True beleivers ! ? What Now?

I have long argued that it takes a special kind of idiot to believe in a religion! And that such people should be prevented from reproducing.

I recently had a fiery discussion outside a church where i went to convert people away from stupidity and superstition.

I often go to mosks, churches, and other idiot congregations to try to save people and the next generation from stupid superstition. You know this crap about god, jesus, allah, and last but not least that warmongering fucker, mu hammed.

What strikes me is how violent religious people are? within 5 minutes i was receiving death threats, these fizzled out of course when i asked what sort of omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing, all powerful God! needed such a defense? at least from little old me? an unbeliever? and wasn’t murder sort of one of the major sins?

Ordinary people threatening to commit murder for a mere difference of opinion can only happen when religious people are involved.

Usually the religious peoples arguments fall into 3 stupid categories. 1 God is different 2. Because so many believe it must be true 3. what about XYZ

1. God is different

If you believe in god, why not unicorns? fairies? goblins? aren’t they to mythical magical superpower creatures? they are just as much superstition and no more probable or real than that God you believe in?

Of course i didn’t get any good replies, they all shuffled their feet and replied along the lines “ehh god is different its not the same, what you talk about is superstition….” ( religious people always seam offended or irritated when i force them to use their brains to confront their own moronic superstitions, if god is real why the gloomy face? )

This is why religious people piss me off and why their stupid superstitions should be debunked, confronted and decried at every opportunity, its so typical for a religious idiot to fall back on “its different” without ever presenting any proof or even theories as to why their god beleif is different from believing in unicorns.

2. Because so many believe it must be true

Sooner or later in a discussion with religious idiots, you get this argument “people all over the world believe in God! Since so many people believe in it, it must be true!

How stupid are you people? don’t you ever think??? 100 years ago people people all over, believed trolls, it didn’t mean they where real.

That people by nature, are superstitious doesn’t mean that your superstitions are true!

In fact its not hard to think of several theories why superstition would be good for survival as we evolved, hungry predators could hide in the shadows and we where not always at the top of the food chain, if you are skittish and nervous and ready to run or fight you have a better chance of surviving.

3. what about XYZ

I hear this argument or versions of it all the time, yesterday the version was “what about love?”

What about it? what proof do you have that binds love with religion in any way? i cant think of any reason or even probability that our ability to feel love would be conditioned by some text in a book or a fictional mythical creature.

In fact in evolutionary terms love makes perfect sense, we as a species are dependent on family/group relationship to survive, if we didn’t feel this sort of attraction, we wouldn’t mate, we wouldn’t care for our young, and we wouldn’t defend each other against external threats.

Religion is stupid superstition it traumatizes generation after generation, its dangerous (Salem anyone) stupid and hinders human progress, if it hadnt been for free thinking atheists rejecting stupification by repressive religion we would never develop beyond the middle ages. Iran, Taliban, israel and other variations of repressive violent stupid societies would be the norm.

Religion is stupid and dangerous all mass murderers, cults and suicide bombers couldn’t exist without religion to hide behind. If these people where forced to take responsibility for their own lives they would never do what they do.

Free thought and a rejection of stupid ancient superstition is the only way to survive as a species, join the part of the world population that use their brain.

After all have you ever heard of an atheist suicide bomber?


11 Responses to True beleivers ! ? What Now?

  1. Mathew Philip Mattathu says:

    Spot on metaljaybird .God bless !

  2. metaljaybird says:

    Macro evolution is something your cronies coined. So, you either believe that evolution has giant leaps or you don’t. You can’t change a theory mid-stream. It is a weak argument tactic. Also, please stop calling people that believe in a Creator stupid, or idiots, etc. This does not show well for yourself when trying to protect an argument.

    Where did this simple light sensitive spot on skin come from? You have to argue that you can’t get something from nothing, which in turn will mean you will have to believe that something eternal was behind everything. To believe in spontaneous generation, as you do, is probably more difficult to argue then to believe a sovereign God created the world in 6 days.

    You have not shown any evidence of the eye evolving from nothing to something. That “light sensitive” area would have had to been evolved from a non-light sensitive area of skin, which would have had to been evolved from no skin. Impossible!

