Passion! freedom and sex!

I recently came across this blogg Tired of these Arguments… « Fermi Paradox

I hadn’t really considered it since as an atheist, a description that shouldn’t exist, i mean there is for example no such thing as an un-carpenter or un-cook etc.

Anyway, i digress, i have never really though about it since i don’t spend any time at all, feeling or thinking that i am missing anything!

I don’t miss God any more than i miss unicorns or any other superstition for that matter.

I spent quite a few hours pondering what it is religious twits have that i don’t have?……

But then it struck me, i had it all wrong! In reality its totally the opposite! I have something they don’t have!

I wake up every morning feeling charged and bubbling with energy, ready to tackle the day.

I know i am free to choose whatever i want! I know that i am responsible for my own life and I know that I can do whatever i want with it!

I can have sex whenever i want without guilt, i can swear, i can voice my opinion, and exercise free will without being influenced by any form of superstitious sky daddy. (“sky daddy” expression courtesy of Fermi)

In short i am in charge, command and control of Me! independent happy and free!

Religious idiots that i know have quite the opposite life experience, they are pawns, subjects and Dependants of God. God rules their day, it rules their opinion and their choices.

In short they are Dependant victims! and not happy or free!

While putting this theory to the test other subtle differences quickly surfaced, the religious twits often used descriptions like “this happened to me”, “i was exposed to that”, “all of a sudden this went wrong, and i suffered”. (usually followed by a resigned, “god works in mysterious ways”)

It struck me how they feel victimized! like they don’t have any control or say in their own life.

It struck me that i never experience the world this way. Sure i get into situations as well, the difference is i dont accept them! i do something about it, and it doesn’t cost me anything, i expect problems here and there and i am ready to deal with them, i never even pause for a microsecond to consider myself as a victim! it never enters my mind.

I’m not only talking about major life crises here im talking about tiny little things as well.

Yesterday i was talking to a religious twit that works in my building about tax returns, he was complaining that he didn’t get anything back since they didn’t accept his request for deduction for childcare, and that he probably wouldn’t be able to take a holiday this year since he didn’t get a tax refund.

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I to was initially rejected for this deduction, the difference is i didn’t accept it out of hand, i called them and after 10 minutes on the phone i got it deducted anyway!

It is frightening how passive religious people are, i guess it comes from this dogma that you shouldn’t question your belief or anything in the bible, etc. Anyway the result is passive morons that go through life as victims, they never get to experience the passion, the excitement, the immense joy, gratitude and sense of satisfaction i experience from going through life with my eyes open!

It also struck me that our failure, Us atheists i mean, our failure is to communicate just how extreamly wonderful life is when you are free and in control, i think our failure to effectively communicate this is preventing people from abandoning their superstitions, i think many of them are afraid that life as a free thinking individual will be somehow less than life with superstition, when in fact it is quite the opposite!

Life as a free thinking independent person is wonderful beyond description! Knowing that i am responsible for me, and that i have to stand by my own choices, fills me with satisfaction and joy and at the same time it pushes me forward to grab each day by the balls and live it to the absolute limits of my abilities!

I know i am more alive and grateful for being alive on any given single day than most of the religious twits i know are in their entire lives!

Atheists! lets continue bashing religious idiots over their heads with their stupidity and their superstitions! But lets not forget, to also communicate with the same vigor and enthusiasm that life! free of faith and superstition is a thousand times more wonderful than any religious comparison.


8 Responses to Passion! freedom and sex!

  1. Basil says:

    Anti religion is because of a peson not wanting to give an account of their actions that offend God. They are anti authority. God gave mana conciense and a choice to follow His ways as He made you and or go to hell which is your choice.
    If you haven’t read the Bible then don’t comment on it ,as it is inspired by God which is His handbook to operating and functioning perfectly.
    You would follow any handook of directions on anything you bought like a car,washing machine,PC ,etc as your guarantee would be void.
    Lucky God doesn’t do that with those who despise His instructions.

    You will know one day all you know alls.

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  5. My point is you dont wake up with free will! its tainted by your superstitions, and i seriously doubt you have more sex than me, but if you do? good job!

  6. metaljaybird says:

    I wake up pretty happy with a free will, and probably get more sex then you ever will. What’s your point?

  7. Why shouldn’t i insult, reject and despise and decry superstitions? i bet you reject trolls or fairies , Christians are wrong there is no God.
    If i tell you a there is a dilldo god that will come to earth and save us all? would you believe it? What the hell is the difference between the dilldo god or your superstitions?
    And why the hell do you religious idiots always site verses from your holy books? as if quoting a historical work of fiction with dubious origin and history is proof? its rubbish! utter rubbish! i mean if i make a dilldo god holy book and quote that it doesn’t make the dilldo god any more real does it?

  8. Basil says:

    What gets me is the cocky attitude that atheists have about they being right and us Christians being wrong,What proof do you have that you are right ? We enjoy and give thanks for every day including sex ,we are humans ,but don’t insult others beliefs “atheist”, because you can’t understand the Love of GOD,H eis real it is NOT supersticion it is Spirit to spirit ,something you will NEVER understand unlse Born Again spiritually. I’ve e been there done that,now I know without a doubt God is real .
    The natural spiritually dead man cannot know the things of God because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Corinthians Ch 2 v9-14.
    All it takes to be an atheist is to believe nothing,have no conscience,do what you like and go to Hell.Easy. All have sinned .Romans ch 1 tells it all about you guys. Basil

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