Chrisitans fist fight each other!

Yesterday an artist held a exhibition where jesus was depicted in a familiar motive, (the last supper) the only difference was that he was surrounded by gays, lesbians and drag queens.

There had been varnings from various factions that they would demonstrate

Groups of religious idiots from the Christian community, started arguing outside the show, and before long their so called Christian values where out the window. The clash ended in a mass brawl involving over 50 people. Lol there wasn’t any talk about “turning the other cheek!” it was more “kick the unbeliever in the balls!”

Me and my friends had already bought some popcorn and set ourselves up on a small hill overlooking the spectacle, they where punching, yelling, clawing, screaming, pulling and kicking, we laughed our asses off! after about 10 minutes the group of middle aged out of shape religious idiots started to run out of steam, just in time to be arrested by the police.

There has been a lot of lovely extremely negative press about religious stupidity today, i just love it, keep up the good work turning people away from religion 🙂

Under is a picture from the show,



17 Responses to Chrisitans fist fight each other!

  1. max says:

    Thanks for the info on the artist. I visited her website–really like her work a lot.
    yours in the struggle,

  2. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Well , you can be modest but I think ( am not dead sure ) but it is just a hunch that all of you ( Hover ,EMP and you ) are much better than many so called religious people I know ( in terms of being good human beings )

    However,this is no ploy to flatter you guys because I am no sycophant and there is nothing for me to gain by saying what I said . This is just what I feel .

    Well ,sometimes ,I have thought crazy and thankfully I never held a gun . When I was a young boy in the Middle East ,I even went to stab my brother . Now,when I look at it ,I feel bad given that my brother loves me so much

    Life is crazy .I guess you guys know what I mean . I wish people could be more tolerant .

    Life can be terrible when you have personal setbacks but can be beautiful when you have someone you love with your life .

    I always believe that a true gentleman is a person who would be a gentleman even when he knows he can get away if he did shit . A guy who would be a gentleman even where there is no law

  3. Muzolf says:

    Nevermind, i looked around on the net, and found out that it was Jeanne de Clisson, or the “Lioness of Britanny”. These old stories are really getting blurred inside my head, maybe i should read trough my books again.

  4. Muzolf says:

    Thanks Hover, i only remebered the most infamous ones. Charls Vane, ect…

    Any idea what the ladies name was who became a pirate after her husband, who was a noble was accused, killed and stripped of his posessions? She was allso french, and she was quite succesful in her revenge on the french king, that i know, but the name eludes me.

  5. hoverfrog says:

    “Just that atheists do not claim that they are better behaved than anyone else though some of them think they are smarter” well the prison population has a higher percentage of theists than atheists and the majority of leading scientists are atheist so I guess we do make these claims.

    Muzolf, Stede Bonnet was commonly known as the “Gentleman Pirate” but “The Corsair” Jean Lafitte was the pirate who was a big hit with the ladies of the Caribbean Coast.

  6. Muzolf says:

    Ehhm Matt. Its flattering, but you should maybe reconsider your judgement. I could be a mass murderer, that i try to have manners while on the net, only proves that i have some manners, and thats it.

    There was a french pirate, – I forgot his name. – Who kissed the hands of his female captives and allways upheld a civil tinge, even when he had his captives walk the plank. 🙂

    Im pretty sure im not the most kind and benevolent person around here, as a fact, im sure im not even the most benevolent person in the room im sitting right now. ( There are currenty five other people working here. ) Actually, i sometimes have horrible ideas, and i can be inpulsive enough, that i would never trust myself having a gun. I even had a period where i saw the whole of humanity as nothing more then vermin wich should be eradicated before any more harm to nature is done. That said, you probably allready guessed what the closest thing is to what i would worship, if i had any kind of religion.

  7. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Well ,I think you are getting me all wrong again

    I reiterate that atheists can be very nice people

    For example ;in spite of the verbal abuses spewed upon me by EMP and you at times ,I think both of you are nice human beings .You just hate religion

    Muzolf is without doubt a nice human being .

    However,there are many Christians and atheists who are really bad human beings . So ,just criticising human beings for being hypocritical holds no relevance.