    What is possible, is that our eye was designed, as even many evolutionist accidentally admit “the design of the eye is so complex and amazing…”

    God exists. The evidence is quite clear. If you are a linguist, you wouldn’t argue that Isaiah claimed the world to be a flat cylindrical earth. The word for sphere did not exist, and translators have admitted that for centuries. If some of the most prominent theologists in world history, far more superior in intelligence than Charles Darwin (who by the way, did believe in a creator) saw the world as round, as evidenced through the Bible (IE, John claiming Christ would return when there was day and night coexisting at the same exact time, an impossibility if the world were really flat) then you have to wonder that maybe they were on to something.

    You see, there is an obvious atheistic agenda to disprove the existence of God, which we have already covered to be an impossibility. So, that being true, how can you claim there is no God if you can’t disprove this? The agenda seeks to redefine the very definition of science (study through observation), redefine the Bible (the world is flat, something never claimed by prominent Christian leaders), and politically change the nature of beliefs (absolving religion through force, monies, and false lies). You have fallen into that agenda hook line and sinker. You are merely a brain washed person with no thought but the thought of pseudo scientists.

    Study molecular biology. This will show the impossibility of the whole evolution thing. Put your eyes through a telescope. This will confirm the existence of a very creative God. How is it that if we were to move a few miles towards the sun, we’d burn? Likewise, a few miles away, and we’d freeze. This is a sheer mathematical impossibility for it to be just an unplanned accident.

    On moral absolutes. If you are a genuine atheist, then you have to argue that the VT shootings had no moral problem to society. You, as an atheist, have to go with your belief process, and contend that in fact, he has the right, because no one is a superior, we are all just freak accidents of a long and arduous unstudied process. In fact, you would have to argue that anyone caught doing wrong cannot be in wrong because there is no such thing as moral absolution.

    The problem is, you have to illogically defend your religion of secular humanism because you are an atheist. The supreme court has defined your perspective as a religion. Yes, atheism (secular humanism) is a true religion. That sucks for you since you do not adhere to religion. But unfortunately, your theology has no proof whatsoever to back it up. Science is constantly disagreeing. Scientist have been caught in tremendous scandals, like the piltdown man so they can gain fame and defend their weak belief system.

    Consider all of this. Print this out and dwell on it. Your religion is a mere idol. You bow down at the altar of unstudied science. I can go on and on. Circular reasoning defines your religion. How do you know how old the earth is? By the earth’s crust fossil record? How do you know how old the fossils are? By the earths crust. You use the crust to define the age of a fossil, and the fossil to define the age of the crust! That is totally wrong!

  3. Hebrew word? Pleeeaaaease !

    the Earth is not a circle but a sphere, and if Isaiah wanted to call it a sphere, he could have easily done so because earlier he states that God will “roll you up tightly like a ball and throw you into another country” (Isaiah 22:18).

    Furthermore, the “flat pancake” Hebrew word for “circle” is described elsewhere in Job 26:10 and Proverbs 8:27, although the NIV substitutes the word “circle” for “horizon.”

    The eye argument is something i often get from religious idiots, let me try to explain this so even you can understand it.

    Through natural selection, different types of eyes have emerged in evolutionary history, the human eye is far from the best one mainly because blood vessels run across the surface of the retina instead of beneath it it’s easy for the vessels to proliferate or leak and impair vision. So, the evolution theorists say, the anti-evolution argument that life was created by an “intelligent designer” doesn’t hold water: If God or some other omnipotent force was responsible for the human eye, it was something of a botched design.

    Biologists use the range of less complex light sensitive structures that exist in living species today to hypothesize the various evolutionary stages eyes may have gone through.

    Let me first clarify evolutionary priciples, evolution isnt sudden, nor is it driven by will.
    Evolution is gradual, look at the kids being born! they are all slightly different from each other, blue eyes, brown, black, blond etc.
    the kids with advantages that makes them successful in their environment, ekstra fat under their skin (inuit children) and therefor better protected against cold temperature, and more likely to survive.

    anyway this is how eyes have evolved: A simple light-sensitive spot on the skin of some ancestral creature gave it some tiny survival advantage, perhaps allowing it to evade a predator. Random changes then created a depression in the light-sensitive patch, a deepening pit that made “vision” a little sharper. At the same time, the pit’s opening gradually narrowed, so light entered through a small aperture, like a pinhole camera.

    Every change had to confer a survival advantage, no matter how slight. Eventually, the light-sensitive spot evolved into a retina, the layer of cells and pigment at the back of the human eye. Over time a lens formed at the front of the eye. It could have arisen as a double-layered transparent tissue containing increasing amounts of liquid that gave it the convex curvature of the human eye.

