Ultra idiots (religious people)

I am continually baffled by just how incredibly stupid you have to be to follow any religion like Islam or Christianity.

I mean do these people actually fire two brain cells simultaneously during their entire mongoloid life?

In this entire idiot category the people calling themselves moderate (insert moronic religion here) deserve special attention, what the hell does that mean anyway moderate (insert moronic religion here)?

The rules of religion in itself is usually very clear, follow whatever religious holy book that is the basis of whatever religion you adhere to, or burn in hell forever.

This is where the moderate stupidity fully blooms, for example if we where to follow the bible we would still have the Spanish inquisition, we would stone gays, divorced people, atheists etc.

Moderate don’t adhere to these values, so what the fuck are they doing? They sort of follow the bible? They sort of believe it’s the word of god? They maybe believe there was some bloke named jesus?

Everyone Calling them self a moderate (insert moronic relgion here) therefor instantly categorize themselves as someone that would be mentally challenged by a dead goldfish.

I really really hate these idiots, they stupefy the human race, and should be prevented from ever reproducing, lets get these idiots out of the gene pool, they are so far into minus on the Iq scale that they must be considered dangerous for the human race. We don’t let mongoloids reproduce do we? So why do we let these mentally deficient morons do it?


232 Responses to Ultra idiots (religious people)

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  2. ReligionNeedstoDie says:

    you took the words right out of my mouth, i LOVE THIS POST, THANK YOU, THANK you kind sir.
    as for the guy who said (see that i just let you believe what you want, something most atheists can’t seem to do) THANK YOU TOO, you’ve shown the utmost retardation once again proving your a fucking MORON who needs to be executed immediately, fuck you, die. I’m assuming in order to write that message you had to turn every other part of your brain off including the part of your brain where religious missionaries exist, there by categorizing atheists as assholes who have no reasoning and can’t let people believe in what they want in contrast. GOOD FUKING JOB. THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR, TWAS A GREAT DEMONSTRATION, of how fucked in the head you must be from religion. thanks again for everything this was awesome.

  3. Ultra Assholes, atheists says:

    Well this is the exact reason people would want to stone atheists, not because of religion, they don’t believe in a God that’s fine, that’s their choice. (see that i just let you believe what you want, something most atheists can’t seem to do) The fact of the matter is alot of atheists are complete assholes like this one. You give all other atheists a bad name by being such a self indulged egotistical dumbass. Maybe if you wouldn’t spout anti religion crap people wouldn’t care. Also it’s kinda ironic saying what the hell in a rant about atheisim lol.

  4. Muzolf says:

    Would you be so kind as to point out the exact passage in the new testament wich tells homosexuality is a sin? Because for some strange reason evry time i see chrsitians talk about this topic, they quote the Old testament.

    What, now you say Eve eating from the tree didnt happen? You know the more i look at this, it seems to me evrybody who has the bible as his\her holy book cherry picks wich parts to keep, what is of relevance and what isnt, what is a metaphor and what happened. “You have to interpret it that way” “Thats a methaphor for” Bla bla bla, exuses, nothing more. Anybody who can read can understand it just fine, anybody who isnt deluding himself sees how blood is dripping from evry second page, and how much hate, guilt, threats and empty promises stand there.

    This way i could pick up a story book for children and set it up as holy book, as a guidance for life, all you have to do is interpret it somehow. And probably end up with a better holy book too.

    Anyhow, this argument has been going out way too long now, and its time for me to take a step back because i have been discussing this so long it might seem i hold the bible authentic in some way. I do not, the way i see it, all it does is pointing out the ignorance and savage nature of its authors.

    Othervise, its only mithology, containg jewish folklore and the wiews of ignorant, bronze age goat herders and fishermen. Whats stanging in there has only so much impact on reality as the people who act on its words.

  5. Matt says:

    Sorry about the name . It is me Matt but I used that name in some other site and did not notice that the name had not changed .

    Just because a story is hard to believe does not mean the story is not true . I am talking about the story of Jesus per se

  6. RamSena sucks says:

    I am talking about laws that changed . Homosexuality is still a sin according to the NT too . Can’t it be that some laws were retained in the NT too but some were not laws anymore like eating pork ? Are you saying there can be no common laws in both the OT and the NT ? You make me laugh with your reasoning now .

