Melanie the christian crackpot.

I moderate all comments to my blogg, this is because a lot of the posts are meaningless gibberish in capital letters about how i will burn in hell for criticizing religion or a claim about how the posters religion is the only right one. Usually these posts contain some wishful quote to some obscure interpretation of some holy verse that are presented as evidence.

I delete most of these since they are meaningless and of no interest to anyone, all other posts go up unedited. However sometimes some of these posts stand out as prime examples of how deranged you actually have to be to be religious, one such example came yesterday from Melanie Stephan. This woman is so far gone that i don’t think she will ever recover.

I have given Islam a lot of flack lately, neglecting the other major superstitions so today i will highlight how incredebly deranged Christians are, based on Melanies post on my article why are muslims so mindless and stupid.

Here is Melanies post i have commented on how ridiculous this post really is below.

“This is an important message, please read and pass it along. God has made contact. The message is about Revelation. The message is from God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost respectively. It was sent in the Spring of 2006. It is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First . The message is this: In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death. What does this mean? In other words this means Birth is Last and Last is Birth. To understand this don’t think from point A to point B. Think of this as a continous circle of life. Birth, Life, Death, Birth. God also said that Judgment will be before Birth in Heaven. AS birth on Earth is painful so will birth in Heaven. It is possible that this message was delivered by one of God’s Angels in the Spring of 2006. Yes, God has made contact and he sent a messenger. Spread this message along, just like a chain letter. Tell two people. OH, one more thing of interest. Did you know that Mike Douglas died on his Birthday. Melanie Stephan”

Here is a woman that actually believe that an almighty god has entrusted her with delivering a message on his behalf? in code none the less. A host of questions immediately comes to mind.

– Why would an omnipotent all powerful creature, that exists in no less than 3 forms, need to rely on chain mail just to deliver a message?

– Why would he send a message that can only be described as meaningless gibberish?

– Would an omnipotent being really be unable to deliver a message that is clear and easy to understand, i mean even my 5 year old son manages to do this?

– Why would he use a messenger without any credibility?

– Why would he use email? why not just put the message up in the sky or directly in front of our eyes?

– Why would an omnipotent being that supposedly cares about us try to confuse us with a message that can be interpreted as anything? is he cruel? does he enjoy making us frustrated?

– Why would a message from an omnipotent being suffer a one year delay before it reached me?

– What does Michael Douglas have to do with it?

– Why is dying on ones own birth day anything special? thousands of people do this every year?

The answer is of course that Melanie is a religious idiot, and that her post is nothing more that the delusional fabrication of a religious idiots, twisted sick mind.

To more clearly illustrate this i have re written Melanies comment, i have exchanged the religious link with something just as ridiculous but not shielded from free en query like religion is. the changed words are in bold italic.

“This is an important message, please read and pass it along. the Goldfish has made contact. The message is about the blue planet. The message is from the Goldfish, the Seahorse and the holy Seaweed respectively. It was sent in the Spring of 2006. It is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First . The message is this: In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death. What does this mean? In other words this means Birth is Last and Last is Birth. To understand this don’t think from point A to point B. Think of this as a continous circle of life. Birth, Life, Death, Birth. The Goldfish also said that Judgment will be before Birth in the ocean. AS birth on Earth is painful so will birth in the sea be. It is possible that this message was delivered by one of the Goldfish’s Jellyfish in the Spring of 2006. Yes, the Goldfish has made contact and he sent a messenger. Spread this message along, just like a chain letter. Tell two people. OH, one more thing of interest. Did you know that Mike Douglas died on his Birthday. Melanie Stephan”

Look how stupid it is and all i did was exchange the fictional, with things that actually exists.


20 Responses to Melanie the christian crackpot.

  1. adobe says:

    Yes, Melanie is a nutter. Seems religion torpedoes the mind, hard wires the brain, set to Stupidity ad infinitum. Problem is within a few generations this setting may be genetically permanent. Hence we have a pretty stupid USA these days…

  2. Melanie is trying to use a singular trick extracted from NLP and applied out of context and meaning, thus it makes no sense even the parts she tries to emphasise.

    Like most people trying to employ such techniques she fails miserably.

    TIP: learn NLP properly before trying to employ it.

  3. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Hard to comprehend everything happening here . he he .Some text makes no sense .( Both believers and non believers )

  4. Muzolf says:

    Anywhay, she may be a cracpot, she may be not. This glibberlish, actually makes sense. No, not in the way anyone with common sense would expect it. Its not whats in the text, but rather how it is made up. I recognised the method, as i learned politology, and know about political marketing a bit. Those who prepare political speeches do the same. Its really easy once it is explained. The point it, to make it confusing and long as hell, -You have to admit these to are accomplished here nicely.- so nobody will understand what the heck you are talking about most of the time.

