Question to all Christians?

Yesterday i thought of something, all you people that believe in Christianity and the Christian faith etc.

If Christ died for your sins? how dare you make his martyrdom meaningless by trying not to committ them?

I say “Trying not to commit” Since we all know you all suck at it worse than a 2 dollar whore! But anyway, wouldn’t the right cause of action for you guys to honor his sacrifice be to to Whore, drink, swear, lie, cheat, stea……

Wait? Maybe this is what you are doing already?


121 Responses to Question to all Christians?

  1. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Yes, I have heard about the baptism thingy . It is however more of an acceptance of Christ . I have also heard that if you are not baptized ,you will never go to heaven though I am not sure where the Bible talks about this . Remember this , many things are taught by the church some of which was never indicated in the Bible . Some priests have this habit of twisting things and telling it as they feel it is . They may be terribly wrong .

    There are some things about Christianity that confuse me too . I never said I understood Christianity to the core , did I ?

    Many fundamentalist Christians would deem me a heretic

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