What if we where all idiots?

What would happen if we where just slightly more stupid?

I often get the argument from religious idiots that human beings need religion, this is of course rubbish, we dont need religion any more than we need unicorns or pixies.

i think it was sam harris who put forward this example, i will re use it since it clearly illustrates how stupid this claim is.

Let say we where just a smitget dumber than the average religious moron, lets say we lost all our skills, no language no ability to operate machinery.

What skills would we need to re learn first? speech? probably we needed to develop the ability to feed ourselves hunting etc? what about learning to operate machinery? written language? medicine?

Where the fuck do you think it will become essential for us to learn that Jesus was born from a virgin? would we have to drop by the other gods in history as well? Poseidon? Aphrodite? Thor?

Religion is stupid, religious people are stupid, complete idiots in fact…. i think the worst part is that we allow these fucks to bring up their children in their own stupid superstitions, its child abuse its horrid and cruel.


One Response to What if we where all idiots?

  1. WhoreChurch says:

    Who said we don’t need pixies and unicorns? Heathen.

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