    But you put some emphasis on one part of the message, wich you really whant to to tell. Why? Becouse people wont remember half of what you told, but they will remember the message. The message wich they wont be able to question, becouse it is surrounded by information they cant make head and tails of. The best is is when they can do it in a way, so you wont even see the message, but it is implanted into your subconsciusness.

    The marketing experts, writers of political speaches often forget however, reading, is not working as listening. And you cannot put emphasis on the real message without revealing the fact that you are doing this. And while people are usually content to listen to a longer speech, they get easily bored with longer texts to read. So probably she is only copypasting some religious leaders speech, or simply intimitates the method without knowing its workings, thus presenting it in a useless way.

  5. Muzolf says:

    Umm, stop referring to escaped as EMP. EMP is electromagnetic pulse, its damn confusing, for evry time you write it, i think of nuclear explosions.

  6. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Hey Melanie ,welcome ;

    Keep the EMP busy while I keep him busy elsewhere .

    Good work ! Keep going

  7. Melanie Stephan says:

    One important point here is that on July 20, 2007 (posted above), Melanie has linked Merv Griffin to Mike Douglas before Merv dies in August. Merv dies the day after Mike. This is one piece of proof that the message is from God.

  8. Melanie Stephan says:

    Sorry I meant to say: Now I get it. I also think that your intelligent. If you can do the math on the Birthdays. Then connect the Links, you will get it too. Just a small piece of proof.

  9. Melanie Stephan says:

    Hi EMP, don’t give up on me yet.
    Last night I am watching the national news. It is about Merv Griffins eulogy. Nancy Reagan, Merv’s life long friend, says that they had many things in common, they even share the same Birthday, July 6. Now I find this very interesting. If this has any meaning, I don’t get it.
    This morning I have a waking dream. In my thinking voice I hear , ‘We each die in succession, then we are born on the same day’ (in Heaven). Now it get it.

  10. Melanie havent you figured out yet that i dont read your nonsense?

    i dont care if you swallow every conspiracy theory out there, i just dont give a shit about what you say? havent you figured that out yet?

  11. Melanie Stephan says:

    HI, EMP. I heard on the news that Merv Griffin, Jr just died August 12, 2007 he was born July 6, 1925. He was born he was both a singer and then a TV talk show host. His life was very much like Mike Douglas
    Mike Douglas aka Michael Delaney Dowd, Jr. born Aug. 11, 1925 dies Aug. 11, 2006.
    Both men had almost identical lives, both were singers turned talk show hosts. Both men were named after their fathers, hence the Jr. at the end of there names.
    What I find interesting here is that both were born the same year. Mike dies on his birthday. Merv lives one year, one month, one day longer than Mike. Merv dies the day after Mike dies. This means that the radio anouncer on 95X was a prophet. God must have gotten in his head and he got Mike and Merv confused.

  12. Melanie Stephan says:

    Here is more of what God had to say, it is numbered 01., but that is Binary Octal reversed for 8. God counts in Octal. So this is the 8th part of the dream from Jesus.
    01. 000 Back to Fraser Hill or Jerusalem, the very beginning of the life dream, task or stealing. In Jerusalem Mary is on the road. Titus, (Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus) takes what is not his. Titus takes Mary like a thief. Coins are left on the road. Mary does not give herself freely. Titus takes Mary to his home. Mary is still a virgin, she did not give herself freely. Jesus is conceived and born from a Virgin. (note: the Arch of Titus stands outside Palatine, ) Palatine also has meaning as to parts of the human body.

  13. Melanie Stephan says:

    God is talking to you too. You just don’t that it is him. God let Melanie know it was him. Or you could put it like this: Where do some of your thoughts come from? Does God put thoughts in our heads or do we generate all of your own thoughts. You also wrote down some very good questions regarding the validity of Melanie’s statements. I think you put some very good questions out there. I would say that you think very much like a great number of people. Then another good question would be: Why do we, as a group, think the same? At least most normal people think the same way. Now if God had not singled Melanie out from the crowd she would have exactly the same questions that you did. Melanie thinks there are a number of looney Christians out there just like you do. Now if you still want Melanie to see a shrink, please send money for the Doctor. Shrinks want cash up front. Melanie Stephan

  14. Melanie Steffan says:

    Hi, escaped Mental Patient. If I saw a shrink I might not be able to escape, so I am not going there. Now the messages above are from God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Are they the ones that should see a shrink too besides Melanie? I think that there is a message here that you are not getting. God has made Contact. Do you know how HUGE that is? That is the BIGGEST news story to happen in say thousands of years. Now, iF you watch the news everyday it is always the same story. Someone robs a bank, murder, Catholic Priests raping boys, car accidents, war in Iraq. etc. It is always the same freaking story everyday. Now God and Jesus have not made contact for a very long time. All of the sudden, out of nowhere, God has something to say. He had a lot more to say too. I think that is HUGE. God has made contact. For some reason EMP I like you. I think that you could be the Irish connection to this whole story. I think that you are a woman too. There is a British connection too. This could have something to do with St. Patrick, I don’t know. I just have a feeling that something good is going to come out of Ireland. It is just a feeling. Melanie Stephan

