Therapy to cure your religion!

I haven’t been taking much part in the discussion over that last week, and with good reason, i have set up a campaign to help people rid themselves of their old religious superstitions.

I got the idea after reading about a church that offered therapy, to gay and lesbian people to help them shake their sexuality, i laughed so hard i thought my sides where going to burst! this stuff was unreal.

They offered “a four-day course designed for parents with teens struggling with same-sex attraction, pornography, and/or promiscuity. Lecture, workshops, and break-out discussion groups promised to give participants the information and tools to defend righteousness in their homes while interacting with their family.”


Just so everyone is on the same page here, sexual orientation is something you are born with, no one can choose it! Even what sex you feel you belong to is determined by the amount of testosterone you are exposed to during a few weeks shortly after conception.

A lesbian can no more help her condition then a person can help being borne with blue eyes or black or white skin!.

Anyway the religious sexual suppression seminar gave me a great idea! A anti religion seminar!

During this week i held 2 anti seminars, we mirrored the sexual suppression folder almost to the letter.

Over 50 attended about 20 Muslim and about 25 Christians and some Mormons.

we held “a four-day course designed for parents with teens to learn to talk about sexuality and sexual attraction, pornography, and/or promiscuity and lust. Safety in exploring sexuality as well as freeing yourself and your family from meaningless archaic religious dogma and superstition. Lecture, workshops, and break-out discussion groups promises to give participants the information and tools they need to ensure a safer transition into adulthood and preparing you and your child to deal with the world as it is today, without the need to refer to bronze age superstition.”

quite unexpectedly it was a roaring success! i have been asked to hold more seminars, i already have 200 requests.

It (the meeting) started out extremely hostile, most parent refusing to even accept that their little angel was one day going to be an adult, but after some discussions and explanations things settled into a nice cooperative seminar.

On the questionnaire for the seminar over 60% answered that they where going to leave their chursh / mosk and 90% described the experience as liberating. 100% of teens answered they now felt they could talk honestly to their parents. It went over all expectations. The parents feel safer, the teens feel liberated and more responsible, families talking to each other in a new honest manner,,, a roaring success.

So my conclusion is unlike sexual orientation, religious superstition can be treated , its easy to fix and can be done in just 2 evenings.

Quote: Civilization will not attain to its perfection until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest!


136 Responses to Therapy to cure your religion!

  1. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    You must be really smart George

  2. george says:

    fuck you all

  3. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Some of them use it as an excuse . People like you and me may even quote religion as the reason for such people to do what they did . We have given Islam quite a lot of time . Islam came into existence about 600 years after Christianity .I think it is high time they changed too . Many Christians were no better than the many Muslims long back but then again , Christianity or at least Christians have evolved with time . Live in the present my friend . Islam is still in the dark ages and will remain so .

  4. Muzolf says:

    No you dont understand it dont you. They did not use it as an exuse in the first place, that came after the deed, before that comes motivation wich came directly from religion. The religion that told them that wiches and satan worshippers lurk on evry corner.

    How came pagan religions, politheistic and shaministic ones never had anything like the which hunts? How came the same people could behave as long as they were not christians, but as soon as christanity came they all went crazy, yet you deny your religions involvment in it?

    Moslems can pretty much become moderate, there a lot of moderate Moslems, most of them, like christian moderates, have no idea what their religion is actually about.

    Yes i do have an answer, since Christanity is older, and its original form is actually worst as Islam, people in these countries have allready learned to dismiss fundamentalism. Life in these countries is better becouse Religious rule has been abolished, NOT becouse religion is still around. I look forward to the day when the same thing happens in Moslem countries, altough the current cultrural conflict between west and east gives Islam fundies an exuse, wich makes it unlikely that this happens any time soon.

    Of corse i know your answer to that allready, so please matt go and educate yourself about the dark ages of europe, and the enlightment. You will see that around the same age islam is now, Christanity was no better, as a matter of fact, it was worst in many ways. And maybe doe some research on the people who made it possible that we live in free countries, where science and intellect flurishes, you fill find that many of them had been killed by Christians simply for not agreeing with them.

