Religions unspeakable evil.

Joshua Mauldin Put his 4 month old infant in the Microwave.

Then like a good Christian he doesn’t take responsibility for himself, no of course its somebody else’s fault its,,, (drum roll) you guessed it “the devil!”

How fucked up are you when you actually believe shit like this? And why do we still allow religion to maintain its special protected place free from honest inquiry and criticism?

Where else apart from religious, stupid, superstition do we allow a persons beleif to overrule our better judgment and reason? Where else do we allow it? Nowhere! We don’t allow it at all!

If for example a group of doctors said we believe this person is impure and the only way to save him is to chop his head off, Would we show the same respect to such a idiotic proposal? Even if the doctors believed it, they had seen this as the only way in a vision! Or if they read it in a book from the iron age? Or just as well, they had read it in a book by Shakespeare?

As anyone can see (apart from religious idiots) that its stupid religion, dumb as fuck! I dare any Christian or religious person to do the following:

Take any page in your holy book, exchange the word “god” with “poseidon.

“And Poseidon said onto moses…” stupid morons….

As i said stupid, stupid, stupid… so dumb, its unlikely that the holder of such believes would win an intellectual contest with a dead goldfish.

And people wonder why i disrespect religion….


40 Responses to Religions unspeakable evil.

  1. Matt says:

    Well , many Christians are also well behaved people and do not harm others . Still , they are branded idiots and intolerant by many people .

    I never said I hate the Croats . Why would I hate people who I do not know and who have not done any harm to me ? Christian=stupid according to people like EMP. What views do I express that harm you or hurt you ? I do not even think low of atheists.

    Your last statement sums it all . He cares because certain things are attributed to Christianity by him . Christian=evil bigot for him

  2. Muzolf says:

    And i never claimed that all croats are saints, i was making a statement about Croatia in general, and so far nothing you said convinced me of the opposite. Regardless of what happened after Yugoslavia fell apart, Croatia is one of the more developed countries in the region, and as far as i can tell most of its people are friendly and well behaved. ( Certanly more as my countrymen unfortunetly, true, that has little to say. )

    You are quick to hate people for their nations percieved crimes when most of its inhabitans had little or nothing to do with it.

    Maybe you havent noticed but you are not being called Crazy by escaped for being christian but for how you behave and wiews you express. Of course you wouldnt be a christian if you wouldnt believe certain things that come with it.
    The point is, as far as i see, he doesnt cares whant brand you call yourself, he cares becasue certain things come with that brand.

  3. Matt says:

    So , I am not clear about the objective but you are clear as if you were there . Come on Muzolf .

    Fringe group ? Who told you ? That is not what the international community tell us . People who committed war crimes were heading huge armies .

    The Serbian leader Milosevic and how about the Croat Mario Cerkez ? He was one of the founding members of the HVO (Croatian Defence Council)

    Let me tell you one thing . Just to support your point ,stop saying bullshit . Many of these war criminals were not part of fringe groups but had huge armies at their disposal

    Of course, when did I tell you that you could trust Christians again ? Did I tell you to trust all Christians or Christians for that matter. Did I ask you to trust me ? There may be nice Croats and nice Christians too but the fact remains that all Croats were not saints and the same applies to Christians too .So , I am taking collective guilt upon myself and not being a hypocrite . I may be the last to kill people in the name of religion but still I cannot protect myself from being branded crazy for believing in Christianity . In fact, I was already called crazy and stupid by EMP and many others for being Christian .

  4. Muzolf says:

    “hey did not massacre the whole of Bosnia because they could not ”

    Ok now its clear you are just pulling my leg here. Apparently you are not even clear with the objective of the croatian administration in Bosnia, if you would, you wouldnt make such claims.

    “The women raped so there would be no true Bosniak babies were combatants ?”
    Exuse me, i was talking about the vast majority of the victims of the war in bosnia, who died thanks to artillery bombardment, not the particular case of ethnic cleansing. You are again putting a meaning in my response wich is not there, stop twisting of what i am talking about.

    Still all i see is the actions performed by a fringe group that is not even part of the regular croatian military, and you blaming an entire nation for it.

    Just for your information, in case you have not considered it, your nationality is not something you chose, you are born with it. And it doesnt comes with any pre set ideals you follow eather. your religion however is a matter of choice.

    And since the fact that who did this are a bunch of right wing lunactics, wich goes in hand to hand with religious fanaticism, i say thank you for adding a note to the crimes of christians in history. ( Oh what do i hear, collective guilt is suddenly not such a great idea anymore? )

  5. Matt says:

    Srebrenica ? Wasn’t it huge enough ? They did not massacre the whole of Bosnia because they could not . Women and children in Srebrenica were combatants ? The women raped so there would be no true Bosniak babies were combatants ? You know what you are doing here ? Just because you want to prove your point about Croatians , you are speculating that the Bosnians might be lying . Muslim ladies would think twice before simply claiming they were raped.

    Check my post about Sodom and Gomorrah . I will tell you about the thought process thingy soon .

  6. Muzolf says:

    Such huge propotions? I think you are confusing it with something else. Its not like they had massacred the whole of Bosnia. And the involvment of the regular croatian military is debatable. As far as i know, most of the victims did die in actual combat situations, most notably artilery bombardment. Yes the bosniaks CLAIM that there were no combatants there, but for all we know, this might be a lie.

    Again. How your god thinks is not relevant in the matter. A mass murderer might have a different tought process, but that is no exuse. There was a psot about the two cities? Ok i am going to look that up. But so far anybody explaining this gave a different answer.

