, here you have grown people that actively sifts through the unsurmountable data pile of scientific fact and information, looking for any scrap’s of imaginary discrepancy in the current understanding that the world, that it is a few billion years old. Yet they have no problem blindly believing in wild guesses made by ignorant subsistence farmers thousands of years ago! We are talking here about people with no real knowledge or understanding of anything, let alone the universe, yet still they believe that the entire universe was created a few thousand years ago based upon what some of the mentioned farmers supposedly guessed?

Can choosing the latter be considered normal? Or even the choice of a sentient being?

How can people deceive themselves like this? its beyond me and that they imprint it in their kids is just horrible. To me it seams like religious people lack the ability to ask critical questions, it is as if this brain function goes straight out the window when the brain is on religion.

Why cant religious people see these obvious contradictions and the discrepancies?

Anyway i digress i will focus on JW comments to illustrate what i mean. I will post the questions that schould have been asked if it wasn’t for the religious veil clouding the issue.

JW’s comment are in italic mine are in bold
Ok escapedmentalpatiant, I’ll take you’re objections one at a time.

1. Christians don’t condemn people for not subscribing to their religion. Doesn’t your religion do that for you? so that you as an individual don’t have to? doesn’t your religion condemn all non believers to eternal suffering in hell. that You need to read the Bible. What makes religious people think we haven’t read their holy books? God has a set of rules. Like it or not, he does. how come half the world population is unaware of them? He just asks his creation to follow his Ten Commandments. Isnt god cruel if he creates humans that will never ever hear about his rules (other faiths) since this means they are condemned to eternal suffering from birth? There are a lot of good rules to follow in there like don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t murder, don’t commit adultery. How come most of the commandments are about not having other gods, if god is so great wouldn’t everyone want to follow him voluntarily? Now everybody has broken some of his commandments. And God, because he is a good and just judge he cannot allow evil, the breaking of his commandments, to go unpunished. If god creates man and man cant follow his rules thus being destined for inevitable punishment doesn’t this make god a sadist? why doesn’t he just create us so that we are able to follow his rules and avoid the punishment? We as Christians are just passing along what the Bible says. If god really was the author of the bible why does it contradict itself on almost every page? How come a creature, supposedly powerful enough to create the entire universe is unable to construct a simple, understandable, consistent book?

2. Since you don’t want to discuss Einstein I won’t either.

3. You say that Christians accept a success rate of 1% in prayer. First of all God never says in His Word that he will answer prayers the way we want him to but he will always do what’s best. What is the point of praying if its never answered, the way we want? Let’s say My grand mother is dying and I pray that he would let her live, but she dies. First of all the prayer didn’t go unanswered his answer was just no. It was in his plan to let her die. If god is almighty why let anything die at all? Either because He knew she was not going to repent, ask forgiveness for our sins, isn’t it cruel to create a human that is born to sin? Forcing them to gravel for forgiveness, why not create man unable to sin? If man is made in gods image doesn’t that mean that god is just as fallible and sinful as us? And if so why schould we call it god at all? or it was time for her to go to heaven. Either way he was being JUST. Is creating a creature that is unable to follow gods laws and thus destined for eternal suffering being just? Besides a true Christian’s prayer in any case should be that God’s will should be done, Doesn’t this mean that we have no free will? and in that there is a 100% success rate. isn’t living an entire life pre-planned and under surveillance of a super being in the sky a horrible thought? Doesn’t this mean that our lives are totally pointless from our perspective?

4. You may not like this one. Alright I believe that Christians should praise God for everything that happens. If someone hits you in the face do you praise them for it? As I said in the above paragraph God will do what is JUST in every situation, he had a Just reason for everything that happens. How can starvation disease and all the other endless and often needless suffering humanity has and still goes through be called just? But to put it in the words of Jesus unless YOU repent you will likewise perish. If god is just why does he create a large portion of the human race in places where they have never heard of the bible? Is it really just or good on any scale to condemn people to perish and eternal suffering from birth? But in the Bible I think that God makes it clear that because God is merciful, he will not send a child to hell if they are not old enough to understand that they have sinned against God and that they need to repent. How about the people living in the thickest amazon Forrest for example? Or how about all the billions of people that lived before there was a chrisitian faith? If god created man why create so many that will have no information that there exists a god, that he has laws or that there was some guy name jesus somewhere in history?
If god is powerful enough to create the entire universe, why was he unable to give billions of individuals of his own creations any clue that they had to follow a given set of rules?

