Why are Muslims so mindless and stupid?

Now don’t get me wrong all religious people are complete idiots, without the ability to think for themselves. However one group clearly has the lead in stupidity, the Muslims.

The word islām is derived from the Arabic verb aslama, which means to accept, surrender, or submit. Thus, a follower of Islam must agree to be a simple puppet submitting to whatever he is being told, from his clerics or holy books.

The problem becomes clear when the holy book is authored by an individual that can only be described as: an oppressive warlord, murderer, bigot and a pedophile. You don’t need to be smart to understand that you have found the perfect prescription for pain chaos and suffering.

The results of this stupidity grab headlines every week, like the resent stand off in in Islamabad’s red mosk.

A handful or morons, that actually believe they have the knowledge and right to imposing their interpretation of gods will on millions of people, created a meaningless blood bath after terrorizing people for months on end, beating up women without burkas, destroying music cds and countless other obscene meaningless acts of intimidation and violence.

I cant help to compare Islam with other oppressive organizations and governments that where wholly convinced they had the right answers and that everyone else was wrong.

I only hope Islam continues this approach so that the rest of the world starts to detesting it like it should be, alongside. Pol pots regime, Stalin, the Nazis, Rowanda, the KKK, etc.

These monotheistic atrocities followed many of the same principles as Islam, and soon the entire world will detest Islam the same as they now hate the KKK. (apart from a few crackpots of course, that supports such stupidity)

One day soon proclaiming to be a Muslim will be be compared to proclaiming to be a Nazi, Islams radical elements are in fact digging the entire religions grave. (good riddance)

After all what sane person would want their child to be associated with images of death, terror, fanaticism and pain,,, not anyone with brains at least.

The only thing that can delay the shift is the inbreeding that flourishes in Islamic countries, that generates generation upon generation of stupid sickly and weak offspring. That drags this stupid iron age philosophy along with them




827 Responses to Why are Muslims so mindless and stupid?

  1. modim says:

    Very true!!! They are a bunch of idiots led by an idiot! The way they multiply is another alarming issue…

  2. jenny talia says:

    fuck muslims, line em up, mow em down, end of Islam! mohammed fuck you, i’d da whooped that guys ass if he raped my children. fuckin pedophile.fuck Allah fuck Mohammed and fuck the quran

  3. Kamlesh says:

    Islam is bullishit and i don’t think it is going to change. There is no place for questioning ,logic and reasoning in Islam. If you leave islam then you are punishable by death according to stupid sharia law. There is no place for evolution and reform like in christianity. Muslims are just slaves to their farting mullahs.

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