Ramjet rocket preliminary.

I started this project inspired after a visit to a site by Glen Ohlson

I have no ideas how many proto designsand initial main ideas i have gone through, but i think i have closed the main design parameters down they where.

Prototype 1.

  1. Easy manufacture
  2. Re usable
  3. Exchangeable parts
  4. Liquid fuel
  5. Mach 2

Prototype 2. in addition to the above

  1. Variable geometry
  2. Active guidance
  3. Mach 5

I have desided on a square body design, its easier than a round body even though its slightly less aerodynamic.

The air inntakewill be blocked by a gate operated by the air pressure as the rocket moves through the air.

At full “rocket trottle” the pressure inside the ramjet body is higher than the airspeed pressure, once the rocket reaches a set speed mach 1,5 the rocket throttle goes to idle.

The airspeed will push the Gate back and the ramjet fuel is injected.

There is no need for a flame holder since the rocket will remain on idle, igniting the fuel for the duration of the flight.


Special problems:

There are 2 major problems with ramjet as a means of propulsion, 1 it needs high speed to work in the first place. And secondly at high mach speeds things get really hot.

TO solve the first problem i have 2 modes of operation for the rocket, one as a pure rocket (air intake gates closed) and secoundly as a combination rocket ramjet (air intake gates open).

The fuel will be methanol or ethanol, since ordinary petroleum based fuel carbonizes at high temperatures.

I found a forum pulse-jets.com That seams pretty active and i will take some time to go through the information there, i also found out that Glen who inspired this attemt frequent this page.

I am impressed by all the attempts made by this community, it seams like the only thing they lack is time for their projects and funds, luckily i don’t suffer from any such restraints.

I will post updates as progress is made, but its a hell of a lot of math and design to go through before a functional version is ready for launch.


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