Why are religious people so stupid?

It is common knowledge that religious people are less intelligent than those who aren’t religious. Religious people blindly follow what they are told by their holy book and or church.

countless studies prove time and again that that dumb people are attracted to religions.

I know the discussion goes back and forth with what amounts to pretty meaningless bickering about the interpretation of this or that text. Who created god? Would a loving god send billions of people to hell? Or for that matter why would god create a person destined for hell in the first place? My god is the true god simply because i believe it to be so! If god created all things as you religious freaks claim, how come he created evil? How stupid are you when you continue believing, when what you believe in has been proved wrong? Why do you want to frustrate and mislead your children? Why does this holy book contradict itself on virtually every page? Why do religious people deny the claims of any other god but their own? some dictator in the past was an atheist. A child survived its a miracle! What about the other 1 million children that died today? Bla, bla, bla, etc, etc, etc. its never ending.

Believing in religion is the clearest proclamation anyone can make that they are a complete moron.

Lets take a second to let this sink inn, since religious people obviously are severely mentally challenged, how schould we treat them? schould we classify them as mentally handicapped? give them special education in childhood etc Or schould we treat them with the utmost disrespect, scorn them like the infectious festering cancer that they are?

I say we schould disrespect them, without their faith many of the atrocities current and in history, would not have happened.

for example the war in Afghanistan and Iraq would never happen without religion . No one kills other human beings as joyfully and easily as religious people, suicide bombers, the American electorate, school and church killings, the list of stupidity or maybe i schould say madness fully anchored in religious belief is virtually endless.

Secondly people can free themselves from religion, and by pestering them and making life as a religious nut as hard as possible more people will free themselves since it wont be lucrative to cling to moronic ancient superstitions anymore.

Just today i had the joy of turning down an religious nut as an applicant for a job, he had put on his CV that he was a christian.

I will harass any religious person i meet to make his life as a moron problematic, so that they can free themselves. those i have helped so far are eternally grateful.


808 Responses to Why are religious people so stupid?

  1. Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the
    amazing spirit.

  2. What’s up, for all time i used to check webpage posts here early in the daylight, since i love to find
    out more and more.

  3. I will pray for you. You need to accept Jesus into your life.

    Jjks. It is actually nice of you to make fun of religious people. I don’t have enough respect for their mental capacity to challenge them.

    • False Flag Catcher! says:

      Which Jesus? The happy one,mean one,kind one. Pro-Jewish one,Anti-Jewish one. Muslim one,War one,Pacifist one. Rich one,poor one ETC.. On,and on! Get a life,or leave us ALL ALONE !

  4. James Fox says:

    That’s a great post, I used to just ignore religious people but I agree that they do need to been ridiculed and made fun of. I think of it as doing my part for humankind.

    If I can save a few from their mental illness and prevent others from becoming infected by the mind-virus which religion is, then that’s good.

  5. Bill says:

    they are deluded, and delusion is powerful

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