Here you go morons! i hope many of you loose your faith!

You can thank me later!


2 Responses to GOD IS SUPER NEATO!!!

  1. LOL yes they really are selective when they put their religious glasses on, i really wonder how they can deceive themselves like that.

  2. Susie says:

    that’s what they get for not praying hard enough!!!!!
    …. totally kidding 🙂
    I hate when religious people turn shit like this around and say “they deserved it” – didnt jesus say all that ‘love thy neighbor’ shit? Oh wait, Christians like to do selective reading when it comes to the bible…. like their reason for their homophobia: “homosexuality is an abomination!” well, other ‘abominations’ in the bible include: eating pork or shelled fish, cutting your hair, getting a tattoo, touching pigskin, wearing blended fabrics, or having sex with your wife when she is on the rag – amongst other things. but no one seems to bring that up….
    What was it god said… something about using THE WHOLE FUCKING BIBLE and not just pieces..? oh yeah, “Whatever I am now commanding you, you must keep and observe, adding nothing to it, taking nothing away” Deuteronomy Chp 13 Verse 1.

    not that it matters to ME what the bible says, because the bible is human made claptrap. but, unfortunately, it matters to like 75% of America.
    Wow.. I’m really good at leaving rambling comments on your blog! haha 🙂

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