Bill o’Reilly the ultimate Twit.

Have any of you seen Fox news? you know the semi religious madhouse Tv station pretending to be an objective news channel.
I remember the first time i saw it, i was laughing my head off since it was so far fetched that i initially thought that it was a comedy show.
Since then i have come to the chilling realization that the average American is actually so mentally defective that they believe information distributed by this so called news source.

The chief ignoramus seams to be Bill o Reilly, he has a show called the “THE O’REILLY FACTOR”, after watching it a few times i have come to the conclusion, along with the rest of the civilized world, that “THE O’REILLY FACTOR” actually means:

If you believe anything on this show, do not under any circumstances enter into any situation that measures your intellectual faculties! Not even if you are being compared to a gold fish! because no matter what! you will loose!

Let take a look at the latest show, as another prime example of how stupid this semi religious, gargled, bullshit! really is. (oreilly crap in italic font)

Evil must be exposed and Cho was evil. You can see it in his face, hear it in his voice. All of us who saw the tape will never forget it.

What the fuck are you talking about you twit! you cant tell if anyone is evil from looking at them? if so you will have to arrest every single member of the national rifle association! the sad fact is that Cho was a mentally ill religious mental case. He should have been committed to a mental institution for electro shock therapy and plenty of counseling.
Evil has nothing to do with it, poor mental care, a national culture that glorifies violence, and unrestricted access to guns resulted in this horrific tragedy.

And it made me and millions of others angry. Once evil is acknowledged, steps can be taken to contain it. And once anger is in the air, policy can change.

How do you know it made millions angry? and why should only the angry people set policy? what about all the people that feel outraged that this poor sap wasn’t given the psychiatric treatment he needed? there where plenty of warnings. What about all the people that think the American culture of glorifying violence and polarization should be addressed, or people that want to access access to guns? why should they be heard. And lets not forget the wast majority of people around the world that no longer gives a fuck about America! maybe you should stop imposing your viewpoints on them?

No matter how many laws we pass, you’re never going to stop evil killers, they’ll find a way. But public policy must make it more difficult for evil people. It’s a lot harder for terrorists to kill Americans today than it was before 9/11. And that’s because new laws and better security have been imposed.

Helllooooo! is there anyone in there????? What the fuck does a home grown mental patient have to do with 9/11? besides American laws get more restrictive by the day, yet crime and especially violent crime increases steadily.

In the Cho case, we need two things to be done:
First, any person who is deemed by a court to be a danger to himself or others, as Cho was in Virginia, can never buy a gun. Ever! That law should be passed immediately by Congress. And all states should be required to report court designated dangerous people to the FBI. Right now, no state is required to do that. Can you believe it?
Public safety trumps privacy. This is not a medical issue. The court makes the designation based on police and medical input.

Do Americans really believe its best to treat mental patients by putting their name on a list with the FBI? what the fuck does that help? you register them as someone that is expected to commit mass murder? how stupid is this guy?
Second, any institution or work place that accepts a person for employment or education must have access to FBI records. Virginia Tech didn’t tell Cho’s roommates that he was considered dangerous, even though the university knew. Can you believe that?! What if you were the parents of his roommates?

Access to FBI records? what next! you will be banned from college because you where an environmentalist as a teenager? because it said so in your FBI records! someone should tattoo Mongoloid to bill o’reillys forehead.

Now I predict the Commonwealth of Virginia will have to pay a massive amount in damages, because it didn’t protect the students from Cho. So if a videotape of this monster can spur Americans to demand Congress pass new laws to protect the folks, then the videotape accomplishes a positive thing.

Virginia should pay damages for not providing medical treatment to Cho. if Americans are to pass any laws it schould be focused on improving health care and systems that catch and provide treatment for mental cases like Cho before they totally flip

Again, I understand the other side. Not denigrating those arguments.
But “Talking Points” believes the greater good is served by protecting people from the likes of Cho. Action must be taken.

What other sides are you talking about twit! your are just peddling lies and religious bull for your own divisive hateful agenda. Your approach through laws and regulations doesn’t fix the problem at all.

On the contrary it prevents the average American idiot from understanding the the issue is addressing issues in American society that enables it to produce madmen like Cho in the first place.

Bill oreilly you are the dumbest creature i know.

More insanity at bills homepage


3 Responses to Bill o’Reilly the ultimate Twit.

  1. manny Beach says:

    Bill O Reilly is the ANTI CHRIST

  2. a lone striker says:

    umm.. you may want to use spell check next time, most especially before you start insulting someone else’s intelligence. But keep throwing that f-bomb, that really sounds sharp.

    And, while like you I’m no fan of Bill’s, I have to rush to his defense here: that man is not particularly religious. (Gratuitous slur!) No, he’s having none of that “judge not lest ye be judged,” mercy, and chastity crap.

  3. I never liked Bill.

    But, I do like the photo of him, lol.

    Asher Heimermann

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