    In fact, eyes corresponding to every stage in this sequence have been found in existing living species. The existence of this range of less complex light-sensitive structures supports evolutionary record and genetic evidence about how a complex eyes like ours could evolve. The first animals with anything resembling an eye lived about 550 million years ago. And, according to one scientist’s calculations, only 364,000 years would have been needed for a camera-like eye to evolve from a light-sensitive patch.

    Anyway the reason your argumnet is so stupid is beacause you try to argue that evolution is sudden, random and willfull. its not quite the oposite its gradual and natural selection ensures the survival of the best variations.

  4. metaljaybird says:

    That’s pushing it. Where does it state that the earth here is physically flat??? The Hebrew meaning of circle literally can translate to “sphere”, because you understand that the Hebrew language of that era did not have a word for sphere. It wasn’t the Hebrews that believed the world was a flat cylinder, but the Mesopotamians.

    So…how do you explain humans feeling the need to “evolve” eyes?? You can’t. It’s stupid to think that suddenly, some form of a being somewhere thought they would need eyesight without knowing what eyesight is. In fact, it is probably very superstitious to believe such a ridiculous thing. I would appreciate you and try to tackle the eye.

  5. metaljaybird

    you could have fooled me? you talk like a religious nutt, you just exchanged one superstition for another. I retain my contempt for your beleif and that you guide your life based on the presumed life gods son.

    i know the passage you schould include the entire thing
    “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth…” cant be presented as proof that the Bible advocates a spherical Earth. The full verse, reads as follows:
    “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.”

    this is actually describing the Earth as flat and circular, with a dome-shaped tent (sky) covering the land.

    Ie: flat and circular like a dinner plate

    Actually according to John, the New Jerusalem will descend from Heaven and land on Earth. But this city is supposed to be in the dimensions of a perfect cube that measures 1,500 × 1,500 × 1,500 miles.

    How could a cube that’s 1,500 miles across land on the surface of a spherical planet that’s only 8,000 miles across? Either the cube or the planet would be seriously deformed!

    Or… John assumed that the Earth was flat!

    I will happily discuss both topics with you , wich one do you want to start with?

  6. metaljaybird says:

    BTW, I am not a religious person. That would mean that I adhere to man’s belief on what God is. I follow Jesus Christ, who Himself hated religion.

    To address quickly, the Bible and it’s authority on proving the world to be round, you need to simply read Isaiah 40:22, which states that the earth is a circle. In church history, you will not find prominent Christian leaders theorizing the Earth to be flat. That would be contrary to what God’s Word states. Augustine argued against that theory well before the Middle Ages.

    BTW, it is better, IMO, to argue one point at a time, otherwise our argument will wonder endless circles. If we want to tackle the atheism v. religion wars, or evolution v. creation, we should stick to one.

  7. metaljaybird
    your comment contains a lot of misinformation and typical religious nonsense so i am re posting with your comments lined out with a – and mine underneath, just to make sure im understood. English isn’t my native language its my third.

    – Have we observed speciation? No.

    Yes we have, fossil records, evolutionary record, gene study, Didn’t you go to school?

    – Did we observe the big bang? No.

    We didn’t observe the big bang directly yet, but we havent directly observe black holes eighter but the available evidence makes the conclusion (big bang) or black hole the only resonable one.

    – Many prominent scientists once claimed the world was
    flat. Yet the Bible showed otherwise.

    Eehh how stoned are you? The church burned people at the stake for claiming the world was round not flat. The bible had nothing to do with proving that the world was round quite the contrary. The church hindered this from becoming common knowledge for a hundred years

    -Now, to claim that religion is responsible for most of our wars is false (namely Christianity). Granted, many have incited anger towards their enemies in the name of religion to push for war.

    Let me name 2 off the top of my head, Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine.

    – Stats will tell you though that atheists have killed off more people then religious people.

    What statts? You are making unfounded claims again, get with the program!

    – Also, even if we are a religious people in America, can you name the last war that was fought because of religion? Usually it was to free slaves, get some oil, or protect an ally.

    The Iraq war is supported by the religious (stupid) foundation of America, the Iraq war would never be instigated without dumb religious people.

    – Now, Islam is a religion of hate and death. They are self-destructing as we speak, killing each other off like there is no tomorrow.

    Seriously oppressed and helped in committing their carnage by American weapons in the hands of religious Israeli lunatics.
    Have you ever wondered why you have 10 000 more gun murders in America compared to the rest of the planet?
    Religion, Violent stupid religion saturating and suppressing all reason in your entire hateful wasteful society, might give you a clue.

