Simple reasons to hate islam.

Simple reasons to hate islam

Our leaders and public figures often try to portray islam as a peaceful religion, this of course is absolute rubbish.

I slams core values are based around conquest, subjugation and oppression of anyone who don’t subscribe, to whatever version of islam the believer in question holds.

This is abundantly clear from the below numbers.
Weekly Jihad Report
May 12 – May 18

Jihad Attacks:


Dead Bodies:


Critically Injured:



I recently went to the local mosk to free religious idiots from religious dogmatism and superstition.

Now i was taken with how much these people believed in dying and murdering, life in fact seamed secondary on their priorities.

Anyway i have up until today i have managed to free 19 people from religious dogmatism and superstition, a number i hope to bring over 100 by the end of the year.


59 Responses to Simple reasons to hate islam.

  1. Tahmid Islam says:

    u’re wrong coz islam doesn’t mean jihad
    some idiots changed the meaning of islam
    if u read Quran properly u’ll be able to know that
    & in evry religion it’s ordered that rais your voice against injustiece
    then how can u hateonly Islam
    i hope u understand

  2. jakey d says:

    my craving for a simple outburst of blah blah all religion is outdated archaic bleargh is strong, but…truth be this through my under educated eyes. religion as been the catalyst for all humans search for knowledge be it what ever religion, through our ages mans prehistoric brain as struggled to come to terms with what and why?, so hence relion…it stabilized our minds into pondering the great truths of human mental evolution, forced wisdom and knowledge upon us “if somewhat misguided and of poor judgement at times”, ..without it we would be sucking the raw flesh off bones still!,”err well probally?” like our childhood bike that we loved so much, its time to cast aside the stabilizes and move on into the next stage of mental evolution..but look back and smile at our immature ways which once was and move on to a hovering mind powered unicycle lol…christ i can burble on..!! my point is so long religion and thanks for the help up…jakey d xx

  3. syhaz says:

    islam isn’t of aggression…. if it would have been so, the whole world would have been muslim today

    • Muzolf says:


      Learn some history syhaz, you have tried, you have tried many times!

      My nations bloody history is halfways thanks to islamic expansion. We held the gates of europe, even in defeat, when you so ah so peaceful muslims on a quest to spread islam have invaded us, and occupied central hungary for 150 years. If not for us, indeed the whole world might be muslim.

      So dont tell us how your religion is about peace, because it sure didnt spread trough peace. For that matter neither did christianity, but this topic isnt about why or how stupid christianity is, its about why and how stupid Islam is.

  4. syhaz says:

    and if you people consider that the FULL bible is the word of god, then read book of genesis, chapter 19 verse 30 onwards…. it has been adulterated by humans… God’s word cannot change mentioned is about the quran

  5. Sound Doc says:

    Quran says God’s Word cannot be changed, God spoke to Moses face to face, Mohammad heard only from an unidentified spirit in a dark cave, If Quran says God’s Word cannot be changed, Quran must be wrong because Bible cannot be changed.

    • Muzolf says:

      Correction, these people CLAIMED that god spoke to them.

      Has it ever occured to you, that these so called prophets… oh i dont know, LIED??? Or were hallucinating?

      But even if they saw what they clamed to see. Then they were damned gullible.

      I mean if a burning bush or a disembodied woice talked to me, and claim to be the creator of the universe. Aside from the fact that i would probalby question my own sanity, I would take anything they say with a grain of salt.
      Even if some god or gods existed, how do you know they themselves arent liars?

      • syhaz says:

        download the illustrated guide ti islam from the website then you willcome to know who is hallucinating and who is not

      • Muzolf says:

        I have read this claims before and like before they are completly hilarious. Its the same idiocy how christians try to claim scientific discoveries of the bible.

        And its the same hogwash as with prophecies. Interesting how you religious people can only point out these supposed evidence, after someone else came to scientific conclusion trough other means. But never ever, has any claim from the bible, or the qran being investigated in detail, and lead to any discovery this way.

        Its easy to claim that this and this some allegory or whatnot for some known fact. But why dont you make a claim for something unkown, based on your holy books, and then verify it?

        Oh yeah, you cant.

        Not to mention the whole thing being totally wrong. Both the bible and qran claim that god made peopel from clay.
        Clay is a mixture of various elements, but its mostly silicium. Guess what, there is allmost no silicium in the human body! Nor could a human body made of silicum ever work. Any silicioum based life would be very fragile, and more akin to rock hard plants.

        Learn elementary chemistry before trying to explain how ridiculous religious claims are true.