5. As I said before God is Good and Just and everyone has sinned against his law. As i said before why create people that are unable to follow his rules since breaking the rules results in such harsh punishment? And just as a Good earthly judge should not let a lawbreaker go unpunished so because God is good he CANNOT allow sin to go unpunished. Now you might think that Hell is an unjust place to send people, but God is so Holy that only Hell can be just punishment for sin. How come a creature that is supposed to be just and good has the most severe punishment system ever described? I mean eternal punishment with no possibility of parole for what can only be described as minor crimes? What crime could justify eternal torture and punishment anyway? Let me give you an example. Suppose You lie to your child, what can they do about it? Nothing. Now suppose you lie to your wife/husband, what can they do about it? Well they can make you sleep on the couch :). Now suppose you lie to your boss, well you could get fired. And if you lie to the government it’s called treason and you can get jail time. Now what changed in each of these situations, not the sin, it was a lie every time. It was the authority against whom you lied. Now as the amount of authority of the person you lied to increases, so does the punishment. Now God is the highest authority there is and because you have lied to him, he says that every lie is against him, the punishment is much greater than anything on earth. How can anyone be called just or good if the punishment for a simple lie equals eternity in hell? does a lie really justify the severity of the punishment for all eternity?

I will leave it at that. Now you guys tell me what you think about what religion causes.


25 Responses to Why are religious people so stupid? – Part 2

  1. FloMoZo says:

    EMP; How did I just find this one now?
    I wonder; what has happened to this JesusWarrior? Have you heard back from him? I am guessing he would now be a twenty year-old. Have his beliefs changed? Has he (finally) learned something real on this earth, as he would now be (no longer, I hope== for his sake) not under the thumbs of two raving lunatics?
    You know, I was brought up in a lazy-Catholic home. At about the same age as JW (in 07), I joined the Church of Christ, and i studied the bible.. I even began my university days in a Christian Univ (coo-coo). It did not take me long to figure out that this xian world was a farce. By the age of (almost) 19, I had moved off of that religious campus (insanely religious, where we women were not allowed to wear SLACKS.. were not allowed to wear SHORTS — except IN the gymnasium– and this was TEXAS heat), and I moved in with my boyfriend. Yes, it took me nine months of full immersion into the CofC before I had learned all I needed to know. Within a few more years, constant studying of many different religious texts, I was an avowed atheist.

    I suppose my travel in and out of that crazy-world of religion was a great thing for my own kids. I cannot agree more with you on the subject of IMPRINTING OUR CHILDREN with religion.. My kids were allowed to go to churches or temple with their friends, should they want to go, but when they returned with the questions.. I had REAL answers for them, rather than the fairy tales I had been told.

    My biggest problem with the whole religion and/or god thing is this: WHY does each and every religion believe theirs is the best? Why do they think that only those in THEIR SPECIFIC faith is going to “heaven”? Church of Christ thinks Baptists are going to hell; Baptists are sure Catholics could go nowhere but hell; Catholics tolerate Jews, but know they are also going to hell. Jews think anyone not born to a Jewish mother IS not even HUMAN (so who cares where they go?)…, and on and on. And, who made-up this “Heaven”, anyway? Oh, I know WHY– keep the masses in line– but who? I don’t believe I ever knew that.
    I do know, from my own (death) experiences, there is no such thing as heaven and nobody’s dead grandma is sitting there, awaiting his or her death in order to reconnect with him. That garbage needs to be finally thrown out.
    Good job on another post.. If you hear from the Jebuss Warrior, ask how he is. I’d love to hear his more worldly view, now, assuming he has one.

  2. Muzolf says:

    Hello there, allways nice to see new faces.

    Yes, its allways hardest on those who grew up, have family members or beloved ones who are fanatic about some belief you dont share with the same devotion, or dont share at all. Keep in mind, that his attitude will probably not change with time, and remember that you will have to deal with this the rest of your life, not to mention your children having to deal with this in early life.

    For my part, i was lucky to have grown up in a family where this was not that much of an issue. I was christioned, had to go to first confession, had to go to church and sunday school (Both of wich i have found annoying an unnecessary.) only because of my devout catholic grandmother.

    Yes, those questions i know, and it can be summed up in one.

    “If christians truly beleive in god, why do churches have lightning rods?”

    Its all a joke, really, even if there was or is some god, who, lets say, indeed inspired the writers of the bible or other holy books, had revealed himself to ancient men. Even then, i am still quite certain, that religion, with all their rules ideas, and even the core ideology are purely man made. Why? Because i know their history, and i know how their beleifs changed ower time.