  5. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    You did quote controversial passages in the NT but nothing was as clear about killing other people as in the OT . Some passages in the NT only talk about punishment and never asks Christians to take the law into their own hands .

  6. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Of course, then , it was the majority . You say that the people no longer follow what ? Does the NT ask people to kill people ? Those guys who killed so called witches or whatever were nothing crazy people . They just used Christianity as an excuse. Also ,if Christians can become more moderate but most Muslims cannot , does it not say something ? You might tell me that they need more time . It is only getting worse and not better. Lebanon used to be one of the most liberal Muslim countries in the world . Now, they have a lot of extremists.

    The law in countries with Christian majorities stop fundamentalists from doing what they want to do . Why doesn’t the law in countries with Muslims stop fundamentalists from doing what they want to do ? Do you have an answer ?

    I know most Christian fundamentalists would see me as a danger and curse me . As if I care . I asked you to quote passages from the NT that asked people to kill other people . You only quote the Old Testament

  7. Muzolf says:

    Matt the people burning witches, and exterminating other religion were pretty much the majority of christians for several hundread years. That these things dont happen ( Or at least, not in europe. ) now is not because Christanity became better, its becouse people themselves no longer follow it. “Moderate” christians today have some ideas about that there is a probably a god, they feel good about the idea of an afterlife and thats it. They dont act on religion they dont follow most rules of the bible, most of them never even read the bible. They have only wage assumtions what their religion is actually about, or its history.

    The ones who have strong ties to and follow it to the latter are just as bad as before, like the conquistators, the inquisitoion and wich hunters. They are called fundamentalists today, and the only thing that changed is, that today they are the minority, and the laws stop them from doing what they whant… that is, most of the time it does.

    And dont bring up yourself as an example again becosue you Matt, may have strong ties your religion, but you are at best a Christian Heretic, but i would say you only think you are christian, as you totally flip over your religions teachings and you more likely a deist. You do not follow and you do not read, you only look at the bilble, and refuse to see its stupidity and its unjust and violent nature.

  8. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Of course it is not a point for religion . All I am saying ,that there is a problem with the religion if the majority of its followers are nutcases or murder because of it . Religion can influence you negatively only if you are crazy . That is my point . My religion has not made me do any bad thing till date. I can proudly say that . So , if you are crazy ,you will do crazy things and then quote religion for it .

    Get it now ? So ,how is religion to blame ? For that matter, any atheist could kill a Christian and tell that he killed the Christian because religion is bad and is causing a lot of trouble in the world . The atheist is right on that front too , Religion is creating a lot of trouble . So ,is he okay then ? Can I say atheism sucks because of that especially when you have quite aggressive atheists like EMP ? Religion causes trouble but why ? Because of idiots .They will cause trouble anyways if there was no religion

  9. Muzolf says:

    Now if a sensible person doesnt lets himself be infulenced by religion how is that a point pro religion? You seem to be confusing things here.

    Its not about how you interpret your religion, its about not misusing power that was given to you for other reasons. That is not a point pro or against religion, thats a point about how state officals in a secular govermnent should behave. I can point out the same with moslem state officals in turkey who know not to push religion into the picture.

  10. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Ha ha I caught you there . You yourself say that if a person is sensible even if he is religious , he will not allow himself to be influenced by his religion .This is my point . So ,how is religion to blame because it clearly shows that only assholes interpret their religion in the wrong way and do what they would have done anyways . People who hate other races find something in their religion to commit atrocities and then to feel guilt free , they tell that their religion said so even though nothing like that may be written . I would never attack a homosexual and I would always gladly be friends with atheists though the Bible says being homosexual is a sin and not to accept God is not acceptable . However, it does not say that I should kill such people or not associate with such people . If the Bible told me to kill homosexuals or atheists, I would just stop reading the Bible because if a God asks you to kill people and thinks it is okay , then I do not need to worship that God .

    Well,you would only be dismissed from that position if there were enough people who thought that way . The USA has enough sensible people and many of them are Christian . What does that say ? Don’t you see that there are not as many sensible people in many Muslim countries . Why ? Because they are rabid and their religion is all that matters .Says a lot about their religion .I can show you a thousand tolerant Christians who would not kill you even if you said Jesus was crap . However, I would struggle to find even ten Muslims who would not kill you if you even said something bad about Mohammed

  11. Muzolf says:

    No, what i mean is that a sensible politican or a judge will not let him or herself be infulenced by religion. If they respect their own constitution they will not promote christanity even if they themselves are christians, becouse its states the separation of church and state clearly.

