Lies for the american people.

I just crack up watching Bill o’Reilly this guy has undoubtedly eaten way to many magic mushrooms.

In his latest debacle that he calls his show he claims that Soros a business man is funding a news website which in turn forward this information to other news outlets…..

Of course it turns out that its all a complete lie, an intricate and confusing fabrication. nontheless thisentire scam is, if i understand Bills insane contradictory babble, meant to present proof that Soros is buying political control.

eeeehhhhh ok Bill? what is the news here? firstly your claims are fabrications secondly if Soros wanted to buy political influence wouldn’t he send money straight to the political candidate? why send it via 5 different organizations via a rote so complex that no money actually ends upp with the politician?

I tried sending inn comments to his so called show pointing out some of these obvious discrepancies biut they where of course censored, no surprise there, i guess why he doesn’t have a forum on his website or on fox


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