    While they would never admit it, remember that even your devout catholic fiance has more in common with his beleifs with a 20th century atheist, as with a 5th century christian.

  3. Blondie says:

    Alright, I am so glad I came to this website, because this is a topic that has been bothering me for a good 6 months now. I have been dating my boyfriend, an extremely faithful catholic for just about a year. I have been confirmed catholic, made my communion, but was baptized in the protestant church. Growing up, my parents did not take me to church every week at all. Religion was never talked about unless I have questions, and it has never been a part of my life.

    Now that I am dating somebody who is obsessed with going to church every week, and feels that he HAS to get married in the catholic church, I honestly don’t know how much I can take anymore. Since I have been dating my boyfriend, I have finally come to terms with my belief on god and christianity.

    I 100% believe that nobody completely knows what the real truth is. So I think it is completely pathetic for people who are so incredibly religious to be close minded in thinking that their way is the right way. And that is EXACTLY how my boyfriend and JW thinks. Whoever wrote this article, I completely agree with everything you have to say.

    Lately I have been really upset about family friends passing away lately, and my question is, how in the world is that fair? If god is SO great, why would he let bad things happen to good people? And, the point that you brought up about people in the world not even knowing about a god makes me even stronger in my opinion. It just makes me SO MAD that people who are so into their christian faith only believe that their way is the right way. Wake up and smell the coffee people. There are hundreds of religions in this world. NOT ONE RELIGION IS NECCESSARILY RIGHT. SO STOP BEING SO FUCKING BRAINWASHED AND ACTING LIKE YOU KNOW EVERYTHING. BECAUSE GUESS WHAT? YOU DON’T KNOW UNTIL YOU DIE. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW.

    In my opinion, I believe that going to church is a complete waste of time. My boyfriend feels that going to church makes him feel better about himself and gives him hope and time to think. Yeah, well guess what? So does taking a shower, and laying down. He and I almost broke up because we have had fights about a wedding ceremony. I absolutely do not want god involved in my marriage ceremony. I said I would compromise and let a catholic priest do it only if it were not in a church. But of course, with these psycho rules of a religion, a catholic priest won’t do a ceremony outside of a church. Which brings me to another point, WHY ALL THE RULES? Why do you have to confess to a priest? Why no sex before marriage? WHY? For what? As the last person said, religion is man made. I believe if you want to be faithful in believing there is a god, you can do that in your own home, and not constantly promote and go to a church and make other people have to compromise because of your ignorant belief. Do it at home and in private. Quit bringing other people down just because you are brainwashed by your parents and a book that could have been written by a bunch of potheads.

    • Americus says:

      Okay, Im really sorry you had to encounter this type of behavior from a “christian” but obviously “JW” just really doesnt understand christianity. I am a christian, but i am not religious. I belong to a non- denominational church and we are more free and open with our christianity. Because a lot of people are brained washed in their religous churches about who God really is, for example JW, they dont quite understand the whole meaning of it. Im not writing this to force my christianity on anyone, nor am i here to judge because its not my place. its just wierd because i have a very wide range of diverse friends and though im very strong in my faith, I refuse to force it on others or condemn them. we all are our own people and individual so accept that.but let it be known that Jesus Christ, died for the ungodly so that we might be made whole and righteous. When you asked about if God was so mighty and stuff why people are suffering and dying, that was a great question. heres the answer: If you were told “God is in control of everything” its a lie. the truth is that God loved us so much that he gave man free will to have the will to choose him& if he was to be controlling all things the world would be a stiff boring place of robots! God did not want that. God did not MAKE human born to sin! He already knew what was going to happen from the beginning when adam ate from the tree and he saw the suffering that would come from sin so he made Jesus Christ, who knew of NO SIN to die for our sins. God is love. And people ask why did God let a perfect man like Jesus die? Jesus made the choice to save us and his ultimate sacrifice was the separation of God’s love so we never have to live without it. Jesus said at the cross “Lord, why have you forsaken me?” thats the whole point. its already finished and done because Jesus paid the price. Confused christians and religious people always think they are living a “holy” life to go to heaven, but its not for our sake its just living for God to give thanks to him. I really hate religous people who go around, act hol, qoute scripture, and dont know what the heck they’re talking about its very sad. but we all are human and fall short. so my whole point is to say this, Ive been where youre at and ive asked all these questions your wondering& take it as you want but i really apoligize for JW.

      • FloMoZo says:

        Still, in the end, as a Christian (of whatever religion) you have to believe that only you and yours are going to heaven.. right? As this is the case, you must feel you are superior..
        That, as a human, I do find offensive.

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