    – Can you logically explain why we would evolve to realize we needed eyesight if we didn’t realize that there was something to see? Do you understand the mathematical implications of evolving eyes?? It is more likely that a hurricane would assemble the Empire State Building with the parts of a destroyed trailer park.

    This is a typical argument based on religious ignorance, evolution isn’t a spontaneous process! Quite the contrary it’s a gradual process of tiny tiny incremental variations where the variations that give a competitive edge are more likely to survive.

    I suggest you read up on biology, “Darvin” is a good way to start, I also recommend “the selfish gene” but since you are religious I bet you will not seek knowledge about evolution,.

    This is what makes you stupid, you believe! Without any proof, not even a theory! For the sole sake of believing. On top of that your religion actually discourages you from seeking knowledge.

    The religious standpoint is today what it was 500 years ago

    “Copernicus you don’t have to waste your time looking through the telescope, we already know the earth is the center of the universe!”

    – BTW, if English is indeed your second language, then you probably have a better handle on it then most Americans.

    Maybe true but I will still make an effort to improve my written English

    Thank you for your comment, I look forward to seeing further comments from you

  8. metaljaybird says:


    Have we observed speciation? No.
    Did we observe the big bang? No.

    Many prominent scientists once claimed the world was flat. Yet the Bible showed otherwise. Now, to claim that religion is responsible for most of our wars is false (namely Christianity). Granted, many have incited anger towards their enemies in the name of religion to push for war. Stats will tell you though that atheists have killed off more people then religious people. Also, even if we are a religious people in America, can you name the last war that was fought because of religion? Usually it was to free slaves, get some oil, or protect an ally.

    Now, Islam is a religion of hate and death. They are self-destructing as we speak, killing each other off like there is no tomorrow.

    Can you logically explain why we would evolve to realize we needed eyesight if we didn’t realize that there was something to see? Do you understand the mathematical implications of evolving eyes?? It is more likely that a hurricane would assemble the Empire State Building with the parts of a destroyed trailer park.

    BTW, if English is indeed your second language, then you probably have a better handle on it then most Americans.

  9. metaljaybird

    I would love to engage in a discussion with you about the origins of creation, i especially appreciate your reference to Mao and Stalin, although i could argue that Mao saw himself as God. I agree that they where both megalomaniacs, oppressive evil fucks, right up there with the worst oppressive religious leaders. The columbine shooters grew up in religious homes as far as i know? i might be wrong? please correct me if i am.

    Djengis is another example but never mind we could probably list many, but i bet if we did the majority of evil fucked up loonies would fall in the religion category.

    When it comes to your arguments about evolution you are simply plain wrong,
    we have many good ideas and theories about the evolution of the entire universe, sure there are gaps in our knowledge, but we once thought that the earth was the center of the universe, we now know that this isn’t the case.

    Now please don’t come back with the “its only a theory” argument Scientific theories are founded on observed facts and our knowledge so far, religion is based on no facts what so ever! its based on superstition!

    That we haven’t figured out how the entire universe works yet doesn’t mean that there is a god just as believing that the earth is the center of the universe proves that there is a god it simply means that we haven’t learned the facts yet.

    you cant disprove unicorns, but you don’t believe in them do you?

  10. metaljaybird says:

    I’m sorry that some who claim to be Christians have threatened you. If I read your entry correctly.

    I would be up for an engaging, intelligent discussion on the origins of creation.

    To answer your last question, have you ever heard of an atheist suicide bomber?

    No. Have you ever heard of Mao Tze Tung, Joseph Stalin, and the Columbine shooters (suicide victims too)? They were all atheistic anti-christians that killed large amounts of people, particularly Mao and Stalin. In fact, one could easily argue that more deaths have come at the expense of atheistic despotic societies in the last 100 years then in all of recorded history. The stats are alarming.

    Are you familiar with the difference between marcro-evolution (speciation) and micro-evolution? You seem so confident that your belief in macro-evolution is fact that you put aside anyone else’s belief as mere stupidity. Unfortunately, even so called evolution scientist are beginning to argue that you can’t get something from nothing. If evolution is true, where did we come from? If from monkeys, where did they come from? If from fish, where did the fish come from? If from the cellular realm, where did cells originate? If from protoplasmic atoms, where did they come from? If from a giant bang, where did the bang come from? You see my point? It is impossible to disprove God, and impossible to prove macro-evolution.

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