  15. Melanie you are totally nuts, go see a shrink!

  16. Melanie Stephan says:

    Hi EMP, If you think that’s Looney you should hear the rest of the messages that Jesus told Melanie. Now God sees everything doesn’t he. Jesus told Melanie Who Killed JFK? He was a policeman hiding behind a tree in Dallas, Texas in 1963. The letters in his name are F. Ritter. Another thing when Jesus was driving home the message about First is Last, Just so that Melanie would get it. On the radio Melanie hears a story about Merv Griffin dying on his birthday. Now the anouncer got it wrong Merv is still alive, he meant to say Mike Douglas. Mike and Merv both had talk shows years ago. Just yesturday on the news Merv Griffin is very sick from cancer. Now Merv is close to dying. I am going to watch this to see what day he dies on. Just watch the news there could be a breaking story like ‘JFK Murder Solved’, ‘Merv dies on his birthday’, You never know. That story should drive home the true meaning of Looney. Four, to you. Melanie

  17. Melanie Stephan says:

    Just one more thing to the commentator of this site. God got his message to you just like he wanted it to. You paid attention. And yes you are right, there are a number of crazy christians out there that give God and Jesus a bad name. There are a number of Christians that have no idea what God is all about. Then there are preists that don’t believe in God. That is why God has sent a messenger outside of the Church. I was watching the news the other day. The news report was about the Catholic Church. The church paid out 660 million to the victims of sexual abuse from Priests. My first thought was that they rounded that number down. The real payout was 666 million to the victims of the Church.

    Comment from EMP

    Melanie you are without doubt one of the crazy religious idiots i am referring to frequently in my posts, usually people like you vanish after i point out how far fetched their ideas are, at least you didnt do that maybe there is hope for you yet.

    First do you actually believe the stuff you write down? how sick are you? take a long look at the stuff you have written to me and think to yourself…. is there any hard evidence for my claims? are my claims credible in any way? or am i deluded like all other religious people

  18. Melanie Stephan says:

    I enjoyed reading your responses. Funny how Crop Circles, Alien Landings, Goldfish Worship and God all fall into the same catagory. All four subjects are outside of reality. All are things that could be out there that we don’t understand completely. Now there are a number of things that I don’t understand completely like Gravity. Newton was a genius. Gravity is a force that exists between planets yet there is no way of measuring it. It is all theory isn’t it. Then all of the Planets circle the Sun on almost a flat Plane. Turns out that the Earth is not flat, but Space is. Since your understanding of the Universe is greater than Melanie’s could you also explain why Space is flat? I thought Escaped Mental Patient was funny too. No, I really did laugh. Then people called Jesus crazy or worse when they put him on trail. So he has heard it all too. Don’t think I don’t like you for what you wrote, dialogue is good. I enjoy dialogue. When people don’t talk to each other is when problems begin. Melanie Stephan

  19. Matt says:

    Everyone has the right to hold their own beliefs. However, everyone else has the right to criticize and subject those beliefs to examination.

    Comments from escapedmentalpatient

    I disagree Matt
    In what other aspect of life are people allowed to believe whatever they want? would you go to a doctor that had total faith in curing you with leaches, without any scientific foundation for it?
    Would you let a contractor build your house with cardboard just because he believed it was the best material on the planet?
    would a CEO that believed that sinking the company’s assets in the ocean would give the best return be allowed to do so?

    No people should not be allowed to believe anything they want, under all circumstances. this stupid standpoint that the religious can make any claim they want is the reason we today have idiot creationists, suicide bombers, parents refusing life saving surgery and blood transfusion to their kids, and the rest of their likes all over the world.

    People should not be allowed to believe whatever they want when this belief is plainly wrong, contradictory to all common sense, simply unbearable stupid or totally improbable.

    Why should people be allowed to believe (and try to force others to believe) in iron age nonsense written down by ignorant, cruel, pedophile, superstitious idiots, with a strong appetite for injustice, violence and incest?

  20. mombacho says:

    On the other hand, she is a human being and deserves as much respect as any other.

    Who knows what led her to this place?

    Labelling her won’t help.
    Name-calling won’t help.

    Comment by escapedmentalpatient

    I disagree strongly
    if someone is insane dont you call them insane?
    if a person is pedophile dont you call them pedophile?
    if someone is a deranged lunatic why schouldnt you call them a deranged lunatic?

    What possible reason should we have not to call people for what they are? and what could we possibly gain by not doing so?

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