  7. Matt says:

    First of all , you are comparing God with human dictators . See my other post on why was Sodom destroyed et al .

    You just cannot assume that God thinks like human beings. If there is a passage in the Bible that says God killed people just because they were not worshiping him even though they were good people , show me that

    See, there was no advertisement properly but a genocide of such huge proportions could not take place unless others knew. Stop fooling around. You know that

    You cannot commit something like the Srebrenica massacre without many people being involved. True that the paramilitary got involved and it was not the civilians but it happened with other civilians nearby not necessarily watching the massacre.

  8. Muzolf says:

    I dont know, maybe not worshipping a god who is a mass murder would be a start. Because, you know, until you do that, you are the last person who has a right to criticize any crazy dictator, as you follow the biggest one.

  9. Muzolf says:

    “But, not so for people who knew what was happening like in Bosnia but never did anything about it ”

    That is the point, they did not, or do you honestly think whatever extremist faction of the Croatian army did this went around in Croatia advertising that they are going to kill and rape some civilians?

    Maybe some people in their high command did know, its not like it was elected officals who covered it up, or even if they were, you can be damned sure they didnt win elections by saying “We are going to do a massacre in Bosnia.”

    So tell me again how your regular croatian citizen was supposed to know about it, or stop it? Especially since the sources reporting are suspect and the Croatian goverment denies it ever happened?

  10. Matt says:

    What do you want me to do ? Go back in time and stop God ( if there is a God ) from killing the first born of Egypt ? he he

  11. Matt says:

    Of course the German situation is different . They have to either survive by killing the Russians or just surrender . So , their case is different from the case of other people . But, not so for people who knew what was happening like in Bosnia but never did anything about it .

    Finally , I said I believe evolution took place and I never said that man evolved from Apes. If there is a creator , he could have done what he wanted. You can call it deceiving . If there is a creator that is

  12. Matt says:

    The excuse you give me is the same kind of excuse that members of the Janjaweed who deserted their force said on why they torched houses and killed people saying if they did not do it , they would be killed. Yeah , right . That is why they raped women too eh ? Most of these deserters say they never raped women . Oh , yeah , the stones there raped the women . And some of these assholes want asylum now in the UK . See if someone forces you to kill people or rape women or you would be killed, it is better to die than to kill innocent people . So , stop saying bullcrap

  13. Muzolf says:

    Evolution doesnt says humans evolved from apes, but we are primates, and our bodies are the clear evidence that we are a part of the animal kingdom. Same tissues, same genes, same build as evry other primate, the only way for humans not to have evolved the way evry other living being on this planed did, if the creator made us in a way for it to look like as if we had, in wich case said creator is a deciever.

  14. Muzolf says:

    To bad you have no sense of irony anywhays, that this “not done something about it” is coming from someone who worships a god who went into evry house in egypt to kill the first born children.

  15. Muzolf says:

    Well then, know that my ancestors about thousand and one hundread years ago were nomands ravaging trough most of europe. So you cant really trust me, and since you dont trust me dont listen to what i have to say.

    Matt, this is sheer idiocy. How could have they dont anything about it, when most people didnt even know?

    Say you a conscripted German soldier on the eastern front, you are barely alive, you have no food, you were given no proper procetion against the harsh russian winter, and the soviets are a few hundread meters away shooting at you. And you hear rumors that your goverment is doing shady things at home, so? What can you do about it? Most important, would you even care about it in your current situation? If you tried to go home you would be shot as a deserter. Tell me again how you would have done something about the holocaust, something you dont even know about, you only knew that the jews in your home toun were rounded up and transported to some other location.

  16. Matty Matt says:

    I am not talking about collective guilt but you can never fully trust people who committed atrocities or whose ancestors committed atrocities . Do note that many Germans though they did not support what Hitler and his men did , they did not do anything about it .

    Brings to mind the saying . All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing .

    When good men do nothing , they are not really good anymore

    So , if something like genocide happened in a country or a region , ten years down the line , you cannot say as a whole that society is good .

    So , it is not about collective guilt . Maybe, you do not understand what I mean because there are subtle differences. Nuances .

    Now , to come Adam and Eve . You may have seen the news yesterday . Some church in Italy said that it is possible for the concept of God and evolution to coexist . I believe in the same .

    It can be possible that it was not just Adam and Eve that were created. Also , they probably must have looked like apes. Not that human beings evolved from Apes .

  17. Muzolf says:

    Seeing as your christian lets not point at cavemen but Kain and Abel, basicly half of that current generation was murerers… err, one murderer. ( You know i whonder, from whom did the children of adam and eve procreate? Where there sisters and brothers screwing eachother? )

  18. Muzolf says:

    Told you why that statement was there.

  19. Muzolf says:

    Matt that was an interesting remark, so you believe in collective guilt if i understand? I mean that guy was not even alive when that happened, even his parents were probably children then, not to mention that most germans, even most of the soldiers of the wermacht, were unaware of what the SS and the Nazis were doing. Remember, Hitler and his regime kept is as a secret, and most of the world was unavare of it, until the concentration camps were found.

    Why dont we go back further and point out same cave-men who were most likely the ancestors of all people, and point at one of them who murdered another, and say all people are like that?

  20. Matt says:

    Just because you hate religion and think Christianity makes people commit atrocities , does not mean only Christians killed Bosnian Muslims . There might have been atheists among them . You yourself said that the power of the churches dwindled . If it dwindled, how could only the Christians commit such a genocide of huge proportions ?

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