The ultimate example against the Christian faith.

A friend of mine asked me what would be the best argument against the Christian faith, i thought about this for a while. I mean what do you chose when the selection to choose from is almost infinite. After all just the Christian posters to my blog gives me loads of sad examples to choose from.

I thought about using the crusades, or the klaptokratic dictatorial rule over Europe and the rest of the world or maybe i schould point to the inquisition? or perhaps burning people alive at the stake for imaginary thought crimes etc etc etc etc, the historical palette offers boundless choice on this subject.

I dismissed these as examples due to the fact that not everyone can relate to historic suffering, even though its suffering and abuse on a monumental scale.

No i decided to restrict my choice to current affairs, not that that really narrowed the choice down much. I mean with female sexual mutilation, child molesting priests, tv evangelists begging for money, etc, etc, etc, etc. The current palette, just like the historical, offers a baffling array of almost boundless choice of examples of Christian, abuse, opression, corruption, moral deprivation ,violence, injustice, stupidity, etc,etc,etc the list just goes on and on and on.

After considerable consideration i decided to use the following as the ultimate example against the Christian faith.


Yes George w Bush.

Hero to none, vindictive, speechless, moronic, a true Christian dimwit with a flare for the use of violence.


I desided to choose GW as the ultimate example, not only is he a piss poor leader, he is an idiot. i chose to use him because he was elected, not because he was a good leader, not because he was a good politician nor is he learned or a man of action,,, no he was mainly elected because he is a Christian with conservative (read – archaic old fashioned) values.

So thanks to the stupid Christian masses of America we now have the Iraq war a free falling American economy that is in death for the coming generation, we also have no progress on environmental issues or improvements in living conditions anywhere in the third world.

So thanks to all you Christian Americans that voted this clown into office, the rest of the world takes solace in the fact that your own children will suffer with the rest of us in the foreseeable future.

anyways this is my favorite ultimate example against the Christian faith, does anyone else have any ideas? i would love to hear them.






85 Responses to The ultimate example against the Christian faith.

  1. C.j . says:

    If a man deresis like a notzie seas he is a notzie dose that make him a notzie? No it dos not.
    So just because one man CLAMSE to be a Christian dose that make him a Christan?

  2. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Wrong ! I am not being delusional . Bush and his aides are Christian fundamentalists . They would not support Israel if it was attacking Arab Christians . So ,there is a big difference. You are right about anti Semitism being present among people of both religions but the Christians are more tolerant of the Jews than the Muslims ( in general ) .You cannot deny this fact. There are many groups in the USA ( Christian ) who want the USA to be even more helpful to the Jewish cause.

    I reverted to the two negatives point but only because you said that the Jews were the aggressors all the time or at least implied that .

    You still keep talking about the past. Don’t you see it ? The Germans for example have so many partial laws for the Jews now . Call it a feeling of guilt or whatever. But , in most of Europe ,Jews are welcome at least by the men in power .

    I live in Germany and I have seen how some laws are relaxed only for the Jews.

  3. Muzolf says:

    Ha now your just being delusional again. If they are christian or muslim doesnt makes a big difference, antimsemitism grows rampant in both religions, and if israel would have been stuffed somwhere in europe, the only difference would have been, here they would have been successfully eliminated.

    Arabs attacked during the Yom Kippur, so whats your point? Israel and the USA had bombarded arabic countries during Arabic holidays. Again you revert to the two negatives point. Im not trying to prove that Arabs or Muslems are all nice people and only victims, im about to prove that they are only one side of a the problem. A problem having its roots in religion.

    And dint think christians would be nicer to isrealis, during the crusades christian knights looted and slaughtered jew communities just like they did loot the muslem ones.

  4. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    I was just replying to your statement that it was only the Israelis who attacked first. The Arabs attacked them during the Yom Kippur season and you have nothing to say about it . Why did you ignore that ?

    Of course, there is a lot of lies . Might is right to an extent and this is sad. The Jewish lobby is powerful and usually the Muslims are demonized. However, no one is guilt free. Sometimes ,the Israelis start conflicts saying it is preemptive and sometimes the Arabs start it quoting some other reason .

    I would not demonize Israel if the majority of the Arabs were Christian . The fact remains if they were Christian , this conflict would not occur anyway. So ,your argument holds no relevance. If they were Christian ,the USA would not give Israel the moral support. See, Muzolf , I am no expert but what I think is that the Israelis would be more cautious or rather behave if they did not have the support of the USA. What do you think ? For the Israelis , the Jewish Lobby in the USA and the support from the USA is very important.

  5. Muzolf says:

    Yes yes i know this argument. If other do it, theyr dirty agressors, if we do it, its a preemtive strike.

    Wake up, and see trough the media deception that is going on. 90% of what you are told are lies and twisted facts, or facts taken out of context. There are no “good” and “bad” sides, only the victorius and underdogs. Abuses occur when there is an ubalance of power, and there is an absolute unbalance of power here. Of course the one who has the upper hand can magnify the deeds of his enemis and nicely put away his own.

    But this isnt the real point anywhay right? The issue is, one side here are muslems. I bet if the populus of egypt, syria, and the palestinians were christian, but doing exactly the same things, you would demonise Israel.

    The truth neither any of them neither you can see that on both side, there are simply, people. Some more sophisticated as others, yes, but the only real reason for the problems is religion. The egyptians, the Syrians, the palestinians and yes the Israelis too, they all whant only to live. However politicans do whant more, and religious zealots too. And the great masses on all sides buy the lies of their own, and fear the other. And preemtive strike or not, if my country is attacked, by another country wich simply appeared there, with clearly buig territorial ambitions, i would feel threatened too.

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