  6. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Well ,you are right about it not being the point. You would probably be successful in declaring the ass of a horse divine and get followers too . lol . I agree. I thought I told you why I believed in God . It has nothing to do with what others tell me . It is because of my personal experiences and because I feel so .

    There are a lot of religious people who would kill. There are a lot of non religious people who would kill too . I do not see how you can say that Christianity is responsible for all this . If you say Islam misleads, I may agree to it because of the Hadiths et al .

  7. Muzolf says:

    God or not, its not really the point you know. I mean Ron Hubbard made up dark lord Xenu, an alien out of a cheesy sci-fi space opera, and still scientology has a lot of followers. I could declare the ass of a horse of divine origins, and as human stupidity goes, i could probably gather some followers too.

    The problem is, that despite the facts if what these people worship exist or not, there are still a lot of religious idiots around, who would kill other people for disagreeing, or not leading their lives as that religion dictates. And of course there are less extreme problems, that are nontherless problems, like tax money given to religious institutions who of course then discriminate on the basis of your difference, or lack of faith.

  8. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Muzolf ,you are spot on and looks like Ken is tipsy .

    he he

    Ken ,are you even reading ?

  9. Ken says:

    Well so it is apparantly not Your god.
    but the moslim god of Yours has very little to do with the judaic Eli ( also a former god out of a pabtheon ). The incorperation of Ibrahim etc. comes from Muhammeds jewish wife.
    Remember that M.s fathers name includes Allah.
    You are of course right about the moneastic theme in religion is one of extreme aggression as a good tool for empirebuilding by whoever.
    And as this website : says Muhammed was on of thoose men.

    My point is that Allah is no more god than a tree in Baltics once were, despite 1 billion or so followers, and it seems we can agree on that at least.

    Then ther is mutch to say of such a large socialmovement of ignorance.

  10. Muzolf says:

    Oh and a side note, Moslems still worship the same god as Christians, and no pre Islam arabic history changes this fact. Sorry to burst your bubble. 😛

  11. Muzolf says:

    Tap tap.. is this thing on? Did you see what i wrote? Who the hell told you im moslem? I reject ALL motheistic dieties, and their churches. Islam is no exception.

    So pre islamic arabs worshipped some godesses, so? The story of genesis comes from an age when the jews were politheits. The old testament was deliberatly mistransalated, becouse the original speaks about “gods” in the first parts. So the Jews arent any different, and Chrsitians did build their mithology on top of theirs.

    But its a moot point anywhay. Who cares what kind of mithology, or how many gods a religion has, when its superstition anywhay?

    The only difference i can tell is, that classis politheistic religons were usually less agressive and less intolerant of nonbelivers as Monotheistic ones. No one ever committed genocide in the name of Bast, Osiris or Aphrodite, Hephaistos ect. While the same cannot be said for the god of Abraham. This comes from the main setup, if you have sereval gods allready, you cannot say that yours is only true one, and without a dominant church, its more difficult to use religion to gain power, or fuel hatred.

    If you have only one god however, you are given the perfect governing tool. you whant to alienate a group of people, start a holy war, or simply opress people? Claim to have a mandate from heaven, from the only “true” god, and you allready start with a nice set of followers, and you can do anything. You can claim god whants you to invade a neigboring country, you can claim that a certain group of people in your country are “unclean” or “sinners” or some other nonsense, and you can do anything you whant, the ones sharing your faith will turn a blind eye, even if you do things actually prohibited by your religion. You can allways claim, that the laws dont apply to your victims, as they are following “satan” or “false” god or gods.

  12. Ken says:

    The pre-Islamic Arabs worshipped three goddesses, al-Lat, al-Uzza, and Manat, who were all daughters of one god, Allah—this one god was probably derived from the monotheistic religions of Judaism and Christianity. Mecca was the center of this religion with its Ka’ba, or “Cube,” which served as the temple for the religion.

    There inside the tempel stood a large “akbar” statue of a moongod and 360 lesser divinities, Ok. it was red not black but thats all. Your moslem god is nothing more than any other god like Svantovit or Quaczelotl or any other deity of the past that we nowadays are gotten rid of, sorry but no prayer of Yours will change that fact.

  13. Bluekingice says:

    You’re smart. 0_o

  14. Muzolf says:

    I mean not even picture OF the prophets.

  15. Muzolf says:

    Nah, Allah is simply arabic for “God”, it was actually used first by christians living in that region. It is pretty much the same god the jews and christians have.

    And as far as i know, muslems still uphold the old rules about not using idols. Not even pictures or the prophets, let alone god.

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