    What i mean is, say you would be a judge, lets say in your opinion shool prayer is a good idea ( Lets not discuss if you think this or not. ), but the law, or at least the constitution tells, that its forbidden for the teachers to ask children to pray. What do you do then?

    Somebody who knows what the difference is between what the law tells is right and what you feel to be right will not be infulenced by his religion, becouse a judge, a lawyer, and a state offical is in that position for the former, and not the latter.

    Of corse many times people misuse their positions to pursue their personal or some factions agendas, but this is abusing their position. So when you are a state offical in a secular state you are a secular state offical, REGARDLESS OF WICH RELIGION YOU BELONG TO. If you base decisions on your religions teachins as opoosed of what the law says you are abusing your position, that is a form of corruption, and with any justice in the system you will be dismissed from that position.

  12. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Interesting point you made . Are you telling me none of the people who can make decisions are Christians or maybe Christian fundamentalists ? George Bush and his like are in positions of power yet the USA is not like Saudi Arabia . It does say a bit about the difference in religions . I will give you an example . Go to Saudi Arabia , tell a commoner there that Islam sucks or something like that and you will most probably be killed. Do that in Texas or in other southern states. I will bet my ass you will most probably come back in one piece. You might be shouted at or even beaten but I had bet any day that you had come out alive rather than you were in Saudi Arabia . That pretty much sums it up .

  13. Muzolf says:

    Nope, luckily the USA is not a democracy, its a republic. Wich means rather rule of the law as rule of the people. If the majority had a say in the USA, science classes would have been replaced with sunday scool a while ago.

    Its not Christians who stop Bush or some other fundie from giving a tough time to other faiths, its the courts, and more sensible politicans. Aaand i would like to mention that quite a lot of state money goes to christian organisations in the usa, while other religious organisations get nuff, so there is discrimination, altough its positive discrimination for Christians. ( Wich is still discrimination, even if its of the lighter sort. )

    And i would like to mention that Atheists are still persecuted trough different ways. For inscance if you and you partner cant have children of your own, you live in the usa, you better make sure the state doesnt knows your an atheist when trying to adopt a baby. Becouse most low lever state officals are still bigoted christians and it has been reported several times that parents seeking to adopt a child were turned down if they were atheists. The only reason why they dont do it with other religions is becosue they dont whant to hear about religious persecution in the USA, and discriminating against those who are not religious somehow doesnt counts as religious persecution.

  14. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Well,you say that George Bush is a Christian fundamentalist and yet if he were ,how come he is not making sure the other people ( who are not Christians ) have a tough time ? I mean he could draft some laws ,could he not ? I know what you will say . That they cannot do it anymore in the USA. If they can do it in SA , why not in the USA. Shows most Christians there would not allow it . Shows the difference between Islam and Christianity .

  15. Muzolf says:

    How can they survive? The same as hindus, buddhists, moslems and other religions do.

    Wery simple.

    The usa is not the christian version of saud arabia or iran. There are many religions there and while christian fundies would love to burn them, the laws tell that people can follow whatever religion they whant even if the majority doesnt likes them. President bush himslef may have called wicca wichcraft, but the courts would still punish people burning a wiccan just like they would punish any other murder.

    And of corse there is the issue of upholding the picture of your religion. In the middle ages maybe it was ok to lynch someone if you claimed that he was in leage with the devil, today this is no longer acceptable, christans can no longer burn and persecute people while claiming to be the good guys. Today if you tie a child and its mother to a pole and burn them, anybody with half a brain will call you a monster, and it doesnt shows your religion in a wery good light. ( That of corse doesnt stops catholic priests in Zimbabwe doing it. )

  16. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    I am like you Muzolf in a way . I hate fucking fundamentalists and people who are so gullible to believe priests or any religious leaders blindly .They are the kind of people who would jump into fire if a priest told them to .

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