    Just that atheists do not claim that they are better behaved than anyone else though some of them think they are smarter

  8. hoverfrog says:

    I’ve got to agree with everyone else then. It’s like saying that people do bad things because they don’t believe in fairies. It doesn’t tell you anything about what they do believe in and hence nothing about what motivates them.

  9. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    No ,I do not know of any stupid or evil things done by secular humanists if they are really that . However,I know many atheists who do shitty things .Right here in Germany .

  10. hoverfrog says:

    Secular humanism is a moral code outside of the theistic viewpoint. Do you have any examples of stupid or evil things done by secular humanist or in the name of secular humanism?

  11. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Muzolf ,

    You are spot on again about the fact that Atheism is not a belief system .It is actually about not believing .

    Atheism is commonly divided into two types: strong atheism and weak atheism

    Weak atheism, also sometimes referred to as implicit atheism, is simply another name for the broadest and most general conception of atheism: the absence of belief in any gods. A weak atheist is someone who lacks theism and who does not happen to believe in the existence of any gods

    Strong atheism, also sometimes referred to as explicit atheism, goes one step further and involves denying the existence of at least one god, usually multiple gods, and sometimes the possible existence of any gods at all.

    The Christians who claimed a monopoly over morals and fought over silly things were stupid . However, there are atheists who also claim they are nice people without having to be religious but are equally debased.

    I did not claim to be better than anyone else .Can you tell me when I claimed to be better than you or EMP ? EMP is the one who started calling me a fool and who started challenging my intelligence ? Why ? Because I believed in something and he does not . Who is he to question my intelligence ? I never said in my life that atheists are evil monsters and never think that one has to have a religion to be a nice person. I know you were not talking about me but you are generalising .I admit that it is quite hard to find Christians like me because most of the Christians I know even if they are basically nice ,would not like to be friends with an atheist .That sucks!

  12. Muzolf says:

    Matt, the comparsion has one terminal fault.

    Atheism is not a standardised belief system, it doesnt involves having the same moral codex. Christanity suppesdly have one, its just that no christians seems to follow it.

    As far as i see it, Escapeds point is, its hipocrisy to claim a moponpoly on morals, and then act just the same as anyone else.

    Becouse this is what christians do, they claim to be better as anyone else, mock people who dont share they beliefs and post crap on the internet how atheists are evil monsters, ect and then they act just as bad as anyone else, or even worse. And before you ask, im not talking about you, but the majority of christians sites i can see on the net, and the people who get in my way when i arrive back from work, and preach me about how jesus loves evryone, only to look at me like i was something they stepped in when i tell “Sorry im an atheist”.

  13. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    If I look around ,I can also give you examples of stupid things done by atheists now and then in Germany . Does it prove anything?

    EMP ; You keep claiming others are stupids

    You are a lying ,arrogant and ignorant schlemiel

  14. Hi Max

    Dont worry i wont go fanatical (unless you say something moronic religious)

    The artist name is Elisabeth Ohlson

    She has done a lot of different work that is just hilarious.

    The picture where the apostles are homosexual s&m guys just cracks me up.

    I saw her in an interview she is funny as hell

    I seam to remember reading something about her last thing, i think she had depicted Jesus dying of aids, there was the usual whoo haaa from the religious moron croud.

  15. max says:

    I LOVE this painting!!! Thanks for posting it.
    Do you know where I can find the name of the artist?
    in the spirit of full disclosure, I will confess that I am one of those idiots who believe in God…
    and this painting is an excellent rendering of the story (whether you believe it’s true or totally fabricated) of Jesus as it’s written down.
    anyway, it’s a terrific piece of artwork.
    yours in the struggle,

    ps not that you have any reason to care what I think, but for the record…
    I don’t think you’re going to hell for not believing the way I believe.
    For other stuff, maybe, but not for that 😉
    [that last part is a joke… don’t get all fanatical on me…]

  16. It was so funny overweight, middle class religious idiots screaming and yelling. LOL
    it wasn’t anywhere near the supposed Christian behavior they proclaim to follow and advocate.

    I laughed so hard it was such a hilarious spectacle.

  17. hoverfrog says:

    So the religious sects were fighting amongst themselves? Very enlightened.

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