    The death of Jesus is not symbolic because it actually happened according to Christians . How can you call a death symbolic . The only difference is that he was raised according to Christians . People are not condoning it . Jesus chose to do it . So , if Jesus is God and if God exists, can’t he decide he wanted to die for the sins of his people? Of course , he did not have to do it . He could have done something else but then again , it is up to him .He knows why he did it

  7. Muzolf says:

    Because chrsitians talk about the ten commandments all the time, if the old testament is so irrelevant, how is it that your religion justifies its wiews with it all the time? Remember “A man laying with another man is an abomination unto the lord” is allso in the old testament, so if that was dismissed, homosexuality would be not a sin eather.

    Yes, symbolic is different, but its the principle of the things. It is still based on an unethical consideration, that “sins” can be inherited from the parent.

    Allso, it is the exact reason why in your religions theology anybody who is not christian, is supposed to go to hell. If they are not baptised, they have the original sin, and go to hell because of it.

    The death of Jesus is allso a symbolic thing, and thats why most christians do not realise, that by accepting and worshipping a human sacrafice, they themselve condone the principle of human sacrafice.

    • educated on the truth says:

      Baptism is a sign of being made new or ‘born again’ – Hell is metaphorical place for them who dont understand what is being said, Dont quote me on this unless you know the bible well, I know for a fact its metaphorical, Being born again, Is forgetting everything you have been taught, Reading it – Understanding it, To be wise you must first become a fool, As Jesus said ‘I have come to make them who can see blind – and them who are blind see, If a man is blind all his life + is cured, Would he really see? His brain would be unable to interpret what his eyes see, Thus he would be seeing but blind still, Baptism itself is only a symbol of the change that takes place, The real being born again is not looking with your eyes, Listen to what Jesus says ‘Those who can see will be blinded and those who are blinded will see’
      he also says ‘If the blind lead the blind will not both fall into a pit?’
      The bible teaches that if you are one eyed your whole body shall be full of light (understanding) – Third eye = One eyed, If you do discover part of the truth of the bible then you better go all the way because the deception also is named as light. Satan = Light bearer (Deciever) Seek the truth and you will be free.

  8. Matt says:

    Symbolic is different . It does not mean that new born babies are guilty as hell . There is a difference between symbolism and facts

  9. Matt says:

    Of course there is a difference but I do not know where it is clearly said in the Bible that one would just be tortured for being non-Christian even if he or she is a good person .

    You are again quoting texts from the Old Testament . You yourself said times then were different . Morals were different .

    By sword , I think Jesus means that people will turn against Christians for what they believe in . Christianity and its precepts were not popular when it was being spread because most importantly it talked ill of those Pharisees and other priests. Those people were in power then . Even now , it is not popular among those who hate it . So , this is the sword he was talking about . I mean this is my opinion .

    He surely did not say that one has to go about and kill non-Christians .

  10. Muzolf says:

    Matt, simbolic or not, its stupid. Just take a look at a newborn child. While normally i am the first to tell that there are no innocents, we all shape the world, dont tell me that you can say that that new born child is guilty of anything! This is not only stupid, it reflects on what unethical standards christian morality is based on.

  11. Muzolf says:

    I said following him or going to be tortured not murdering people and then be tortured. There is a difference you know.

    Besides the ten commandments doesnt even prohibit rape, as a matter of fact God himself condones it several times, remember the 32000 virgins his chosen people captured and kept for raping? So it appears God has no problem with rape at all as long the raped girls are not the wifes of someone else, and they are of some nationality God is not particularry fond of.

    Im not misiterprenting anything here, it you who tries to twidt the meaning of scriptures so it looks less hateful. I have no reason to take anything from there differently as it is standing there.

    Heck you even tried to explain me that Think not that:

    “I came not to send peace, but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34)
    and “I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled? But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished! Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division.” (Luke 12:49-51)

    Actually speaks about how people will react. In no Context does “Bringing a sword” means anything else as that he will start the fight. And you simply cant explain the latter part, because its stands there laud and clear, he will send fire to earth!

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