Religious poem

This poem just cracked me up,,,,,,,

What A Friend We Have…

Why should it matter what you think
or what you hold as real,
eternal fires or black vampires
or prayers before a meal.

Best be happy and feel safe
enjoy the summer breeze.
God’s the force that makes things go,
from bugs to rocks to seas.

Like puppets on the magic string
beyond the grasp of reason,
logic, fact, and common sense,
are heresy and treason.

The wars, the hate and misery
you shake your heads and sigh,
and blame it on those other faiths,
those ones based on a lie.

Those false religions of the world,
with their misguided flocks,
and silly childish rituals
and multi-colored frocks.

How can they be so darned naive
to pass on heaven’s deal.
The one your parents taught to you
must certainly be real.

Forget that they have certainty,
and that they smirk at you.
As confident that their beliefs
are righteous through and through.

Pity all those other flocks,
believing all is well.
And then to learn the truth in death
and meet the fires of hell.

And will god sadly shake his head
and marvel at their blunder
or will he simply turn away
and laugh in booming thunder?

Russel E. Barefoot


46 Responses to Religious poem

  1. Ionatan says:

    I’m a Romanian Christian writer, a poet of Crist. I have a little In English section of Christian poetry on my blog:
    Do you want te see it? Thank you and God bless you.

  2. LOL i love it hover Musical LOL

  3. hoverfrog says:

    Your question was: “Am I free to have any interpretation that is just as valid as it’s original meaning?”

    The answer: Of course you are free to interpret it in any way you wish. That doesn’t make you right but you have that freedom.

    The original intent of the writing being only as clear as the language used. That’s why we have lawyers after all.

    If I say “all Christians should be fed to the lions” am I being ironic, sarcastic or truthful. I know the answer and, believe me, we don’t have that many lions left on the planet. You may interpret it any way that you like though. Of course if you interpret “all Christians should be fed to the lions” as meaning we shoudl all go out for ice cream together and compose a musical featuring dancing geese then I’d have to question your sanity.

    This is the state I get into when I listen to people’s interpretations of biblical passages or people who accept on “Truth” that is countered by a different “Truth” in the same book. I could argue semantics all day as long as you don’t try to kill me because my interpretation differs from yours. Sadly that is the situation we have in parts of the world.

  4. Geno says:

    Surely you don’t believe what you just said in response to my 2nd question! My point is asking that question is that we have to believe in original intent. The author meant something and we cannot come up with an interpretation that means something else. Is my interpretation as valid as the authors intent?

    If so, then my interpretation of all the writings here on the Escaped Mental Patient is that you guys all really believe in the God of the bible, but have a little trouble coming up with the right words. Am I on safe ground?

    If not, why do we accept just anyone’s interpretation of the Bible?

    Have a good! 🙂

  5. hoverfrog says:

    Sadly reading that book is on my “to do” list.

    However, you can’t have a holy war based on Atheism which is, by definition, a lack of religious belief. However that is merely semantics so I put it another way: If I read Mein Kampf and start a war against “non-Aryans” is this the fault of the book, the message held within its pages and ultimately the writer of the book? Or is it my fault for believing in the words?

    Without the book you can’t have the belief and yet I’d still place most of the blame on the person for being taken in. I’m too much of an independent person to think otherwise. Having said that mobs (crowds, congregations, clubs, etc) follow different psychology that individual human beings and are likely to belief anything that they are told.

    Your second question: Of course you are but if your actions contravene society’s laws then you could lose that freedom.

  6. Geno says:

    my last sentence should have read;
    “My second question is, Am I free to have my own personal interpretation that is just as valid as his original meaning?

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